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If you can't handle the slurping of others eating noodles, Asia is not the place for you then. It does 2 things, it cools the noodles as they enter your mouth and is less likely to splash on your shirt. Try it both ways with a Curry Laksa for example and see which method creates less oil stains.

I'm from Malaysia, small country from South East Asia and I can testify to that !

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Agreed Japan should not be the weakest link in its own defense, but what to make of this statement:

"And we will. Japan will contribute to the peace and stability of the region and the world even more proactively than before,” he said"

Peace and stablity of the world? The last time they got involved with that it was the greater east asian prosperity sphere.

They were being sent out for peacekeeping and humanitarian task before. Why don't you stop the prejudice and learn to appreciate that effort.

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Posted in: Korean man arrested for trespassing in Yasukuni Shrine grounds See in context

Official visits to Yasukuni by J-goverment representatives raise questions of the Japan's Constitution, which calls for the separation of politics and religion. Japan should keep Yasukuni away from politics. Isn’t it the duty of politicians to think of ways to achieve that goal? You can't treat Cabinet ministers’ visits to the shrine in the same way as those by families and citizens who mourn the war dead because of the unusual characteristics of the shrine. Such behavior has caused the international community to think that Japan has forgotten its past mistakes and is supporting such perceptions of history.

The guy was trying to torch a shrine. Politics or not he deserves a punishment.

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Posted in: Miss World organizers say Bali final 'impossible' See in context

Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand welcomes you.

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Posted in: Toyota says new Prius, fuel cell car due in 2015 See in context

Subaru is like a B list celebrity with a really great publicist.

I would simply choose to drive a reconditioned Subaru WRX STi than any new Hyundai or KIA.

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Ben Affleck is a better director than actor but one thing I'll have to admit, he has a perfect jawline for costumed superheroes especially the ones with the masks.

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Correction: Looks like these guys want the Muslim Brotherhood to run JAPAN and impose Sharia law.

Very unlikely. The political hardliners in Japan wouldn't let that happens.

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What does the crude oil price hike have to do with Abenomics?

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What's the point of this photo? To highlight and shame the Japanese player?

He went there, did that, and definitely deserve a spot in the photo. What have you done beside sitting at the back of a keyboard?

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Can politicians not go to Yasukuni simply to pay homage to the two million others there, or is that such a weird concept?

That is what we call selective perception.

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Posted in: Why are European automakers more successful in the Japanese market than U.S. ones? See in context

The demographic loves sub-compact hatches better than any fuel guzzling V8s.

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Some of these elders are probably the survivors from the last world war.

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Japanese car's are such reliable vehicles ;D

Toyota Corolla is probably the best selling vehicle of all time.

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This team is going nowhere under Zac.

Don't be naive. We are talking about Uruguay national football team, the ones that held 2 times World Cup championships, and currently ranked 12th in the FIFA rankings while Japan ranked 37th. You can't create world champions overnight.

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This guy is a disgrace to the men in uniform, shame on you buddy.

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Agreed. Chotto hazukashii ( a lil embarrassing).

It's supposed to be an animated sci-fi cartoon. There's nothing wrong with the name. We don't see people questioning why Star Wars are named as Star Wars.

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It wasn't about winning third place, it's about commitment.

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Those girls are Ki&Ki !

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That's the biggest lantern I've ever seen.

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Rejoice, O young man, in thy youth

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To say the game is 'backed' by the Chinese military is an exaggeration and clickbait.

Well unfortunately, the Command of Nanjing Military Region (南京军区) did involve in the project. Go to Baidu, type in “关荣使命” in the search engine and learn more about the developers.

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I believe the game title is 光荣使命 written in Chinese characters.

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Posted in: Aggressive Chinese territorial claims bring risks: U.S. general See in context

Using Tibet for fear mongering won't help as these south-east Asian countries have long accepted Tibet and even Taiwan as part of China.

Even western countries such as Great Britain accepted Tibet as part of China centuries ago as this is what the Tibetans told them in the 1700s when they traveled to Tibet for the very first time via India.

Yea, but the question is: do Taiwanese and Tibetans see themselves as part PRC?

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Good job gents but also keep in mind that further challenges await. See you guys in 2014 World Cup, cheers.

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Ever heard of X Japan? Google it up in case you don't.

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People have an issue with hard working bankers making millions but people applaude singers, moview stars and sport stars making a killing....

It's legitimate so why not? Not to mention Lady Gaga's support for the charities.

I guess only religious fanatics and sour grapes have a problem with her.

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Posted in: 34 students suffer food poisoning in Fukuoka See in context

Hopefully nobody gets hurt.

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So what's holding the sand together?

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Posted in: Japan wins rights to explore for rare metals in Pacific See in context

Vietnam has been their biggest REE supplier for years since China imposed restriction on Japan.

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Posted in: Goats help lure customers to Tokyo cafe See in context

An elephant cafe is at the top of her list, although it was not clear what her pen-cleaning staff thought of the prospect


Well, when you are in a competitive business you gotta aim big !

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