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Posted in: Suga to leave Japan on Thursday for talks with Biden See in context

I'm reading in the news that the Japanese Prime Minister's visit to greet the new US President is "mainly symbolic".

But it certainly also seems "symbolic" of a despot's attempt to escape the emergency in their own home country.

I'm tired of reading of "vows" "pledges" and "poises".

Let's see some US President Biden style ACTION.

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Posted in: Japan considers COVID-19 vaccination certificates for those traveling overseas See in context

Will those people with vaccination certificates traveling overseas to Japan still be able to unknowingly carry the virus (and its variants) with them, and broadly infect unvaccinated Japanese citizens?

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Posted in: Vaccinations for elderly to begin in populous areas in limited supply See in context


This is so laughably unacceptable.

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Posted in: Naomi Watanabe moving to U.S.; switching base of operations to outside Japan See in context

go girl!

i think people in america will think she is big too!

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Posted in: 1,032 shots of COVID-19 vaccine wasted due to freezer malfunction See in context

"(Japan) has so far received (...) around 1.4 million shots."

At least one million of these should already be in people's arms.

virusrex: "Freezers are routinely equipped with long term batteries and remote alarms when they hold valuable materials, (t)his is the result of someone assuming a responsibility without the capacity of doing it."

Yes, the list of things to blame (fax machines, foreign drug companies, syringes, freezers, etc.) will continue to grow.

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Posted in: G-20 promises no let-up in stimulus, sees tax deal by summer See in context

yo banksters!

we're still waiting on our "fiscal and monetary support" down here in the day-to-day working world.

When your banquet is over, throw us a bone, will ya?

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Posted in: Coronavirus-linked bankruptcies hit monthly record in February See in context

I am sure that struggling businesses are frustrated by the government's slow and continued delays in the rollout of vaccination for the general population.

As well as being frustrated and confused by the mixed messages of "Go To" and "STAY HOME" while officials attend lavish parties with cronies and schedule international sports events in empty stadiums.

This continuing behaviour in the aftermath of government's handling of the TEPCO Fukushima disaster can only foster additional resentment and distrust.

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Posted in: Gov't to lift state of emergency for 6 prefectures on Sunday See in context

"While the government is eager to get the world's third-largest economy back on track,"

yet they remain extremely recalcitrant in starting mass vaccinations.

I'm extremely eager to travel, attend sports events and concerts, and spend lavishly at restaurants, shops, bars, spas, etc., but I'm not going to do it until I know that at least half of Japan is vaccinated.

Looks like I'm going to keep my wallet closed until autumn.

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Posted in: Nikkei plunges over 1,200 points to below 29,000; biggest drop in 4 years See in context

It's simply an "overshoot".

They're very fashionable in Japan these days.

Just wait for the 2020 Olympics.

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Posted in: Sex toy sales surge spices up lockdown See in context

"Traditional phalluses are in decline" makes this very related to Japan.

Plus Emma Watson!

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Posted in: Kono to handle coordination of coronavirus vaccinations See in context

Vaccinations will start late February. First priority for vaccination will be given to medical workers, ambulance crews and public health center officials.

People aged 65 or older will be given second priority. Their vaccinations will begin in late March or early April.

Third priority will be given to people under 65 with underlying health conditions such as chronic respiratory diseases, cardiac diseases, diabetes, obesity and cancer. Workers at elderly care facilities will also be given third priority.

If enough vaccine supply is available, the government will consider vaccinating people aged 60 to 64 without underlying conditions around the same time as those with underlying conditions.

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Posted in: The more people earn, the greater their rate of spending on entertainment and leisure like overseas trips. I suspect cash has been spent instead on luxury goods. The coronavirus pandemic isn't an economic crisis where money disappears. See in context

I know some restaurant owners and a few others who I would like Akane Yamaguchi, a highly paid economist at the Daiwa Institute of Research, to look in the eye and say, "The coronavirus pandemic isn't an economic crisis where money disappears."

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Posted in: Gov't to consider new COVID-19 state of emergency declaration See in context

oh did we "overshoot" our "highest COVID-19 alert level"?

let's move the goalposts just a bit once more

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Posted in: German factory races to churn out COVID-19 syringes See in context

There’s no need to hurry. We won’t need our first one until March.

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Posted in: Vaccine carrots or sticks? U.S. businesses grapple with getting employees inoculated See in context

Virusrex-san, I logged in to this Japan Today account only to say thank you, Thank You to you for your kind, patient, and thorough explanations.

Mark Twain said, “You can’t reason someone out of something that they weren’t reasoned into in the first place,” but I know that you have helped many confused and anxious readers here understand some essential and very important scientific truths about COVID-19 (and viruses in general). I sincerely appreciate your efforts.

I hope and believe that many more readers will continue to learn more about and understand the reality of the current situation rather than succumb to the hyperbole. We are all in this together, and must pull together or pull apart.

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Posted in: Coffee, ketchup and Nike Air Max: It's the COVID consumer economy See in context

it makes me so sad that Wall Street can't outguess and pre-leverage consumer prices

we need stricter laws against people buying what they need rather than buying what stockbrokers have bet on

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Posted in: Cat honored by police for leading to rescue of man stuck in canal See in context

Ask that cat to take a look at some of the cold case files!

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Posted in: Kewpie shares mouthwatering baked sesame dressing chicken recipe See in context

One hour at 180 degrees Celsius for 5 mm chicken slices seems excessive.

But "Keep ***king That Chicken" is what my grandmother always told me.

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Posted in: Tokyo care home for babies reports 8 coronavirus cases See in context

Vince Blackさん,

All it takes is one worker who doesn't know or doesn't care about the proper guidelines for cleanliness, e.g. licking their own fingers after each bit of cake or rice is put on a dish or into a young mouth, or pulling down their mask to sneeze or cough into their hand.

One careless person can do a lot of damage. That's how we got here.

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Posted in: Pork cutlet chain unveils its latest fusion food: cornflake chicken katsu bowls See in context

Take my money!


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Posted in: Japan classifies new-virus pneumonia as designated infectious disease See in context

Quoting Derek Grebe:

Coming into the office, sneezing and snotting everywhere (Especially with the renowned aversion to hand-washing that many oyajis display)

Let's not forget about the open-mouth cough, a tradition beloved by all and unhampered by science.

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Posted in: Subway manners See in context

"Please cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing" would be so much more beneficial to the public than "Feel free to patronize mothers, the elderly, and the handicapped."

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Motors to relocate North American HQ to Tennessee See in context

Like Nissan,

Mitsubishi has also faced its own scandals.

Well, don't be shy, Tennessee. You've got your own ghosts, both past and present. In fact, one of "the state's most powerful Republicans, House Speaker Glen Casada," has had his own power failure very recently.

Unbelievably and arrogantly self-induced, as well.

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Posted in: Disney adds scene to 'Avengers: Endgame' as film nears box-office record See in context

Wiki tells me the total budget is over 4$ billion with more than 21$ dollars in revenue.

I bought more than 21$ in popcorn watching the Iron Man movies alone!

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Posted in: Hundreds of foreign companies attend N Korea trade fair despite sanctions See in context

Interesting indeed! I wonder what that one weird trick is that makes North Korean workers so attractive to companies?

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Posted in: Once you enter the real world, you will encounter blatant sexual discrimination. Unfortunately, the University of Tokyo is no exception. See in context

Paradoxically, the University of Tokyo isn't the real world either.

"Centuries of tradition, unhampered by progress."

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Posted in: Grapes carrying messages, images on skin to go on sale See in context

Since people don't eat the skin, can these be 'reusable'?

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Posted in: They are experts in Japanese literature, Chinese literature, Japanese history and Oriental history. But they want their identities to remain secret. See in context

It might be the same guys who think up the Pokemon names.

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