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Posted in: Concerns mount over possible collapse of Japan's medical system See in context

I would fear for my life only if over 65.

I would fear hospitalization for any illness/injury if over 65 too.

That's only about 28% of the population...

Nice of you to let us know that you don't care about 28% of the population. The whole point of getting vaccinated and taking precautions if to protect those people. It's a shame that there are still a lot of folks too selfish and/or stupid to understand that.

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Posted in: 'Every kid plays' - how Japan fell in love with baseball See in context

In Japan, "every kid plays baseball, every boy plays baseball", Itaru Kobayashi, a former player for the Chiba Lotte Marines, told AFP.

Maybe thirty years ago, but basketball, soccer and volleyball are all easily more popular with the kids these days. A few years ago our local junior high had to get rid of its baseball team due to lack of interest, and the softball team for elementary school-aged kids now has to let 6-year-olds play with the 11 and 12-year-olds in order to have enough kids to make up a full team.

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Posted in: COVID state of emergency likely for Tokyo Olympics See in context

Olympic Fever! Or it might be Covid-19 - better get tested.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 920 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,191 See in context

4th State of Emergency coming for Tokyo, lasting until August 22:


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Posted in: France's Macron slapped in the face while greeting crowd See in context

Not as FUNNY as when Bush Jr got a shoe thrown at his head!

Fixed that for you.

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Posted in: Tech firm says musicians lose billions to illegal business streaming See in context

Some guy named Mike Durant (who I have never heard of) is worth 50 million?

Surely you've heard of Green Day right? He's been their bass player since 1987, and seeing as they've sold over 75 million records worldwide it's not surprising that he's worth that much money.

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