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Posted in: DaBaby offers 2nd apology after recent homophobic comments See in context

How can they sanction him when the entire genre is predicated on racial stereotyping, sexism, glorification of violence, use of the N word, misogyny and homophobia?

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Posted in: 3 dead, 1 hurt in rural South Carolina shooting See in context

As long as they're not in the same closet, and the closet stays locked, there's no difference. Eventually, one will die, and the other will remain a potential threat.

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Posted in: 3 dead, 1 hurt in rural South Carolina shooting See in context

Of what possible interest is this to those of us living in Japan?

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder after running over moped rider See in context

That's fairly typical, here...

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Posted in: Powerless and angry: Japan's anti-Olympic activists fight on See in context

...Powerless and angry: Japan's residents fight on...

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Posted in: Belarus runner alleges Olympic team tried to send her home See in context

Both Lukashenkos need to be taken out.

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Posted in: Hurdles runner Camacho-Quinn keeps U.S. out of win column at track See in context

Puerto Rico is in fact part of the US, like Guam is - it's a protectorate.

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Posted in: Finding love in old age no simple matter See in context

... or, maybe, Smokey Robinson, who penned "First I Look at the Purse"...

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Posted in: Pizza for shots: UK targets young with vaccine incentives See in context

In my experience, UK pizza ranks right up there with UK burgers as foods to be strictly avoided.

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Posted in: Anger mounts as Biden, Congress allow eviction ban to expire See in context

Biden's hands were tied by the 3 Trump-appointed members of Scotus who should not be there, plus Clanence Thomas. Blame where blame is due.

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Posted in: U.S. flight attendants report high frequency of unruly passengers See in context

In most countries, you have to be fully innoculated to fly; in the US, you must be fully intoxicated.

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Posted in: Nice jump See in context

Equine abuse.

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Posted in: Japanese firms worried about business impact as Myanmar unrest grows See in context

....because making money is so much more important than the fate of the Burmese people...

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Posted in: DaBaby booted from Lollapalooza after homophobic comments See in context

"DaBaby"? Seriously? He chose that?

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Posted in: Saitama man repeatedly steals food from store by making his phone say 'PayPay♫' See in context

"After some time, the store began to notice that they were coming up short only at the end of days that Taka(ha)shi had visited." How could they possibly have determined this, unless there were virtually no customers those days? Me, they might remember; a guy who probably looks a lot like everyone else, probably not so much.

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Posted in: Chiba Prefecture closes beaches until Aug 31 See in context

If you say 2m away from others and there is a stiff breeze, you should be fine - as long as you wear sunscreen.

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Posted in: Outdoor drinking party in athletes village being investigated See in context

But maskless dinner parties at small hostess bars are okay for politicians?

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Posted in: French police clash with anti-virus pass protesters in Paris See in context

I've never translated "liberte" as "freedumb"; guess I should update my definition... If these people want to take themselves off the count, I'll take the long view: 50 years from now the world will be better off without them, or their genes, in the pool. That's what pandemics do, they cull the weak. Segregate them, quarantine them, and when they've had 2 jabs and a negative test result, give them a vaccine passport and let them rejoin society.

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Posted in: Princess Mako's boyfriend considers working at U.S. law firm See in context

...because foreign law firms and lawyers can't practice in Japan?

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Posted in: Fukushima laments a recovery without Olympic witnesses See in context

The central govenment laments a missed opportunity to misportray the Fukushima "recovery" to the international media, one of the prime motivators for hosting the games.

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Posted in: Blues guitar legend Buddy Guy looks back on a special career See in context

Waaaay more than just a bluesman, despite his almost single-handedly defining West Chicago Blues. Here w/Bonnie Rait, doing a classic John Hiatt song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QButLzJB5SI

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Posted in: The working-age generation is more susceptible to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on their working environment, and we want to effectively connect people with anxiety and worries to counseling services. See in context

Working age in Japan is basically anywhere between 16 years old and death. You need a better metric.

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Posted in: New sake earrings let you wear your love for Japanese rice wine on your ears See in context

I just put a little Ozeki behind my ears before I go out...

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Posted in: Justice Dept says IRS must give Trump tax returns to Congress See in context

Not much Congress can really do with them at this point. They are better in the hands of the SEC, FBI, SDNY, NYAG and forensic auditors. Mobsters have been taken down for taxevasion before...

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Posted in: Blues guitar legend Buddy Guy looks back on a special career See in context

I have that same old Epiphone. The police come by regularly to listen.

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Posted in: Prosecutors to reopen probe into ex-PM Abe's dinner spending scandal See in context

Expect a repeat performance, at taxpayer expense...

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Posted in: Suga says adequate measures in place to prevent virus cases spreading from Olympic athletes See in context

Well, that's the improtant thing, because without all of the interaction between athletes and residents, there is no chance that covid numbers will spike during the games, right? Suga may look like Yoda, but he's nowhere near as wise...

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Posted in: Murdered Nara nursing care worker withdrew ¥30 million before going missing See in context

How is it someone can clean out a bank account of $300,000 without anyone batting an eye, when you can't even wire $3000 into the country without your bank flagging it as money intended to support terrorism and forcing you to prove its provenence?

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Posted in: Japanese sandwiches give foreign reporters culture shock at Tokyo Olympics See in context

Talk about something that's gonna leave a bad taste in their mouths...

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Posted in: Have a glass of classic anime scotch with official Gatchaman whisky See in context

There is no such thing as "classic anime scotch", nor will there ever be...

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