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Posted in: Police arrest man who barricaded himself in building in Aomori Pref See in context

Social distancing?

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Posted in: Cardboard Darth Vader costume lets you become an eco-friendly Jedi villain See in context

The Paper may not be very strong with this one!

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Posted in: Campaigning begins for Oct 22 election; 1,176 register candidacies See in context

Field of Abe's dreams "Lie, and they will vote".

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Posted in: Do you think tech giants like Google parent Alphabet, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Netflix have too much control over what people see and how they live. See in context

I work for one of the "big data" companies and from my point-of-view, it's quickly getting there. Not because of some planned desire to control the world but just due to the sheer size and scope of their services.

Then again, these companies grow this big because of the majority of us who use their services. It's a feedback loop of sorts.

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Posted in: Abe says he will hike sales tax in Oct 2019 unless emergency occurs See in context

Bravo @sangetsu03 bravo! Spending other people's money, especially other people you don't know at all is just too easy for the politicians.

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Posted in: Which do you trust the most for news coverage: mainstream media or social media? See in context


so much winning!

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Posted in: Popular TV presenter Mao Kobayashi, who died of cancer at the age of 34 last Thursday, leaves a husband, daughter, 5, and son, 4. How do you explain to children that young about death, and what do you say to them when they ask where mommy is? Have you had this experience, either as a parent or a child? See in context

It is very sad indeed and there is no easy way, but all concerned need to have hope and continue living like the deceased would want them to. I haven't experienced this personally but I have experienced the other side of it. Parents should also not have to bury their children. Life happens.

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Posted in: Nissan Motor Co Chairman Carlos Ghosn was paid 1.10 billion yen in fiscal 2016. What do you think of compensation levels for CEOs? Is anyone worth that much money to a company? See in context

...and oh yeah, on a side note, he also proved that non Japanese people can perform well at Japanese companies.

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Posted in: Nissan Motor Co Chairman Carlos Ghosn was paid 1.10 billion yen in fiscal 2016. What do you think of compensation levels for CEOs? Is anyone worth that much money to a company? See in context

In Ghosn's case I think it's deserved. He took over when the company was in trouble and made it healthier now. Even though he had to downsize the staff, the number of jobs at Nissan he actually saved compensated for the former.

1.1 Billion Yen is about US$ 9 million. To put it in perspective, the average salary for Forbes's top 500 CEOs is US 14 Million. What was not obvious from the survey headline is that he is also retiring (or maybe already retired) in 2017. So that figure may have already included retirement bonuses and such.

If I were a shareholder, I don't think I would mind the company paying someone for the result of their work. The ENRON types however...

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Posted in: New panda cub expected to bring Y26.7 bil economic boost See in context

There it is! Replacement to Abenomics. more Pandas! Bet it'll even be more effective.

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Posted in: Man, mentally disabled daughter found dead in murder-suicide See in context

Money for the 'all important' Olympics should be diverted for social services to help in cases like these. People live with problems for a long time. The bloody Olympics is only 2 weeks.

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Posted in: Which professions, other than politics, do you think have the biggest liars? See in context

Those tarento on TV who always say Oishiii!

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Posted in: Meet the 'world’s best dressed farmer' See in context

It's a gimmick to promote his business, that's fine. A campaign to get more young people into agriculture, that's fine too. What's not fine with me (used to work on a farm) is the safety aspect of wearing the right clothes for the job. Example: Ties and machinery don't mix well!

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Posted in: Tensions rise See in context

Clear penalty. Aah the men's team, too busy with their haircuts. For pure performance I respect the Women's team much more.

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Posted in: Open mail with the awesome Sailor Uranus Space Sword See in context

Who named that planet anyway? :)

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Posted in: Don't eat these foods together and avoid possible intestinal distress See in context

Is this the same "traditional Asian herbal medication" beliefs which say a rhino's horn looks like a boner hence it must be good for boners beliefs. In that case I may pass on these pearly wisdom. On the other hand there are traditional ingredients which are beneficial and warrants further studies.

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Posted in: People in their 70s can still work. There are still so many things you can do as long as you are healthy. See in context

Hey! Hey! People :) Is work such a bad thing that it has to be avoided at all cost? I think it's great that people want to/can be productive at any age. The problem is how Japan Inc. treats it's workers, and the "Shoganai" attitude the latter have about it.

People can/do get satisfaction from doing their work you know. At least the lucky ones are.

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Posted in: What does 'good child-raising' mean? See in context

What does 'good child-raising' mean?

When somebody knows the answer please let me & my kids know! :)

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Posted in: Nuclear regulator says aging reactors can stay on line for 20 more years See in context

The government doesn't want to spend money on necessary things and taking advantage of the public' apathy.

Whether it's another facet of the 'Shoganai' attitude, penny pinching, the preference of new over old or combination thereof I don't know for sure, but from observation of daily life, there seems to be a lack of a maintenance mindset where buildings or facilities are left without any meaningful maintenance until they break.

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Posted in: IMF urges 'reloaded' Abenomics for Japan growth targets See in context

...and just like The Matrix reloaded, the result will be worse.

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Posted in: 'I still hate the glow of the sun': Hiroshima survivors' tales See in context

My family like many other families had suffered in wars. I was approached recently on the street by some volunteers, who were mostly elderly and asked to sign some kind of petition banning nuclear weapons. I had to politely decline and the little old lady gave me a most incomprehensible look as to why. It's hard for me to explain to her in my limited Japanese that if there was to be a war. I do prefer the nuclear version.

At least the war would be short. Conventional war gives the war mongers more hopes of winning at the expense of the suffering of non-combatants.

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Posted in: SDF officer arrested for sending threatening emails to high school student See in context

lolicon at work, she did the right thing and i hope they name and shame this piece of scum!

They did name the accused in the article.

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Posted in: Japan’s 1st ’paternity leave’ lawmaker resigns over extramarital affair See in context

He should have said in a straight face "I did not have sexual relations with that woman", and all will be forgiven,

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Posted in: Are you worried about losing your job to a robot or some other form of automation? See in context

The transition would be seamless. There's not much difference between robots and a lot of the office workers I see around anyway!

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Posted in: Japan's death specialists exhibit skills at expo See in context

A Nokanshi came to prepare when my sister-in-law passed a few years back. I think she did her job very well in preparing my sister-in-law for the wake. Also felt when family witnessed a non family member treating the deceased with respect is somewhat comforting.

I think this is a hard job to do well and hopefully they would still have exhibitions about it but please no competitions. I just worry competitions would take away the focus from the deceased and turn future Nokanshis into barista like performers!

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Posted in: Kan's defamation suit against Abe over Fukushima crisis thrown out See in context

Of all the revolving door Prime Ministers, always liked Kan the most. He came from a Labor/Social activist background. Just his bad luck that Fukushima happened on his shift. He tried to take a hands-on approach to it at the time but hey bureaucracy rules!

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Posted in: Man arrested for beating neighbor's dog with metal bat See in context

I used to live and work on a farm, we had 12 working dogs, I loved them. People who don't have enough space and land shouldn't keep dogs. I think its cruelty and a nuisance to neighbors in case of noisy dogs. Just because you can afford to buy a dog doesn't mean you can keep it properly in a home. They need more space to roam and play even when not out on walkies. Having pet dogs should be a responsibility and a kind of luxury like having pet ponies.

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Posted in: Russian entry into Syria's air wars raises worries See in context

"Moron Air Base..." LOL

Hope the situation does not develop along the same line!

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Posted in: Scientists create human sperm in lab, but does it work? See in context

Oh no! More fake moneyshots!

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