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Posted in: Former Trump advisor Flynn offers testimony for immunity: report See in context

To quote Flynn himself, "when you are given immunity, that means you probably committed a crime."

Gosh. Wasn't he also chanting "Lock her up!" at Mr. Trump's campaign rallies?

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Posted in: The new look See in context

I've got a white bathrobe and a black sleeping mask.

I guess I'm already set for Autumn/Winter 2017.

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Posted in: Japan suspends poultry imports from 21 plants in Brazil See in context


Based on just these two sentences, it seems to mean that all imports of poultry from Brazil are now suspended.

I'd wager that any Brazilian poultry currently seen in shops was sold and shipped before the ban.

The Sadia frozen chicken in my local shop has almost doubled in price in the last ten days.

I'm encouraged by the concern for safety, and hopeful for a positive outcome.

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Posted in: How algorithms (secretly) run the world See in context

I agree with itsonlyrocknroll, and I'm also reminded of the movie INTERSTELLAR, where (SPOILER ALERT) Cooper asks the school principal about the waist and inseam size of his trousers, reminding the principal that if his mere trousers require two numbers to be properly measured, how can you measure a human with a single number?

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Posted in: Here’s why expensive 'ikura' sushi often comes with some cheap cucumber slices See in context

"... cheap cucumber slices." "... cheap vegetables."

Please, please tell me where I can buy these cheap cucumbers and fruit-vegetables. I've watched them skyrocket from less than 20 yen a couple years ago to almost 100.

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Posted in: Japan-bound United Airlines flight returns to San Francisco with faulty engine See in context


The corrosion was along the metal floor trim around the restroom and galley areas.

The gasket seals around the emergency exits (and some windows) were deformed.

As I say, I was on, not "working on", the plane. Nor anywhere did I imply that I disassembled any part of the plane for further inspection, nor that I doubted the airworthiness of the vessel.

I'm not an aircraft mechanic but that did not make my eyewitness observations any less valid.

What is your personal stake in this issue?

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Posted in: Japan-bound United Airlines flight returns to San Francisco with faulty engine See in context

I was on this particular plane a few weeks ago. There was a lot of visible corrosion in the interior, and most of the gasket seals were deformed. It generally looked pretty beat up, and I noted how it looked (and smelled) like an old used car. They attempted to show three movies during the 12-hour flight, but I gave up after Finding Dory stopped for the Nth time. The 787 is a lot nicer.

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Posted in: Electric fork adds taste to salt-free meal See in context

Will they be coming out with a straw, so I can drink tomato juice? And miso soup, and beef gravy.

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Posted in: Wonder material sparks rush to develop new electronics See in context

Science is looking for more ways to support elephants?

Is there really a need?

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Posted in: Fukushima chief says no textbook for cleanup See in context

It wouldn't matter if there was a textbook anyway.

It would be ignored the same way that the textbook for preventing every one of these nuclear incidents, accidents, and meltdowns has been ignored.

しょうがない, ね?

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Posted in: Canada leads way in legalizing marijuana See in context

. . . his death in an avalanche in 1998 . . . This must be the slippery slope they keep talking about.

Oh, Nessie. Ha-ha-ha! Too soon!

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Posted in: NHK announces lineup for 'Kohaku Uta Gassen' on New Year's Eve See in context

I like this show actually. It beats the tired Downtown antics of butt spanking and sophomoric weenie jokes.

To each his or her own, but personally, I think NOTHING beats butt spanking and sophomoric weenie jokes

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Posted in: Man on bike spits coffee-like substance at woman See in context

Christopher Glen, I agree with Brainiac.

If my daughter, wife, or mother was attacked, I'd be very angry.

This mentally ill man needs to be stopped before his assaults become more aggressive.

(and thanks for the laugh, theeastisred!)

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Posted in: Gun accidentally goes off in Hokkaido police station See in context

Any gun used by a police force, especially a national police force, should be manufactured to a quality so that it will NEVER discharge when dropped.

I smell a liar.

Look for updates to this story, as the truth eventually comes out.

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Posted in: Ben & Jerry’s releases Japan-exclusive Lemont. Fuji ice cream See in context

Does "currently available at all Ben & Jerry’s locations in Japan" truthfully mean "only available in Tokyo"?

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Posted in: Japan's whaling science under the microscope See in context

"They think it would look like Japan’s succumbing to (environmentalists’) or Australian demands,” he said.


"Pride goeth before making a bit of sense."

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Posted in: A ramen donut exists See in context

It's not a donut (nor a doughnut, either).

And okonomiyaki is neither pancake nor pizza.

--I still believe in Kappa and Santa Claus, though.

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Posted in: Good balance See in context

She might simply be swatting away mosquitoes.

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Posted in: Evil not so banal, says disturbing new probe See in context

"Haslam told AFP by email, 'It is apparent Milgram assuaged participants' concerns by making them believe in a noxious ideology--namely, that it is acceptable to do otherwise unconscionable things in the cause of science.'"

I would refine that a step further to say that people are eager to believe that it is noble to do otherwise unconscionable things to advance whatever cause, as long as: a) they are not adverse to that cause; b) someone else takes responsibility; and c) there's something (a paycheck, half a sandwich) in it for themselves.

Most people would say they live their entire lives enduring the "noxious ideology" of a crazed and bloodthirsty world. If it means a steady paycheck, sure. If it advances an acceptable cause? Even better.

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Posted in: Angry Bitcoin investors demand answers at Tokyo creditors' meeting See in context

@Cortes Elijah

I completely agree with you. I got burned pretty bad with bitcoin, and I feel like an utter fool.

From now on it's only dogecoin for me.

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Posted in: Study: Samsung phone durable, but iPhone has edge See in context

I deny that iProducts are very very fragile

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Posted in: Samurai grooming tips that kept Japan’s warriors looking their bushido best See in context

"(I)n Japan now a three o' clock shadow is about as far as most Japanese men will go, as the full-on five o' clock version is just too bushy for contemporary tastes."

What is that supposed to mean? Does the writer know what "five-o'-clock shadow" is?

"the slight growth of beard that has occurred since he shaved in the morning"

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Posted in: New iPhone likely out in September: Nikkei See in context

I'm happy for Apple, as well the the smartphone market as a whole, but if the most expensive and top-of-the-line iPhone in the States continues to cost less than the cheapest entry-level bottom-rung iPhone in Japan (now about $400), I'm certainly not going to pay Apple Japan (and the Japan telecoms) the prices they are demanding.

A thousand dollars, and a two-year contract? No thanks.

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Posted in: Ikki Sawamura, Meisa Kuroki to star in drama about 'black companies' See in context


Perhaps when your loved one is forced to work for free, or is terminated after work-related illness or injury, you will find some compassion in your capitalism.

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Posted in: Osaka becomes first Japanese city to embrace free Wi-Fi See in context

Thanks for adding the helpful hyperlink to the word "website", JAPANTODAY.

(My thanks to 2yen2 as well.)

I'm sure that everyone can find the information a lot more easily now.

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Posted in: Osaka becomes first Japanese city to embrace free Wi-Fi See in context

A complete list is available on the website.

What website?

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Posted in: Fisherman regrets roughing up giant squid See in context

theeastisred: "sick squid" = "six quid" (1000 yen).

I'm usually not keen on puns, but I did enjoy that.Thanks!

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Posted in: Deadly airbags backfire on Japanese firm See in context

Excellent article. Very informative and well written.

I'd like to read more of these types of stories in Japan Today.

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Posted in: Kiki will deliver meals to you for real See in context

". . . delivery from a little pretty witch."

Why does this phrase make me a little pretty disappointed?

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Posted in: American chef perfectly captures soul of Japanese cuisine See in context

Well, finally! This fills the much-needed scarcity in video of people eating food in Japan.

Yes! My palate hears your filmed food's unpostured speaking!

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