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Posted in: Mount Fuji to expand voluntary fee to include all visitors, not just climbers See in context

This is ridiculous. I personally disagree to any admission fees to historical sites but Mt. Fuji charging visitors 1000 yen? It's going overboard! Yet I bet they won't pay any money to people willing to keep the place clean.

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Posted in: American father wins custody of child after divorce from Japanese woman See in context

After reading so many comments I'm left to wonder why didn't the mother consult with someone before taking matters into her own hands and made this stupid decision. She could've stayed somewhere close after the divorce unless there was some serious domestic situation and seen her children often enough, which would've been far better for her daughter. However I have one thing to say to defend fellow Japanese woman. There are not that many Japanese girls, are selfish and adamant like you guys claim. I've seen many western/ middle eastern couples (Although not restricted to these racial groups) going through nasty divorce due to their selfishness and refusal to understand/support each other, and fight over the custody of their children just like this case, although such a detail will never exposed publicly. But I also admit that Japanese in general are conditioned to believe that they are being looked down on, and paranoid that people are condescending them, and only way to stand up for themselves is to be aloof, stubborn and opinionated. Japanese history has some answer for the issue I suppose, but it's also about time we Japanese to become more objective leaving aside or personal hangups. Wishing the best for the daughter, though.

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Posted in: Nuclear evacuees to face tougher housing situations from April See in context

It's like flood/bushfire evacuees never wanting to leave the danger zone and keep living on welfare fund and free housing provided by the government. Rebuilding their lives is way too costly where the employment opportunities are scarce. Maybe TEPCO should hire them instead.

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Posted in: American father wins custody of child after divorce from Japanese woman See in context

Yes. This Japanese woman made a mistake and the I'm consequence is what she has only herself to blame. But I don't think it's a victory you should be celebrating when you imagine the fate of the child. The child's mother being labelled as 'monster' means being a child of the monster. The kid may get bullied at school in the future or even if not, could get mistreated because of the case where both parent's name being exposed. Poor kid.

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