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These are designed for the people that want a flexible camera without the bulk of an SLR. Basically a digital replacement for film rangefinders for the crowd that can't afford a Leica M9.

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Posted in: What are your favorite movies that deal with the destruction of the world? See in context

Independence Day was good, but I liked it better the first time, when they called it Henry V.

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Government can not provide job for Japanese and other people in japan then why they send ODA to other country

Surely you don't believe ODA is for benefiting the other countries? Its for subsidizing the japanese heavy-industry and construction business. Bids for ODA projects are restricted only to japanese companies.

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The features I find missing are: 1. No IR port for exchanging contacts, 2. Lack of vibe/sound for an incoming mail (third-party apps can give this though). No felica - don't care. No one-seg - don't care.

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Interesting that their was no hue and cry when they initially brought out regular maps. They removed all the ownership labels on privately owned houses from the original maps that Zenrin provided to them, EXCEPT for ones owned by foreigners with katakana names. You used to be able to put an X directly on my house by typing in my last name in katakana and the local area where I lived.

A nastygram email to Google legal suggesting that this may be in violation of the personal information protection law and a month later all of them were gone.

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With KDDI it is entirely simple - their network is not compatible.

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It was said in the keynote that the US$200 price for the 8gb model would be the maximum worldwide. See the quote from Jobs at 11:40am in the following URL:


So expect about 20,000 yen plus a 2 year contract from Softbank.

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Posted in: Softbank reaches deal with Apple to sell iPhone handsets in Japan this year See in context

Sorry, you'll never see an iPhone on au, hacked or no. The new iPhone will be GSM/WCDMA-2100, neither of which will operate on the au network.

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