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Says it's Emerald Beach, which is near the Churaumi Aquarium in Motobu.

oops my bad:p

Mission beach has trees no need for an umbrella thats why I like it.

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Good job on this one Osaka. I wonder what restrictions will be in place for offenders? And will it be a matter of public records?

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Sure do love Okinawa and all the beaches. I beliveve this is sunset beach but best beach is mission beach. But sad that the beaches close at night. Sure it a reason for it but I like to drink Zanpa at night.

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Let them come it will be cool to see

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Long time Okinawa no Typhoon..I stay OKinawa City we never lose power since they put the cables underground..Feel sorry for Yomitan(11pm power off if Typhoon) and all others maybe 2 days no power...but SOBA time and BABY time LOL..

good luck Japan if it turns your way

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inside job

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I bet 12million yen the kids said "KANPAI" I hear kids say to kids, adults say to kids and kids say to adluts all the time..I wish I was 8 years old at Burger King and said "bottoms up or no worries" before I drank my HI-C...95% parents fault 5% society...

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