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"The priority now is to raise wages. Achieving wage hikes is the best growth strategy for us," he added.

They’ve been saying the same thing for over ten years. Wasn’t raising wages one of Abe’s “three arrows” that he campaigned on back in the day?

Consumption tax has doubled in that time, and wages have been stagnant. Income tax and pension fees have been steadily increasing as well, so if anything for many their take-home pay is even lower than it was before. And now on top of everything getting more expensive, they’re talking about increasing taxes yet again to build up the military. Not holding my breath for them to “raise wages”, that’s for sure.

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“the picture looks like North Korea..like little soldiers is unthinkable to imagine is from a democratic country!”

Geez, they’re just teenagers wearing school uniforms looking bored at what is usually a very boring ceremony. The only difference between the photo above and any photo taken before 2020 is that they’re wearing masks.

If you’ve ever been to a graduation ceremony at elementary, junior or senior high school here in Japan, one thing they all have in common is that they are largely somber and usually overlong affairs. This was the case long before Covid. If anything, since Covid they’ve been cutting back on the lengthy speeches by old men and the hundred or so “special guests” who need to be introduced individually, so the ceremonies are actually getting shorter!

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Posted in: Gov't considering mask-free school graduation ceremonies See in context

Last year at our local junior high the graduates all removed their masks during the ceremony so their parents could see their faces while they were entering and exiting the hall and getting their diplomas, which makes sense. The younger students, parents, teachers and other attendees all wore masks. Seemed like a sensible compromise.

Granted, this was at a small school with a graduating class of 33 students and less than 100 students total…

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Posted in: Sushi chain limits conveyor belt use to orders after licking scandal See in context

Kappa Sushi got rid of their old conveyor belt system a few years ago and it’s SO much better. They have multilingual touch menus at each table; all you have to do is type in your order (up to four plates at a time) and within minutes a little “shinkansen” train wizzes is directly to your table. Take the plates off, push a button to send the train back, repeat until full. Not only does it prevent other people touching your food, it means the sushi hasn’t been sitting out on a conveyor belt for god knows how long before you get it.

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And time marches on. Same for some I’m sure, but those old style department stores don’t really appeal to many shoppers under seventy anymore. Three long-operating department stores in our area have closed in the past fifteen years. But the biggest one was replaced in part by a Mega Don Quixote, and now combined with the game center and fast food/casual restaurants in the same building the place is absolutely booming every weekend. It’s almost like changing with the times to appeal to younger consumers is a good idea or something.

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Posted in: Pet dog, cat involvement suspected in 2 fires in Japan in 2022 See in context

Upon being questioned by the police for their motives, the canine and feline perpetrators said they were “too drunk to remember”

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Posted in: Ex-PM Mori casts doubt on Japan's excessive support for Ukraine See in context

Never forget: Mori had the lowest approval rating ever for a Japanese prime minister (8%) and he also has a section of his Wikipedia page dedicated solely to gaffes made during the single year he was in the position.


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Japan's fiscal health has been deteriorating on an "unprecedented" scale after massive spending amid the COVID-19 pandemic and Russia's war in Ukraine, Finance Minister Shunichi Suzuki said Monday…

Forgot to mention the billions of yen spent on the Tokyo Olympics, and the “state funeral” for Abe that the majority of citizens were opposed to. Oops!

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Posted in: Kishida warns Japan on brink of social dysfunction amid falling birthrate See in context


Prime Minister Fumio Kishida warned Monday that Japan is "on the brink" of losing its social function due to its rapidly declining birthrate

proceeds to do nothing about inflation and raises taxes to pay for expansion of military

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Posted in: Elementary school teacher arrested for stalking male acquaintance See in context

When a woman did this to me, all my friends laughed and joked about it. I wonder if I was a woman, would all my friends laugh and joke about it?

Same here. In my case it was my Japanese co-worker (a woman ten years older than me). After she “confessed her love” for me and I tried (as nicely as possible) to tell her I didn’t feel the same way about her, she started calling my house late at night and on weekends for nonsense reasons. At one point she asked if I was “lonely” and needed company. Once I became more firm with her, she started calling my house when she knew I wasn’t home (on account of us working together) to see if I had girls there, and then I saw he sitting in her car outside of my apartment one night (she drove off when she noticed I was coming down, and denied it when I confronted her about it). It was creepy as hell, but when I told my supervisor about it, she (a Canadian woman) thought it was hilarious. It was just a big joke to her and anyone else in the company who could have done anything about it. They even told me I should just **** her and “take one for the team”.

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Posted in: Golden Globes fashion: Stars return for soggy carpet See in context

Wait a minute - there’s nothing in the article on how the carpet got soggy!

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Posted in: Police ask public not to use 110 number for non-urgent calls See in context

The NPA has asked the public to phone the help hotline (#9110) for mundane requests that would otherwise deter police from responding to accidents and disasters.

So, one digit off from the number for actual emergencies, then? Some great planning there! Must have been a cop that came up with that.

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Here’s hoping they don’t do away with their “yoru mac” campaign where you can get twice the number of patties on most of their burgers for an extra 100 yen after 5 p.m. Makes their regular burgers seem pretty skimpy in comparison. Good deals on fries and nugget combos after 5 p.m. too!

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Posted in: What are some TV series, old or recent, that you can binge watch over and over again? See in context

Never get tired of watching The Simpsons, or at least anything from seasons 3 to 8. The amount of jokes they crammed into each 22-minute episode is just incredible. And it rewards repeated viewings, too - there were jokes that went over my head as a kid that I didn’t appreciate until later, and with DVD/streaming it’s easy to pause and fully appreciate all the great text-based gags as well. I’ll even laugh in anticipation when I know there’s a really funny moment coming up.

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I live in Japan, but I haven’t seen her face on TV, print ads or on display ads for at least one year, probably two.

Osaka net worth is currently $45 million, and she only makes a fraction of that playing tennis. She is the world’s highest paid female athlete. Not just Japan, in the entire world. At this point she can skip as many tournaments as she wants.


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Posted in: Man arrested for asking teenage girl to show him her underwear See in context

Yeah, he's a creep, but can you really arrest someone for asking a question?

Damn right you can. That’s sexual harassment, plain and simple. Glad the police are doing something useful for a change.

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Posted in: 3 nursery school teachers arrested over abuse of children See in context

where are the evidence?

In a previous article, it was mentioned that another employee at the daycare reported the abuse. Weird/sloppy that it wasn’t mentioned again in this article.

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Posted in: With Twitter in chaos, some ways to protect your account See in context

Ever heard or seen the phrase, “You break it, you buy it”? Musk seems to have done it the other way around: first he bought Twitter, and then he broke it instead.

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Posted in: Inflation brings end to beloved 114-year-old Japanese candy See in context

My daughter literally asked me to get a tin of these for her yesterday, but neither our local supermarket nor our local 7-11 had any, which I thought was unusual as they always seem to have them.

One of those little things you take for granted until it’s gone, I guess.

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Posted in: Japan to ask for electricity saving from Dec 1 to end of March to avoid power crunch See in context

@Harry_Gatto Not “Japan bashing”, just someone with a different experience from you. The house I live in was built in 2004, one of the schools I teach at was built in 2015, and neither have insulation. My house does have double-glazed windows, but it still gets cold enough that you can see your breath in the morning and there’s a real risk of the pipes freezing in winter. Over 20 years in the Tohoku area, and I have yet to live or work anywhere that has proper insulation.

I’m glad that newer houses apparently are being built with insulation, but the fact is the vast majority of existing structures do not have it.

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Posted in: Japan to ask for electricity saving from Dec 1 to end of March to avoid power crunch See in context

@Larr Flint Clearly you don’t really understand how insulation works. The house is not going to be “like a sauna” in summer if it’s properly insulated. The air conditioner can be used for a shorter period of time or set it to a higher temperature because the cool air stays inside the building longer. And on slightly cooler days where an air conditioner isn’t necessary, you can simply open the windows and enjoy the breeze. It is more energy efficient, plain and simple. Not an “expert”, just someone with a basic understanding of how insulation works.

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Posted in: Japan to ask for electricity saving from Dec 1 to end of March to avoid power crunch See in context

They could save so much on heating in the winter AND air conditioning if the summer if the buildings here were properly insulated. Warm air stays in during the winter, cool air stays in during the summer, instead of leaking out through the roof and walls. It’s not rocket science.

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Posted in: Do you think children of past generations had better manners than kids today when it comes to gestures like saying "please," "thank you" and showing respect for their elders? See in context

“The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise. Children are now tyrants, not the servants of their households. They no longer rise when elders enter the room. They contradict their parents, chatter before company, gobble up dainties at the table, cross their legs, and tyrannize their teachers.” - Socrates (470 B.C. - 399 B.C.)

In short: every generation thinks they had better manners and were more respectful than the subsequent ones.

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Posted in: Abe's state funeral cost ¥1.2 bil, less than ¥1.66 bil initial estimate, gov't says See in context

What a savings! Must have had a 0.46 billion yen off coupon!

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Posted in: Japan to mandate safety devices in 44,000 buses after child's death See in context

It took two child deaths for them to do anything, and the result is the installation of equipment that wouldn’t even be necessary were the staff capable of following the most basic of safety protocols - i.e. making sure all the kids are off the bus before leaving it unattended and locked!

I’m sure this 8.8 billion yen wouldn’t have been approved unless there were money to be made by someone with the right LDP connections. Wonder which “friends of the party” stand to benefit this time around?

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Posted in: Consumers to ditch cafes for coffee at home amid rising prices, says ICO See in context

Weirdly enough two Starbucks opened up in my area this year, one just this past weekend. Guess they didn’t get the memo!

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Posted in: A lot of people became accustomed to buying ready-made food at supermarkets or cooking at home instead of eating out during the coronavirus pandemic. See in context

The only thing the big chain restaurants (Denny’s, Gusto, Saizeriya, etc.) are good for is if one is on the road and needs an affordable place to eat. With a family or large group especially they have a wide range of options so everyone ought to be able to find something to their tastes for a reasonable price.

But the food isn’t particularly good. None of it is made fresh (impossible with such large menus) and it’s basically no better than what’s available in the frozen food section at the average supermarket. Since people have been traveling a lot less, it’s not surprising that when people do go out to eat these days fewer are frequenting these “family restaurants” with their subpar quality food and are opting for things that can’t easily be replicated at home instead.

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Posted in: 'Ninja Bear' has been attacking dairy farms in Hokkaido for three years See in context

An out of control ninja bear clan doesn't bear thinking about. Damn it, I'm moving south.

What, and risk monkey attacks instead?

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Posted in: 'Ninja Bear' has been attacking dairy farms in Hokkaido for three years See in context

This remake of Kung Fu Panda really goes to some dark places, eh?

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Posted in: Japanese public broadcaster issues apology for calling a train a 'train' See in context


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