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Posted in: Trump says high court nominee 'on track,' as accuser offers to testify See in context

If Trump says it, it's a lie. Even if it's not a lie, his saying it makes it a lie. It's his unique gift, to turn gold into dross.

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Posted in: Sapporo officially drops bid for 2026 Winter Olympics See in context

Good, Shouldn't have taken an earthquake to bring them to their senses.

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Posted in: Mother indicted after 1-year-old son dies after falling off electric bicycle See in context

Talk about adding gross insult to unimaginable injury - do they really think they have the right to punish her even more? Do they suspect she's going to do it again? Absolutely inhuman response.

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Posted in: Woman accusing Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct comes forward See in context

The GOP hate nothing worse than when the Dems play by the GOP rule book.

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Posted in: Taxi driver arrested for fatally hitting hire car driver See in context

Why are people of this age allowed to have commercial drivers licenses?

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Posted in: How to rob an idol singer otaku: Look up the birthday of his favorite idol See in context

"since fans often attend the group’s concerts and events dressed head-to-toe in that singer’s pre-set image color..." Seriously? Adult males?

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Posted in: Three different types of mystery meat fill the latest Cup Noodle flavor See in context

At least there's a warning label on the package. Mind you, with all the chemical additives in this stuff the mystery meat is probably one of the less harmful ingredients.

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Posted in: Do you think volunteers for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics should be paid? See in context

If you paid them, you wouldn't have any volunteers...

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Posted in: Porsche explodes after crash on Kanagawa highway See in context


As you point out, the guy in question doesn't know how to drive a 9 series, they are notoriously squirrelly in those conditions, and have a tendency to hydroplane in the wet due to aforementioned issues w/geometry and balance. He's lucky to have walked away. Hope he was insured...

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Posted in: Japanese media watchdog group publishes complaint about people who complain about anime See in context

I would like to lodge a complaint about media watchdog groups that publish complaints about people who complain about anime.

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Posted in: Russia trip keeps Abe in spotlight, but key issues remain unresolved See in context

Actually, the issue was resolved toward the end of WWII, when Russia reclaimed its territory...

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Posted in: Attention shifts to flood risks as heavy rains increase in Japan See in context

A hundred years from now it's all gonna be under water anyway, along with most of the coastal cities throughout the world. We reached peak indifference a couple decades ago.

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Posted in: Operation Tsukiji: Tokyo battles rats as iconic market prepares to shut See in context

There will be a plague of rats throughout the city as these disperse.

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Posted in: Thieves steal 600 apples grown by high school students See in context

Check your local mu-jin fruit and veg stand.

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Posted in: Republicans dodge, weave around Trump's hurricane tweets See in context

Hurrican tweet-spasms aside, there are bigger issues in play. When the sanest guy in the room is your tope military advisor who's called "Mad Dog", and he's about to get sacked because he's on too much of an even keel to satisfy the pretender-in-chief, it's time prepare yourselves for the war the president will start when the Mueller investigation concludes. The WH bet is probably that nobody would dare impeach a war time president, and that if they tried he could declare martial law. Don't put anything past him, he's lost everything but the capacity for mayhem.

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Posted in: Trump claims Hurricane Maria death toll rose 'like magic' See in context

...and we know what sort of people offer "magic" as evidence, or as an excuse...

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Posted in: Abe says isle dispute with Russia must be settled before peace treaty can be signed See in context

He who fails to understand settled history is doomed to bang on about it forever. Abe, in this case. The islands belong to Russia, as they did prior to 1906, and have since 1953. They were occupied by the Japanese in the interim, and Abe wants to relive the past glories of his grandfather's co-prosperity sphere by reclaiming them. There's only one problem - they aren't Japanese territory, historically or otherwise.

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Posted in: Centenarians in Japan hit record 69,785; nearly 90% of them women See in context

Imamura Shohei made a film about the historical solution to this problem.

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Posted in: Japan on brink of IWC pullout after commercial whaling comeback blocked See in context

Taking a page from the Trump playbook, eh? Whine, cajole, threaten, and when you lose, quit. You've lost, and the loss demonstrates that your norms are far outside those of other member nations. Suck it up and join the world.

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Posted in: Retired police officers post ¥2 mil reward in Osaka fugitive case See in context

I suspect the money is coming from other sources and the retired cops have been enlisted to avoid a public outcry about the origin of the funds - most likely, their taxes.

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Posted in: Kono says Japan will accept more foreign workers See in context

"Give me your tired, huddled masses, yearning to work free..."

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Posted in: Probe into foreigners' health insurance abuse stirs controversy See in context

Sounds like Kris Kobach's investigation of voter fraud in the US, which failed to find the 3 million illegal immigrants that Trump claimed had voted Democrat. Another snipe hunt.

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Posted in: Suu Kyi defends court decision to jail Reuters reporters See in context

She made a devil's bargain with the leadership of the military junta, who allowed her voctory in "democratic" elections they had no intention of honoring, and who then sold her out by exposing her as powerless to change events on the ground, as revenge. In exchange, they got tacit approval from the US and UK to ethnically cleanse Muslims and push them into Bangladesh. People thought she was the second coming of Mandela, when she was actually a political naif the Burmese junta and Western powers used to their own ends.

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Posted in: Putin tells Abe he hopes for peace treaty this year See in context

Possession is 9 points out of 10. Russia will never cede territory willingly. Japan will never engage militarily with Russia to retake these islands. The matter is settled, like it or not. Move on.

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Posted in: Trump vents anger over book; Woodward says Kelly, Mattis denials of quotes untrue See in context

Because he's won 2 Pulizers, one for breaking Watergate story while a reported at WAPO, and 70% of what Trump says has been documented as untrue, misleading or unsubstantiated? Use Occam's Razor - who benefits more from lying at this point, those who spoke on the record w/Woodward and want to keep their jobs, or a reporter whose book had to be vetted by teams of attorneys prior to publication to avoid legal blowback. They are not "anonymous" sources, they are "protected" sources - and no journalist worth his salt outs a source. Are you that gullible, that poorly educated, or just that ideologically blind?

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Posted in: Insider Trump resisters are not heroes See in context

Sadly, they are a shadow government, appointed by Trump and unaccountable to the voters - where as the Trump government is simply illegitimate, and unaccountable to the voters. Hard to say if the glass is half full, or in shards on the floor.

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Posted in: Half of Tokyo’s universities to use credits to 'convince' students to volunteer in 2020 Olympics See in context

This is actually possible to changes in the university eductation rescript passed under Abe that took back a great deal of the autonomy universities had under the previous version. So, once again the nation seeks to enlist youth in an effort to boost patriotic pride and make Japan great again? Anyone else remember how well this went in the 1930's?

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Posted in: Stormy Daniels promises to tell all in memoir due out Oct 2 See in context

Finally, something they and Trump agree on. Greed is good.

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Posted in: Trump's U.S. loses role as Mideast peace mediator See in context

The Israelis have never wanted the US involved because at one point they were the only country that could bring pressure to bear on them. Now there is no such country. The Palestinians wanted the US involved for the same reason, their ability to bring pressure to bear. But the Israeli position has never wavered - Never negotiate from a position of weakness, and never negotiate in good faith from a position of strength. Trump has done nothing but reward Israeli intrasigence and the theft of more Palestinian land. BDS.

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