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I have been saying for weeks to people around me: "Wait until the Olympic Games are postponed. Then "suddenly" there will be more cases. Then finally some drastic measures will be taken, like in Western Europe." published an article a few days ago reading that testing in Japan was just a fraction of its capacity.


What has been done for the last few weeks? Only anticipating the end of the school year.

I am shocked to see that people in Japan don't seem to get it. Alas, life should not be as usual these days.

I hope so much that I am wrong. But I am afraid this is a time bomb. It is really scary.

If, indeed, we get to a situation like in Italy or NYC, the Japanese government will have a lot to answer ...

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Posted in: Japan to set up coronavirus task force; no state of emergency yet See in context

Just after the Olympic Games have been postponed. What a surprise!


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I am so afraid this is a time bomb. Why would there be so few cases in Japan compared to other countries?

A few days ago, Japan Today published an article titled "Japan testing for coronavirus at fraction of capacity". Why is that?

I hope I am wrong but I am afraid the virus is very much around in Japan as well. And now schools will re-open. As if all is well. Alas it is not and it is scary to see that people don't seem to realize it.

Forget the Olympic Games. Test. Confine.

Don't risk getting to such horrific situations as China and South Korea before (hoping things keep under control there), Western Europe and now the US, among others.

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