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Posted in: 'Plus-size' boy band in China seeks to inspire fans See in context

...inspire what, exactly?

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Posted in: 80% supportive of reigning empress as pool of heirs shrinks: poll See in context

...and more than 80% of politicians and IHA personnel reject the idea outright. The people may have spoken, just as they voiced their opinion about the Olympics, but their government has no ears to listen.

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Posted in: Up to 300 people per day breaking self-quarantine pledge in Japan See in context

These people, who have presumably been tested or vaccinated overseas, are less a treat to public health than continuing to allow public transport and businesses to operate as normal.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,050 new coronavirus cases; record-high 1,262 in Osaka See in context

If you are a US citizen and can afford a plane ticket to California and 2 weeks off, Kaiser is offering free vaccinations to US citizens at its hospitals.

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Posted in: Hello Kitty and her Sanrio pals are collaborating with a notoriously bloody horror anime series See in context

Nice upskirt manga, right? Actually, it's objectification, then sexualization. Sexualization applies to junior and senior high girls.

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Posted in: Afghan retreat: U.S. formally begins withdrawing from its longest war See in context

You knew what you were signing up for. We did, too. Don't blame us for not making the same mistake you made.

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Posted in: Wakayama: The land of the gods See in context

Maybe, just maybe, the most beautiful place in Japan.

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Posted in: Governor Koike should begin thinking of a ‘Plan B’ involving cancelation of the Tokyo Olympics. See in context

She ought to be thinking of plan B for when she loses her next election...

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Posted in: M6.6 quake hits off Miyagi Pref; no tsunami threat See in context

How many more quakes is it going to take before one of the shutdown power plants goes into meltdown? How fast is the government moving to remove the fuel from the damaged reactors?

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics could be held without fans: Hashimoto See in context

Can't we just hold an Olympics without an Olympics, and say we tried?

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Posted in: Japan's job availability ratio in FY2020 sees largest decline in 46 years See in context

So at least half the people who graduated university this year will face a life of penury, along with those not fortunate enough to have attended...

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Posted in: Gov't to aid virus-hit firms with ¥500 bil from reserve funds See in context

Are these existing reserves, or just money that will be produced by government fiat, electronically transferred to corporate accounts, and added to the taxpayers' tab?

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Posted in: Cruise ship returns to Yokohama after one passenger tests positive for COVID-19 See in context

"Joke of a country." US - approaching 600,000 deaths from covid. Japan, w/ half the US population: 10,000. The joke is you.

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Posted in: Cruise ship returns to Yokohama after one passenger tests positive for COVID-19 See in context

Any word on whether they're going to leave everyone aboard until the virus has spread. like last time?

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Posted in: 1st batch of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine arrives in Japan See in context

What's its shelf life?

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Posted in: As seen in young people drinking on the street, people are losing trust in the government and they’re not listening to it. If the situation goes on like this, it will be impossible to stop people from traveling even though a state of emergency is declared. See in context

New Flash - People are traveling this week. And those who were listening to the government were confounded by the constantly changing mixed messages they got, and stopped. When Japanese, who are able to deal with enormous amounts of cognitive dissonance, begin to tune you out, you might as well just stop talking. The only thing you're spreading is germs.

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Posted in: Gov't advisers warn Japan's birth rate falling at more rapid pace this year See in context

This trend was evident 30 years ago, and the government still hasn't found a solution - same with the economy, which tanked about the same time. Empty catch phrases, finger-wagging, hectoring and fear-mongering do not constitute a policy.

It's long past time that the people started demanding accountability and competence from their elected representatives, and transparency from the bureauracy-for-life and quasi-governmental institutions that really run the country from behind Oz's curtain.

30 years w/o a change in government in the face of this kind of incompetence? One is tempted to say the electorate deserves its fate, except that one-party elections are just another pseudo-democratic sham perpetrated on the people.

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Posted in: Gov't advisers warn Japan's birth rate falling at more rapid pace this year See in context

Other countries that have experienced the same problem have solved it using a practice called "immigration"...

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Posted in: Japan's business leaders suggest ways for gov't to speed up vaccination rate See in context

Resign en masse?

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Posted in: Golden Week travel begins despite pleas from governors to stay home See in context

I find the government's messaging to be completely consistent - as long as it is talking about the Olympics, and not the coronavirus.

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Posted in: Japan's unused 14 mil doses of COVID-19 vaccines point to logistical hurdles See in context

Occam's Razor would put it down to a simple lack of competence among those responsible for the vaccine rollout.

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Posted in: Summer bonuses at Japan firms to fall 1-3% on year due to coronavirus See in context

Take an equivalent amount of time off for personal reasons...

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Posted in: Guy Ritchie, Jason Statham reunite for action thriller 'Wrath of Man' See in context

A guy who can't write or direct and a guy who can't act team up to make a movie...

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Posted in: Dozens crushed to death in crowd at Israeli religious festival See in context

Those who escaped this misfortune will take the coronavirus home to their families...ignorance and superstition will ye.t be the world's undoing

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Posted in: Ranks of 'refugee smokers' surging with no place to puff See in context

Tobacco products should be banned. How can the same government responsible for funding and overseeing national health sell cigarettes?

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Posted in: Biden declares U.S. 'on the move again' in first speech to Congress See in context

Third time is the charm...

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Posted in: Japan to introduce 'vaccine passports' for international travel See in context

Wouldn't they actually have to inoculate people for this scheme to work?

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Posted in: Population influx into Tokyo exceeds outflow in fiscal 2020 See in context

Come for the economic opportunities, stay for the coronavirus...

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Posted in: China, Japan trade acrimonious barbs over Fukushima tweet See in context

Another Twitterfit, emphasis on twit...

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Posted in: Biden declares U.S. 'on the move again' in first speech to Congress See in context

Long overdue - time for the government to do its job and make an investment in the country for the sake of its stakeholders - the taxpayers - rather than corporations - who will still get their share. The only things missing are universal basic income and a national healthcare system.

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