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Posted in: 2 Lawson franchise stores found to have falsified food expiration times See in context

Sounds like a PR stunt. I've never met a group of people so obsessed by 有効期限. It's not even a law, it's a date/time decided by individual shops, and leads to an enormous waste of perfectly good food.

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Posted in: EU rebuffs May; says no-plan Brexiteers deserve 'place in hell' See in context

EU rebuffs May; says all Brexiteers deserve 'place in hell'

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Posted in: Father suspected of forcing daughter to lie about abuse before her death See in context

What sort of employment standards do these people in Child Protection Services face? Why are the police not brought in regularly? Likewise, K-12 teachers? Is ignoring the obvious and teaching to the test really doing your job?

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Posted in: Swine fever spreads in Japan; gov't warns of 'extremely serious' phase See in context

Eating mammals damages the environment on many levels, it is best avoided.

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Posted in: Japan bars journalist from going to Yemen See in context

Unless the govt has evidence he plans to engage in some sort of crime, this would appear to be a violation of his constitutional rights. Maybe they're looking to avoid having to pay ransom, who knows...

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Posted in: Former part-time teacher arrested for paying high school girl for sex See in context

So which act was considered indecent, the payment itself or the "lewd acts"? If no money had changed hands, would he have been charged?

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Posted in: Nissan to freeze payments of unstated remuneration to Ghosn See in context

"The Japanese automaker plans to book 9 billion yen in additional pay to Ghosn in its earnings report to be released next Tuesday without actually disbursing it..." This is not "freezing" money, it is accounting sleight of hand to keep Nissan's books balanced and avoid tax trouble. If the money had not been previously allocated, what was the basis of the original charge? If the money has not yet been paid, how could he be charged with evading taxes on it?

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Posted in: Blackface scandal spotlights deeply embedded racism in U.S. See in context

Actually, it was the 2016 election that put his back on the map. The GOP candidate had earlier taken out a full page newspaper ad demanding the death sentence for 5 innocent young black men, the "Central Park Five". He subsequently redlined properties his family owned and refused to rent to African-Americans. He later spent 6 years claiming that the US president at the time was not a US citizen, and sided with Confederates, Klansmen and the extreme right after a woman was run down and killed by a car driven by a white supremacist. Get your facts straight. This current incident is down to an extremist who disagreed with the VA governor's comments on pregnancy termination who provided an unusbstantiated photo to an extreme-right website called Big League Politics - which then released an unsubstantiated story about his lt. gov - African-American - having been acccused of sexual abuse. The real story here is the lengths the GOP and its agents will go when they see the world sliding from their grasp.

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Posted in: Aso retracts remark about people who don't have children See in context

Aso, a living national anachronism, and an embarrassment to the nation. One hopes...


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Posted in: Barbara Ehrenreich tweets about Marie Kondo widely condemned See in context

Just goes to show that nobody should voice an opinion about anything they aren't ready to have misinterpreted and turned back on them by those who have nothing better to do with their time.

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Posted in: Aso retracts remark about people who don't have children See in context

That's not a bell you can unring...

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Posted in: 42-year-old man arrested for abandoning mother’s body at home See in context

He didn't abandon it, he preserved it; otherwise, there wouldn't be any evidence.

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Posted in: U.S. Navy man arrested after breaking into apartment, taking shower See in context

If the US chooses to operate a welfare/govt employment scheme like the military, it should do so on its own shores.

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Posted in: Women living poverty face bleak future See in context

Women in the middle class face onerous burdens, too:


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Posted in: Japanese police to use new holsters to prevent disarming of officers See in context

Why don't they train them in self-defense, or take away their weapons?

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Posted in: More than 100 firearms, 1,000 bullets found in dead man’s home See in context

“But he owned all those weapons and yet he still didn't hurt anyone with them... hmmm.” is actually a Red Herring. It has nothing to do with the article.

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Posted in: As Democrats target Trump's tax returns, audit claims loom large See in context

Anything that would hasten an indictment would be welcome...

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Posted in: Japan to toughen controls on brokers for foreign workers See in context

Why don't they simply outlaw this system, and let people apply for visas in their home countries that will enable them to work in one of the designated sectors of the economy on arrival, and keep an online database of companies looking for such employees where job offers can be made, and information for obtaining visas exchanged? Money from employers could then be placed in escrow for the first x months of the employees' contracts. Cut out the middle man altogether, and remove the opportunity for corruption. These places are little more than fronts for organized crime organizations in most cases, anyway.

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Posted in: Girl's cry for help in school questionnaire shown to abusive father before her death See in context

Everyone involved shold be viewed as an accomplice to murder and treated accordingly.

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Posted in: Policewoman resigns after being reprimanded for moonlighting in sex industry See in context

Maybe she was just working under covers...

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Posted in: Labor ministry officials knew of improper wage survey since 2006 See in context

"...raising the possibility of a systematic coverup..." More tongue-in-cheek humor?

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic CEO says no need for Takeda to resign See in context

...of course not, he's of royal blood...

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Posted in: Japan's labor shortage hits 45-year high See in context

Companies don't hire unless their projections tell them that demand is likely to increase. The population is aging, and nobody under 30 has any money they didn't inherit. Companies in Japan avoid hiring fulltime employees because of the difficulty in dismissing them, even for cause, and the cost of co-pay for various social insurance schemes. Thus, you have a situation where nearly half of those working are under-employed, lack benefits or social insurance, forced to take zero-hours contracts, and make barely enough to live on - but they can't get fulltime employment, or have family or other obligations that they can't meet if they have to work 60+ hours a week. My kids have calculated that even with bonuses, because of overtime they make the same per hour as most part-time employees. It all comes down to prestige, not pay, and jobs that offer membership in the middle class, and the prospect of promotion and security are able to get away with paying peanuts because the alternatives are too precarious for anyone who wants to start a family. And still the government can't figure out why the birthrate has been falling since the economy imploded in the '90's...

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Posted in: Model Shannon Dancy arrested on drug possession charge See in context


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Posted in: Trump slams his 'naive' intelligence services; says they should go back to school See in context

Apparently this imbecile didn't eve realize the hearing was televised. Who are you going to believe - the guy who's told 7,000 lies in 2 years, or your lyin' eyes?

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Posted in: Fun in the snow See in context

great photo

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Posted in: Ghosn: Bail refusal would not be normal in any other democracy See in context

He's fallen into the same trap as many others before him - that of mistaking Japan for a democracy...

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Posted in: High court rejects claim of wrongful domestic violence certification by ex-husband See in context

Another area, like Japan's "justice" system, where the authorities and legislators would do well to learn from the examples available in more advanced societies.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't urged by lawmakers to take action against S Korea See in context

certainly makes a more cogent, coherent and compelling case than either Abe or any of the posters on this forum. It is also endorsed by 300 lawyers and scholars who are presumable more familiar with both the law and the issue than is anyone here.

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