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Japan Times reported: “According to the Japanese organizing committee, foreign nationals made up roughly 10% of a total of 80,000 volunteers before the pandemic forced the one-year postponement of the games. Japanese citizens living abroad are now expected to be allowed to volunteer, according to the officials.”

So Japanese citizens living overseas are not counted as “overseas spectators”. They have immunity to Covid by dint of their passport. And the IOC has in effect “fully respected and accepted” this exclusionary Olympics. It’s the world’s “first ever without overseas spectators”.

It’s the first Olympics without “foreign” spectators. Overseas spectators are okay if they’re Japanese. So as predicted, welcome to Japan’s first “Japanese Only” Olympics. As long as you have a Japanese passport, you are immune to Covid and have privileged access to Our Games.

UPDATE Debito.org points out that according to the IACE Travel Agency even overseas “Japanese” who NO LONGER HAVE JAPANESE CITIZENSHIP can still re-enter Japan. In other words, what constitutes “overseas Japanese” is a matter of having Japanese blood, even without having Japanese legal status. These are racialized paradigms for what constitutes a “Japanese”.

I wonder if the government will allow the Japanese from South America they expelled to attend... No, I don't.

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"This measure would be in line with the very diligent approach we see taken by Japanese authorities," he said following an IOC Executive Board meeting and a report from the Tokyo Games organizers.

How is it they're seeing something we're not? Things must look very different from afar...

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Posted in: South Carolina driver killed by exploding air bag inflator See in context

He should have seen the warning label: Takata

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Posted in: Minneapolis police face investigation after Floyd murder verdict See in context

This sort of reform needs to be undertaken nation-wide, and civilians need to sit on the boards that have oversight over the police, and that review complaints brought against them. The police need to be de-militarized and trained in community-based policing, as Japanese and many European police are. The pre-service training period should include an associate's degree in criminal justice, including psych, abnormal psych and counselling courses. Officers should not qualify to carry firearms for the first 2 years of their tenure. These policies alone would dissuade a lot of people who aspire to become cops for the wrong reasons from applying, and could be made retroactively mandatory. There also need to be periodic drug, psychological, weapons and physical fitness tests to remain on the force and able to carry a weapon.

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Posted in: Israel strikes targets in Syria after missile attack See in context

Unilaterally attacking a power station in a sovreign country with which you are officially at peace is an overt act of war.

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Posted in: Japanese whisky tasting online: Suntory’s Yamazaki and Hakushu distilleries now have remote tours See in context

It's a beautiful setting and distillery. Suntory makes some very nice singles if you favor a Glenlivit-type clean, light bodied whisky. Some of Nikka's malts have significantly more body, but are on the whole not as well constructed, nor as complex. On the whole, though, singles from Scotland tend to be way better value.

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Posted in: Some foreign residents in Japan consider traveling to other countries for vaccines See in context

Dentists give injections, and there are more dentist's offices in Japan than there are convenience stores - fact. Vets also give shots, as can nurses; it wouldn't be that difficult to organize, if there were remotely competent people in charge.

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Posted in: Some foreign residents in Japan consider traveling to other countries for vaccines See in context

70 years of experience, and this is what passes for competence? Never has such a useless collection of people ever formed a government. Shameful. The Japanese government couldn't organize a party in a pub.

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Posted in: Japan expects to receive 50 mil additional doses of Pfizer vaccine See in context


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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic athletes to undergo daily saliva testing See in context

sativa testing?

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Posted in: S Korean students shave heads in protest over Japan's Fukushima water release plan See in context

That'll definitely make them think twice...

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Posted in: Suga to declare state of emergency in Osaka; no decision on Tokyo See in context

Will anyone even listen to him at this point?

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Posted in: Queen enters 'twilight' of reign after farewell to Philip See in context

Say what you like about Henry VIII, but he was definitely all about family - and the Royal family have always married members of their own...

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Posted in: Japan considers letting dentists administer COVID-19 vaccines See in context

My vet showed me how to inject our dog as even trips to the office were a lot of wear and tear on her at the end. Anyone can be trained to use a syringe. Lots of seriously hampered people somehow manage to do it several times every day.

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Posted in: We need to deliver a strong message to the public to alter practices that have become so pervasive as to be perceived as custom. See in context

Japan: where the politicians have their priorities straight, and the important work always gets done.

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Posted in: Fully vaccinated NZ airport worker tests positive for COVID-19 See in context

Nobody has ever claimed that the vaccine is 100% effective...

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Posted in: The top 10 most popular instant noodle brands at the start of 2021 See in context

This stuff is so bad for you that it ought to be illegal.

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Posted in: 'Mad Max' prequel to be filmed in Australian outback for 2023 release See in context


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Posted in: World running out of time to tackle climate crisis: U.N. See in context

30 years too late...

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Posted in: Japan tightens rules on COVID-19 test certificates for travelers See in context

Maybe they government could just confine them all the Dejima or something... like start a domestic vaccination program.

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Posted in: Will Japanese Olympians be vaccinated ahead of the public? See in context

Looks like most of the planet will be inoculated before residents of Japan are...

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Posted in: Unmarked police cars in Japan use Transformer-style trick when they pull someone over See in context

More useless filler from SortaNews24... You should pay electrons more respect.

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Posted in: Osaka governor says 'we are in a critical situation' as virus cases surge See in context

"Sometimes feels like it would be better to have a government with actual "power", rather than the one that asks nicely." Be careful what you wish for - there is only a very thin 70-year-old veneer of democracy over the authoritariansism that has long characterized the government here.

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Posted in: U.S. parents begin to ask: Should my child get a COVID-19 shot? See in context

Consider yourselves lucky if he or she doesn't just get a shot...

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Posted in: Why do you think so many Japanese people (and foreigners, too) continue to go out and about in Japan's major cities despite the surge in coronavirus cases? See in context

They won't believe the pandemic is real until they get sick themselves?

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Posted in: GOP White House hopefuls move forward as Trump considers run See in context

"Trump considers waddle" There, fixed that for you...

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Posted in: Unmarked police cars in Japan use Transformer-style trick when they pull someone over See in context

It's all about the Fukuzawa Yukichis: $$$

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Posted in: Japan's proposed immigration law revisions deal fresh blow to refugees See in context

If they can't find room in their hearts, they'll never find room on the ground...

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Posted in: Tokyo, Osaka consider asking gov't to issue another state of emergency See in context

...but under not circumstances will she consider cancelling the Olympics. She is putting people in harm's way on both fronts, and dodging responsibility into the bargain. Utter hypocrisy.

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