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Posted in: Trump says FBI conducting search of Mar-a-Lago estate See in context

Imagine if Trump had been at home.

FBI probably waited until they knew he wouldn’t be there to avoid complications with the Secret Service. But yeah, that would have been priceless!

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“Boy, if only Don had a competent attorney….”

> “He does. A few dozen.”

Well @bass4funk, if those “dozens” of competent attorneys are even half as competent as Rudy Guilliani, then…I can’t even finish this sentence because I’m laughing so hard at the idea of anyone left in Trump’s orbit at this point being described as “competent”, let alone his attorneys!

Boy, these next few months are gonna be FUN!

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To conduct a raid of this size and scope on a former sitting president, the FBI and DOJ must’ve known they had the goods.

And the best part? If Trump indeed took classified material home, then he will be disqualified from holding any office under the United States ever again!

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Posted in: Foreign employees at Lawson claim unfair treatment such as forced sushi and Christmas cake purchases See in context

A lot of well-meaning folks here saying they intend to stop shopping at Lawson, but the sad truth is this is a common practice in many retail sectors. In addition to the regular customers, employees are pressured to encourage friends and family to buy these seasonal items and buy some for themselves as well, whether they want them or not. 7-11 engages in the exact same practice, which I know all too well as one of my family members used to work there.

TLDR: Basically, if you’re going to boycott Lawson over this, you’re also going to have to boycott 7-11 and a lot of other stores as well.

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Posted in: SDF member arrested over alleged indecent behavior with junior high school girl See in context

People blaming a 13-year-old (i.e. a child) for a grown man sexually assaulting her? Some real quality people here in the comment section at Japan Today. sarcasm

Whatever the circumstances were that led up to this, it’s the adult’s responsibility to not act on whatever sexual impulses they might have like an out-of-control animal.

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Posted in: KDDI to pay damages to millions of users after network outage See in context

Why would “calls only” customers be the only ones compensated financially? Anyone with a smartphone was unable to access 4G or 5G services during that time as well, and we’re paying more per month on average. If AU tries to “compensate” me with an apology, I will definitely be moving to a different carrier.

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Posted in: Japan ranks 116th in 2022 gender gap report, worst among G7 See in context

@Wobot Lots of women working here. The problem is they’re generally working in low-paying jobs with little or no hope of promotion. Day care workers here getting paid less than 8000 yen ($80) for an eight-hour day where they’re responsible for the lives of the young children that Japan’s future depends on. No surprise that they’re having a hard time finding people to fill those empty posts.

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Posted in: Japan honors Abe with highest decoration; wake held in Tokyo See in context

Speak for yourself, @hattorikun. I for one didn’t appreciate getting two useless masks several months after anyone needed them anymore. And I appreciated even less that these useless masks were made and distributed at a huge expense to the taxpayer, and that the only person to benefit from said masks was Abe’s friend who owned the company that manufactured them. Never forget!

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Posted in: Former Prime Minister Abe dies after being shot while campaigning in Nara See in context

I disliked the man and disagreed with practically everything he did, but he didn’t deserve to go out like that. Sad, shocking news.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't to launch survey on weight, dietary habits of young women See in context

The 2019 National Health and Nutrition Survey showed 20.7 percent of women in their 20s had an underweight body mass index of below 18.5

Sadly, this doesn’t surprise me at all. I teach at elementary schools here, and even in the fifth and sixth grade girls are eating tiny amounts of rice at lunch time as carbs make you “fat”. Sad to see this type of thinking ingrained at such a young age, and unhealthy as well since they’re still growing.

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Posted in: KDDI says 70% of services restored after wide network troubles See in context

And…I spoke too soon. Phone’s not working again.

Also: lots of downvotes already on some really inoffensive comments. What’s the deal, are there some AU employees hanging out here or something? Get back to work!

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Posted in: KDDI says 70% of services restored after wide network troubles See in context

Well, it’s almost 5:30 pm local time here and my AU smart phone has been working again for the past hour or so now. Would have been nice if one of the fellows bowing had given a more specific reason as to what exactly caused the problems, though.

To make up for nearly 40 hours without service, I’m sure they’ll be giving all of their valued customers a discount on next month’s bill…yeah, right!

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Posted in: KDDI mobile customers across Japan hit by prolonged network troubles See in context

One of the affected here. 4G service has been out 95% of the day, only coming on for a few minutes at a time here and there. No big deal as it’s Saturday and we have (non-AU) wi-fi at home anyway (plus a landline if we really need to make a phone call), but undoubtedly a major inconvenience for a lot of people.

Hope they give us a discount on next month’s bill as compensation (fat chance).

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Posted in: Researchers transform food waste into potentially edible 'cement' See in context

But the really important question: how does it taste?

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Posted in: World's biggest YouTuber PewDiePie moves to Japan See in context

All the people in the comments saying, “Who?” This is a really good way tell everyone you’re old without actually saying you’re old.

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Posted in: Japan to lower adulthood age in April for 1st time in over 140 years See in context

YubaruMar. 30  11:53 am JST

 I guess now the only difference is that the media can now name kids involved in criminal cases.

Nah, they still can't name kids.

From the article:

The revision will also relax rules for media reporting, allowing for the full names and faces of 18- and 19-year-old offenders to be revealed.

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Posted in: Japanese government calling on citizens to drink more milk…again See in context

Every year in this country without fail there are shortages of butter around Christmas and Valentine's Day. Instead of limiting customers to one stick, why not plan ahead a little bit and produce enough so anyone who wants to bake cookies and cakes or whatever can buy as much as they need?

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Posted in: Man arrested after crashing car into Foreign Ministry building See in context

BungleToday  07:25 am JST

I think the instrument is known as a sasumata, a kind of bident. The first time I saw one was at a kindergarten and I assumed the staff used it to restrain disobedient pre-schoolers...

They're not used on children, they're at the school to restrain intruders (should anyone dangerous try to get into the school). It's routine for kindergartens and schools to keep at least one set on hand, and it's normal to have a practice drill using them (where someone pretends to be an intruder trying to get into the school) at least once a year. I once played the part of an "intruder" for a drill, and I must say they're surprisingly effective.

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Posted in: What do you give Yoko Ono on her birthday? A tribute album See in context

Plastic Ono Band is a mind-blowing album. Lennon called it "eighties music" at the time of its release in 1970 as he thought it was so far ahead of its time, but it still sounds relatively fresh even today.

Another great tribute album of sorts is the 2007 remix album Yes, I'm a Witch, where an assortment of likeminded artists (including The Flaming Lips, Spiritualized, Le Tigre, Cat Power and Porcupine Tree) took Ono's vocals and created entirely new backing tracks for them. Well worth checking out for anyone who likes her music.

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Posted in: Gasoline price in Japan rises for 6th straight week See in context

That's weird. The average price in my area dropped by 8 yen per liter on Monday (from 171 down to 163).

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Posted in: Spotify says it will grant Young's request to remove music See in context

Spotify lost $4 billion in market value this week. Ha! Serves them right for sticking with a goon like Joe Rogan.

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Posted in: Classic rock albums turning 50 See in context

@Alfie Noakes Read your comment and decided to put Ege Bamyasi on straight away. I've listened to it dozens if not hundreds of times, and yet I swear I notice something new every time I hear it.

1972 was a great year for music. A few other albums I didn't see get mentioned yet:

Alice Cooper - School's Out

Burning Spear - Screaming Target

Captain Beefheart - The Spotlight Kid and Clear Spot

Curtis Mayfield - Superfly

Faust - So Far

Fela Kuti - Shakara

Funkadelic - America Eats Its Young

Joni Mitchell - For the Roses

Miles Davis - On the Corner

Nick Drake - Pink Moon

Paul Simon - Paul Simon

Randy Newman - Sail Away

Sun Ra - Space Is the Place

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Posted in: Have you noticed any examples of "shrinkflation" in Japan -- when a product or portion size in a restaurant gets smaller but the price stays the same? See in context

Country Ma'am Cookies are so laughably small now that they can hardly even be called cookies anymore. Love the vanilla ones (and they were always a big hit whenever I brought them back to my country as souvenirs for people to try) but I can't justify spending the same amount for so little.

Another is those supermarket pizzas (from Ito Ham, etc.) that you bake at home. Still not a bad deal at about 300 yen (even with scant toppings) but over the years a single one has shrunk down to the point where an entire pizza now fits easily on a standard-sized dinner plate.

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Posted in: Seeds of crisis: Climate change, price hikes hit Dijon mustard See in context

"Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?"

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Posted in: Concerns mount over possible collapse of Japan's medical system See in context

I would fear for my life only if over 65.

I would fear hospitalization for any illness/injury if over 65 too.

That's only about 28% of the population...

Nice of you to let us know that you don't care about 28% of the population. The whole point of getting vaccinated and taking precautions if to protect those people. It's a shame that there are still a lot of folks too selfish and/or stupid to understand that.

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Posted in: 'Every kid plays' - how Japan fell in love with baseball See in context

In Japan, "every kid plays baseball, every boy plays baseball", Itaru Kobayashi, a former player for the Chiba Lotte Marines, told AFP.

Maybe thirty years ago, but basketball, soccer and volleyball are all easily more popular with the kids these days. A few years ago our local junior high had to get rid of its baseball team due to lack of interest, and the softball team for elementary school-aged kids now has to let 6-year-olds play with the 11 and 12-year-olds in order to have enough kids to make up a full team.

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Posted in: COVID state of emergency likely for Tokyo Olympics See in context

Olympic Fever! Or it might be Covid-19 - better get tested.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 920 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,191 See in context

4th State of Emergency coming for Tokyo, lasting until August 22:


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Posted in: France's Macron slapped in the face while greeting crowd See in context

Not as FUNNY as when Bush Jr got a shoe thrown at his head!

Fixed that for you.

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Posted in: Tech firm says musicians lose billions to illegal business streaming See in context

Some guy named Mike Durant (who I have never heard of) is worth 50 million?

Surely you've heard of Green Day right? He's been their bass player since 1987, and seeing as they've sold over 75 million records worldwide it's not surprising that he's worth that much money.

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