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"Please cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing" would be so much more beneficial to the public than "Feel free to patronize mothers, the elderly, and the handicapped."

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Motors to relocate North American HQ to Tennessee See in context

Like Nissan,

Mitsubishi has also faced its own scandals.

Well, don't be shy, Tennessee. You've got your own ghosts, both past and present. In fact, one of "the state's most powerful Republicans, House Speaker Glen Casada," has had his own power failure very recently.

Unbelievably and arrogantly self-induced, as well.

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Posted in: Disney adds scene to 'Avengers: Endgame' as film nears box-office record See in context

Wiki tells me the total budget is over 4$ billion with more than 21$ dollars in revenue.

I bought more than 21$ in popcorn watching the Iron Man movies alone!

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Posted in: Hundreds of foreign companies attend N Korea trade fair despite sanctions See in context

Interesting indeed! I wonder what that one weird trick is that makes North Korean workers so attractive to companies?

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Posted in: Once you enter the real world, you will encounter blatant sexual discrimination. Unfortunately, the University of Tokyo is no exception. See in context

Paradoxically, the University of Tokyo isn't the real world either.

"Centuries of tradition, unhampered by progress."

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Posted in: Grapes carrying messages, images on skin to go on sale See in context

Since people don't eat the skin, can these be 'reusable'?

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Posted in: Job availability in Japan hits fresh 44-year high in July See in context

How about the pay?

Is that at a 44-year high too?

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Posted in: Trump aides fret over West Wing vacancies as threats loom See in context

But Sessions will be and very soon.

Many people are saying that this is going to solve everything.

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Posted in: Smoking-linked losses in Japan estimated at over ¥2 trillion See in context

Darmstadt; "Overblown. Japan has a lower smoking rate than Switzerland, Norway, Ireland, Germany, and France, among others. These nations are not know to be blighted by health issues and have (behind Japan of course) the highest life expectancies on Earth."

I was unaware of this. Do you know if these other countries allow smoking virtually everywhere (with the exception of most hospitals, sports stadiums, and some streets in Tokyo), as Japan does?

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Posted in: Man arrested for alleged murder of wife disguised as drowning See in context

Scuba divers are 'certified' not 'licensed'.

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Posted in: 85-year-old woman fatally struck by driver playing Pokemon Go See in context

Well, she has at least one more to add to her Adventure Notebook.

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Posted in: Trump willing to be questioned under oath in Russia probe See in context

He will never, ever testify under oath to Mueller or anyone in his committee.

Never. Our Earth will crash into the Sun first.

It will be very interesting to now witness him doing everything to avoid it.

PS: Didn't he give this almost exact "I'd love to . . . " statement about releasing his tax returns?

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Posted in: Trump uses slur to describe Haiti, African countries See in context

... similar to a father talking to his teenage son ...

Nope. Even on his worst day my father was a better man than *president Trump on his best day.

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Posted in: 'Twilight Zone' series gets third reboot by top U.S. comedian See in context

Mr. Peele's work has continued to surprise, impress, entertain, educate, and inspire me.

I wish him every success.

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Posted in: 100-yen shop solves what to do with your trash See in context

Scrote: "Many people here just throw their rubbish in the street."

In the major cities I see many people using the bushes and shrubbery as waste bins. I was pretty shocked the first time I saw a boy stop his bicycle to toss a can into the bushes, but I was later informed by multiple sources that that was normal. I've seen this type of behaviour hundreds of times since then, admittedly most often done by males of every age.

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Posted in: 'Spider-Man' nearly squashed at birth, says creator Lee See in context

I forgive Mr. Lee because of how long ago it has been, but the name that he and Mr Ditko gave this character is "Spider-Man" not "Spiderman".

And yes, I'm itching to see Ragnarok as well.


(which is also the New York state motto)

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Posted in: Keidanren agrees to members outlaying Y300 bil yen on childcare See in context

Problem solved!!


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Posted in: Gov't arranging emperor's meeting with Trump See in context

Trump would be wise to praise the relationship between Japan and the US, and commend the emperor for his lifelong work towards a more peaceful world.

So, I'm anxious to see what he does instead.

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Posted in: Trump says foreign country plans to build, expand five U.S. auto sector plants See in context

Sorry, it's Rexnard, not Rexnord.

I'm eager to apologize and admit my mistake.

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Posted in: Trump says foreign country plans to build, expand five U.S. auto sector plants See in context

After the jobs he swore he saved at Carrier (and Rexnord!) quickly and quietly slipped away offshore,

I'll bet that country is Nambia.

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Posted in: N Korea fires 3 short-range missiles See in context

I'm convinced that they would be successful with simply a hat-based economy.

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Posted in: Marvel joins long tradition of Hollywood productions flubbing details when setting scenes in Japan See in context

I think we can all agree that Japanese film-making needs to be held up as an example of clearly representing the honest and open ideas about culture and race in the world.

Let Hollywood cater to their own small market.

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Posted in: U.S. debt rating in doubt, Fitch warns See in context

Would a "small loan" from Russia help? Asking for a friend.

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Posted in: Pre-emptive U.S. strike on North Korea could be 'catastrophic' See in context

Unfortunately if, like in Afghanistan, there are so few desirable hard targets to bomb, the US may have no other choice but to invade Iraq again.

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Posted in: SoftBank founder Son to stay at helm as company's firepower grows See in context

A decade ago he had the foresight to sell the iPhone in Japan when Docomo spurned Apple's advances.

I wish him continued success.

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Posted in: Fire ants found at Osaka port; queen ant confirmed for 1st time See in context

" ... the Port of Osaka in western Japan, with the first confirmation of a queen ant ..."

Osaka is finally number one at something!

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Posted in: New eatery, shopping complex opens near Osaka Castle See in context

"Also among the outlets is a facility serving runners,"


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Posted in: Johnny Depp would like you to crack open an Asahi Super Dry in new Japanese beer ad See in context

Does rum come in cans, Captain Jack?

No? Then I'll enjoy my beer from a glass bottle too.

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Posted in: Sato becomes first Japanese to win Indy 500 See in context

Congratulations, Takuma!

Great race, great photo, great win!

Everything I hear from everyone about Sato-San tells me that he's an excellent driver, a gracious winner, and an inspiration to all.

I wish him continued success and happiness.

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