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Posted in: U.S. judge orders 'extraordinary measures' to ensure ballot deliveries See in context

Any ballot postmarked before Nov 3 should be counted, and the outcome of the election should be based on every legitimate vote cast by that date, even if it takes several weeks to count and recount. No result should be announced until the tally is complete, and there should be a gag order placed on both camps regarding the election while the count takes place. The US does not need Trump whipping up the Pround Boys, the boogalooies and the madman militias during this fraught period. The whole country is a tinderbox at this point, and Trump is a notorious arsonist who will set it alight if he thinks it serves his interests.

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Posted in: As anger rises, Muslims worldwide protest French cartoons See in context

Ditch dogma, renounce religion, dispense with scripture, and embrace atheism.

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Posted in: Wary of security issues, Japan moves to shut China out of its drone supply chain See in context

As long as China represents such a large export market, and Japan and other countries depend on it for raw materials and manufacturing, the Chinese will have the upper hand. The cost of reinventing the wheel due to security concerns for countries that depend on Chinese products is simply too high for any one country. The only way around it would be for the US, EU, JApan, Canada, Australia, NZ and the UK to produce products for their own military/surveillance/security ops - the schematics for whch the Chinese would then steal.

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Posted in: Trump pitches 'back to normal' as Biden warns of tough days See in context

“The Republican Party chose to abandon the entire Enlightenment project of evidence-driven reality sometime between the escalator and Covid, choosing a kind of Hobbesian total war of partisan, even cultish, passions rather than an ethos that would have been recognizable, at least in outline, by every president from F.D.R. to Obama. A Biden presidency won’t bring the Kingdom of Heaven to pass, but it could, at its best, make America remotely rational again.”

Just as I found it hard to walk past the Supreme Court after the partisan travesty of Bush v. Gore, I now find it hard to walk past the nest of vipers that is this White House. There have been sex scandals and family grifting before. But the pervasive immorality (kids separated from parents and put in cages, endless lies, siphoning government money for the Trump family business, people like Omarosa Manigault Newman and Stephen Miller running around), and the Republicans’ blind eye to it all, makes it hard to see the White House the same way.

“Unfortunately, what the Trump presidency has shown is how far someone with a lust for power and contempt for democracy can go within our system,” said Michael Beschloss, the presidential historian. “Never has the expression ‘Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty’ been more resonant. We have to go back to our founding period and demand of our government to be the best that it can be. Sadly, now when people say that, it’s almost with an unhappy, bitter laugh. But the founders did not say it with an unhappy, bitter laugh. They said it with hope and expectation, and we should, too.”

Even if Joe Biden wins, it’s not going to be easy to restore what has been lost, or to forge a new American identity.

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Posted in: Japan picks Mitsubishi Heavy to develop its own stealth fighter See in context

The pre-war zaibatsu are still the beating heart of the Japanese economy, and all of them were and are somehow involved in the munitions industry.

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Posted in: Japan's September job availability lowest in nearly 7 years See in context

Website glitch?

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Posted in: Japan's September job availability lowest in nearly 7 years See in context

Whether there are 103 or 104 jobs available for every 100 jobseekers is of no real significance. When it's 90, you have a problem.

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Posted in: Japan's September job availability lowest in nearly 7 years See in context

Whether there are 103 or 104 jobs available for every 100 jobseekers is of no real significance. When it's 90, you have a problem

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Posted in: As virus surges, Trump rallies keep packing in thousands See in context

If you turn up at a superspreader event, don't turn up at a hospital looking for treatment when you fall ill. It takes years to treat mental illness, and the outcomes are not great for the cognitively impaired.

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Posted in: Japanese language to determine order of Olympic parade of athletes See in context

This nationalist ploy will do nothing but confuse everyone. Leave it to Japan to make an international event all about itself. I remember seeing Japanese Olympians interviewed on NHK who said that their goal was to be the best in Japan. And I thought to myself, "sasuga..."

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Posted in: Stop the music! Chorus of artists tell Trump to tune it down See in context

Where are the real stars, like Ted Nugent, Three Doors Down and Kid Rock?

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Posted in: Local gov'ts plan to use AI to rate seriousness of bullying cases See in context

Why don't they just make efforts to stop bullying instead of treating it as an entrenched problem and splitting hairs over what type is worse? There is no way to avoid subjectivity, so introducing technology is going to do nothing to solve the problem.

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Posted in: Japan's total coronavirus cases top 100,000 See in context

...or roughly the number of new cases the US is seeing daily. MAGA?

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Posted in: Trump campaigning non-stop as Biden holds firm in Delaware See in context

"CNN just admitted that Trump has 24% of the Black vote in their latest poll."

Wrong, again:


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Posted in: Joni Mitchell still struggling to walk following 2015 brain aneurysm See in context

This story first appeared 5 years ago.

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Posted in: Do you think the century-old tradition of going to the movies will become a thing of the past due to the coronavirus and the increasing popularity of streaming services? See in context

Between the advent of home theatre, streaming services and now the coronavirus, I think that traditional theatres are going to have a very rough go of it. It has always been a struggle to keep a movie theatre in business. I'm really glad the only one I go to, an art house that seats maybe 120, has remained in business for the past 25 years. You can either pay per film or subscribe for a year and watch any film any time you like. I subscribe because losing that place would worsen the quality of life in my city.

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Posted in: Opposition grills Suga over science council, virus response See in context

PM's questions in the Diet constantly redefines kabuki.

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Posted in: Man arrested for indecent exposure on train See in context

So cops have been working on this for 4 months? How much has that cost the taxpayer?

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Posted in: Trump campaigning non-stop as Biden holds firm in Delaware See in context

He's done - stick a fork in him. While Biden is winning over voters, the covid kid is desperately trying to hold on to the few he hasn't lost in once-safe districts.

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Posted in: Put down the frying pan – You can make amazing pancakes with a sandwich maker See in context

More people own frying pans than own sandwich makers.

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Posted in: Suga says plan to release Fukushima water coming soon See in context

Isn't that the same thing he said last week?

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Posted in: 40 windows smashed at junior high school in Okayama See in context

Was the school in an isolated area? Seems someone would have heard that many windows being broken and phoned it in.

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Posted in: Japanese media call on U.S. to review visa changes for journalists See in context

So introduce the same visa policies for Japan-based US journalists. Make your policies reciprocal with those of the other party. You could do this on any number of fronts and get quick attention, if not quick results.

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Posted in: Best Betts: Dodgers win first World Series title since 1988 See in context

Well done, and long overdue.

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Posted in: Autumn aura See in context

Good shot. Nagano has dressed to the nines this Fall.

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Posted in: Man arrested for abusing common-law wife’s daughter See in context

Japan systematically inculcates low self-esteem in women, and predicates their social standing and status on having a partner, even if he's a leech. Sad to say, but the daughter may have gotten off easy when attention was called to this, given what some of these parasites get up to with "stepdaughters". Good on her teacher.

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Posted in: Judge blocks Election Day gun ban near Michigan polling sites See in context

In normal countries, citizens who are seen in populated areas carrying weapons are subject to arrest, particularly if they are wearing military garb, and are gathered in a group.

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Posted in: K-pop band TWICE reveals its daring side on new album See in context

I do. Last time I saw a lineup dolled up like that, they had numbers pinned to their dresses...

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