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Posted in: One way to keep warm See in context

Concrete floor & walls, big open wall for the wind, lovely

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Posted in: Neil Young drops rift to praise Crosby as 'soul' of CSNY See in context

David Crosby was great, and one of a kind. Context is important: He came on the scene when “Dominique,” by the singing nun was #1 (https://youtu.be/EO7cD6qmydo)

Like a miracle, he arrived full blown

I will miss him

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Posted in: Tokyo exhibit showcases Dior's passion for Japan See in context

Tokyo exhibit showcases Dior's passion for ¥apan

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Posted in: Tokyo District Court dismisses damages suit by same-sex couples See in context

Just very sad

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Posted in: Families unleash grief and anger on Parkland school shooter See in context

I wonder if anyone put half the blame on courts and politicians for their cowardice in not standing up to the NRA and stopping the gun epidemic.

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Posted in: Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter don't just connect people; they can isolate them from reality, say some sociologists. What do you think? See in context

Just now it seems that isolation from “reality” seems like a dream come true.

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Posted in: Caster Semenya is back; so is her sport's thorniest problem See in context

This would probably baffle King Solomon!

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Posted in: Woman indicted for pushing 9-year-old son to death from Tokyo hotel See in context

She’s “indicted.” It’s not up to JT readers to convict her, even before the case had gone to trial.

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Posted in: Tokugawa Japan wasn't nearly as isolated as history books teach See in context

Smart to have kept the Christians out. Look what the devastation they did to indigenous in the Americas, Africa and Asia.

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Posted in: COVID outbreak 'extremely grim' as Shanghai extends lockdown See in context

Rodney, I think your figures are a bit wacky

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Posted in: LGBTQ safe space opens in Osaka See in context

Happy to read this positive news.

Amazing to see how many people here are Gaslighting experts on the LGBTQ+ situation in Japan, without research or experience.

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Posted in: GSDF marks launch of new electronic warfare unit See in context

Judging from the number of down votes, it seems like they're already operational

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Posted in: Japan enjoys cherry blossom season despite COVID-19 worries See in context

Can you see the ghost face between the two females, hovering just above them?

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Posted in: Turn your apartment’s bathroom into a place of tranquillity See in context

Then the cleaning…

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Posted in: Japan's top court orders TEPCO to pay damages over Fukushima crisis See in context

¥350,000 for a life lost. It would be laughable if it weren’t so sad

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Posted in: Up you go See in context


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Posted in: Medal men See in context

I suppose Kobayashi-kun already showed he can jump high enough

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Posted in: Japan to speed up booster shots See in context

Speed up?! Friends and family in Europe and North America have already gotten their booster shots. Japan as usual is just talking about it. Just like they did for the first vaccines.

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Posted in: Japan's crown prince says royals should refute extreme attacks See in context

Back in the day, we would have called his complaint “pi$$ing into the wind.”

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Posted in: Japan's Go To Travel subsidy program to resume possibly in February See in context

If we need a Covid test, as was indicated, that will eat up a lot of that savings

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Posted in: Kishida, wife maintain closeness despite long distance See in context

If their marriage has lasted, they are probably a healthy couple. Compare many tight marriages that all too often end in acrimony and divorce.

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Posted in: JR group offers all-you-can-ride passes for older couples in 'Full Moon Couple Green Pass' deal See in context

Usually these passes are only for consecutive days, which takes a lot of the value away. I doubt these passes would be any more flexible. (Unlike for example a Eurail pass which is totally flexible, and is good in 33 countries.) A JR pass is so limited in how one could use it.

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Posted in: Paper view: Japanese diplomat has origami Instagram See in context

Best headline! Congrats

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Posted in: University students attending virtual classes struggle with isolation See in context

failed to make a single new friend

She must have pretty bad teachers. If you’re in zoom classes it’s not so difficult to have students interact daily with each other

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Posted in: 10 passengers stabbed on Tokyo train; suspect detained See in context

the driver brought it to a halt

…whereas at the next station there was no doubt a police box

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Posted in: Canada stuns U.S. 1-0 to reach women's soccer final See in context

soft penalty

I never knew what a soft penalty was, but after watching the video replay, I certainly get it now.

Go Canucks!

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Posted in: U.S. flight attendants report high frequency of unruly passengers See in context

GBR48Today  07:37 am JST


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Posted in: Nagoya police take down knife-wielding man at train station without using lethal force See in context

YubaruJuly 13  02:50 pm JST

Title is click bait for here in Japan. If this was the US, I'd be like WOW, here, just another day for the JP's!

So wonderfully true, and NOT an “inept comparison”

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Posted in: Japan to issue vaccine passports free of charge See in context

Well, it will be pretty well useless unless it’s in English, and other languages

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Posted in: Police to launch team against state-sponsored cyberattacks See in context

This will likely be led by an old guy who has never used a computer

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