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Posted in: Should marijuana use be legalized? See in context

Yes, I'm sure it would improve the economy..... people that work in R&D could possibly come up with better/different ideas, people get the munchies wanna fork down a ton food, promotes a non-violent attitude. Quality of life would improve to those who like to smoke, drink as a tea, cook it with your food. Government could tax it and sell it like cigarettes.

It would be nice to have a choice.

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Posted in: Support your local police See in context

I have no respect whatsoever for the police! They do nothing about bozos on noisy motorbikes, intimidate and ask inappropriate questions when someone is in need of help, routinely card you regardless if they have checked you previously.

They are just another governmental Cockroach!!!

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Posted in: McDonald’s guarantees your order in 60 seconds or you get free burger See in context

And for every second that their late, knock off a hundred yen from the bill. That'll help the customer pay for the hospital fees from eating that low quality dogfood.

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Posted in: 'Gurokawa' (grotesquely cute) fashion styles See in context

Some of it is really funny......Was cruising around Amemura in Osaka the other day when I spotted a girl wearing a sweatshirt. On the front were 2 cats snuggling with "I smell good" on the front. On the back were 2 cats showing their behinds with " No fishy pussy here".

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Posted in: Noda says 2012 will be start of Japan's rebirth See in context

After reading all the lies dished out to the public last year about Fukushima, radiation, and TEPCO, I wonder if anyone will believe what the Jgovernment says.

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Posted in: Japan scraps plan to give away 10,000 free flights to visitors See in context

Seems the Jgov has another idea to bring in foreigners with twitter or facebook accounts that have lots followers as they need some good traveling press about Japan to say that its safe, and there's no radiation fears.

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Posted in: Japan and the death penalty See in context

Fine with me as long as it applies to politicians as well.

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Posted in: Radiation fears affect New Year meals See in context

Really buy imported and live longer!!!

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Posted in: Gov't launches 50-member team to prepare for TPP talks See in context

Jeez, no wonder there raising taxes! When are they gonna "clean up" the government. LAMFS. What a waste.

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Posted in: China executes man for raping 14 schoolgirls See in context


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Posted in: Doctors urge UK government to ban smoking in cars See in context

I wonder whats next?........Body odor? Since I quit smoking, I'm a lot hungrier these days and the wife knows I love chili with beans so she always keeps a big pot on the stove.....Enjoy the smell :-)

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Posted in: Deputy police chief questioned over suspected shoplifting in Hiroshima See in context

Model citizen

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Posted in: 50% of Americans support legalizing marijuana: poll See in context

From a creative standpoint, I can't see any harm from it. Whether you smoke it, eat it with brownies etc, or make tea with it. Whenever I go home to Cali, I hit the nearest dispensary, pick up a few g's, and get to work. The company that I work for encourages it use....Discreetly. The money I make goes to a pension fund. I will not retire poor! When I return to Japan, my body is "clean" so there's no worries from blood checks. To me it's really surprising that it hasn't been legalized. R/D would certainly benefit from it. But then again when you have old world thinking combined with brain dead politicians going into their 60's and 70's, I can easily understand.

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Posted in: Bear sightings reported in Sapporo See in context

Don't they sell bear strength pepper spray in Hokkaido? It's great deterrent when I go fishing in Alaska or when there's bosozuku. The police don't do anything anymore. LAMF's

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Posted in: Tokyo dental fad: Make your teeth look worse See in context

Crooked teeth or pecker wrecker is not a desirable look!

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Posted in: Auto parts firm execs to forgo pay after $200 mil price fixing fine See in context

Wow, they got jail time! Nice to see this as exec's rarely spend time in jail. I hope they are added to the regular population, and not some cushy farm. Don't bend over for the soap.

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Posted in: U.S. fines Bridgestone $28 million for rigging bids, bribery See in context

I think they got off easy! $28 million isn't enough....... “The cartel affected prices for hundreds of millions of dollars worth of marine hose and related products sold worldwide,” It should have been at least $100 million.

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Posted in: M6.2 earthquake hits northeast Japan; no tsunami warning See in context

I'll feel better when the government starts making an effort to build a tsunami barrier to help prevent major damage when the next big quake hits. It just seems like the government is in a continual circle jerk with themselves and not doing a thing to help the people that are paying their salaries. A 6.2 may not seem like much too many people but if it moves an under water shelf enough, it can cause major damage.

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Posted in: Japan air traffic controller leaks Obama flight plan on blog See in context

This idiot should be fired, fined, and jailed immediately.

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Posted in: Why do tourists continue to stay away from Japan, despite the fact that there are many places of interest far away from the crisis-affected areas? What should Japanese tourism officials do to promote See in context

3rd world government, 4th world police, high prices, dirty countryside, road map designed by idiots. Fingerprinting in airports. If you don't speak Japanese or read kanji, tourist destinations are inaccessible.

Best/safest/cheapest/cleanest/easiest way to see Japan..... INTERNET!!!

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Posted in: Head-on collision results in three dead on Yonago Expressway See in context

How about just putting in speed bumps then adding traffic lights to the already over-wired streets and highways.

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