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You answered your own question in your comment.

I don't know what you mean. Don't be so oblique. Your time would be better spent adding your own original thoughts, rather than non-commenting on mine!

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Ok so the pervert got what he deserved but is the girl being investigated for solicitation too? This is how it often goes: Japanese girls use social media to contact men to "help" them. It's called enjoukousai. The men then give them money and gifts in exchange for company and sex.

Maybe this girl is a genuine victim. But rarely do you hear about what is described above.

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Why is the Government going to give free money - our taxes - to this incidious industry?! It is controlled by the Yakuza, criminals who are a scourge on this nation. Shut down this satanic industry and drive the Yakuza out permanently! I'll pay for that.

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Te Japanese government and Olympic Committee will be saying right up to the final moment that "the Games are only postponed and not cancelled". Mark my words: the Olympic Games will be cancelled or postponed again. The IOC have big money riding on broadcast right and merchandising etc. And they will push Japan like they did this year. But at the end of the day, there can't be an event without competitors, and by this time next year, Covid-19 will still be with us.

And now we hear about more "gifts" from China?! Pig influenza and Bubonic Plague!

Sorry, but if you purchased tix for the Games, you should quickly apply for a refund. It's just not gonna happen.

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Posted in: Tokyo coronavirus cases hit record daily high of 224; 80% in their 20s, 30s See in context

This news should not be a surprise to anyone. Abe is nowhere to be seen. Koike got re-elected so she doesn't need to "work too hard". And apparently there's no need to reinstate the State of Emergency. Well SOMETHING has to be done. The government response from the beginning of this crisis has been slow and reactionary.

People torn apart from their families by not being allowed to re-enter Japan have had to suffer while the stupid people contributing to the community spread of Covid-19, are free to keep doing so.

Order a lockdown! Have the self defense forces enforce it. At the very least enforce the shutdown of all entertainment district establishments.

And the truth about how many PCR tests are being done every day and the actual results would be good to know. This is the tip of an iceberg, so get ready for the next wave.

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Posted in: Japan to create guidelines to improve conditions for freelancers See in context

More stupidity from the Abe regime. Freelancers should be required to register as Sole Traders (Kojin Jigyou). By definition a Sole Trader is NOT an employee. Simple really.

The problem is that you have an ageing population of workers, such as in the construction industry, who haven't paid taxes for years. The government likes to "baby" it's citizens and therefore puts the onus on companies to deal with the taxes etc. for contractors and freelancers, the same as employees. That is not the company's responsibility.

We have told the Tax Office and Labour Department to get lost and to do their job- that is to collect taxes and educate freelancers and subcontractors themselves. So far we're winning the argument.

If this becomes too onerous we will stop hiring local people and source workers located overseas to conduct the work remotely.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka called racist after posting meme in response to COVID-19 cases See in context

Oops... Typo: "guilty OF..." and "within his RIGHT..."

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka called racist after posting meme in response to COVID-19 cases See in context

... in the wake of the May 25 murder of George Floyd ...

Innacurate churnalism by JT. The man was was "killed", or "died". The case is ongoing and the police officer involved has NOT been found guilty. His bail has just been set. It isn't murder unless a court finds him guilty or murder and we are a long way from the start of a trial, which may find Floyd died accidentally, given possible pre-existing conditions, his toxicology at the time if the incident, and other scenarios currently unknown.

US media are reporting that some groups are calling it "murder" but JTs story today says it IS DEFINITELY MURDER, hence breaching subjudice laws. Suggest a rewrite of this story. The alleged killer would be within his write to seek legal action against JT.

(Media Law was a strong point when I was training young journalists)

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Posted in: Office cluster pushes Tokyo coronavirus cases to 6-week high of 55 See in context

Why is the office UNNAMED? How about some real journalism? The public has a right to know the name and location of the office, where the travel from to get there, what train lines, bus routes etc. The questions should be asked and if unanswered it should be mention in all languages that this story appears.

Another example of why the Japanese government is not to be trusted in its management of the Covid-19 crisis. It aught to be shamed into providing such details instead of being allowed to continue to out the population at mortal risk.

It's a dog n pony show!

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Posted in: Trump urged Abe to mediate U.S.-Iran standoff, knowing it would fail: Bolton See in context

I started reading this book last night and, from the very first page, Trump is referred to in the past tense. I know it's grammatically correct because the events are in the past, however, I can't help but think that Bolton had future readers in mind as he wrote. Maybe he knows something we don't but Trump will not be the next President (unless he becomes so illegally as he did in 2016) and Abe is unlikely to be Japanese PM come the end of 2020.

A great read though!

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If this were on a anime, it would be funny! Alas, these occurrences are all too common in Japan these days. You "reap what you sew" and this person's stupid behaviour led to an inevitable end.

When crazy person is trying to attack you, pulling your car door open, the natural human response is to put your foot on the gas and get it of there. Not murder by any stretch of the imagination.

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Korea needs to move on! Get over this issue! Japan has apologised many times and paid money for it's incorrect wartime actions. Yes this is the same as the "comfort women" issue.

You will never heal as a nation if you keep scratching the wound. I think most young Korean people don't care about this. It is the OLD THINKERS and POLITICIANS that keep pushing this misguided agenda.

Korea's aged population as well as Japan's aged population will all be dead soon enough. Time for a new way of thinking- oh wait. Japan doesn't teach about it's wartime bad behaviour in schools... Well that's a topic for another day.

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Rowling protested the term "people who mentstruate", saying WOMEN is the appropriate term. Everyone else is quite free to refer to themselves as whatever they want:

Transgender woman, lgbtqprstuvwxyz, or half reptile - half monkey in a pink dress! They are just labels, and calling a woman by the term "someone who menstruates" separates them from wannabe women or those who've had the sex change operation. It's rude and unnecessary. This lobby of alternative genders is out of hand. Away with you, "men and former men in frocks who don't mentstruate"!

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Posted in: Japan to tighten regulations on dangerous bicycle riding See in context

Bjorn is right! Cyclists need to pay road taxes like all other road users. Otherwise stay on the damn footpath/sidewalk and ride in an orderly manner. If you can manage that- WALK!

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Posted in: Japan wants U.S. to extradite Americans who helped Ghosn flee See in context

He is innocent and another Nissan board member did something similar to what G is being accused of but no charges. Accounting practices are unbelievably ambiguous in Japan and this is another case of "let's pin it on the Gaijin". Do not extradite!

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