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Posted in: Yellow flags, red flags, black eyes for NFL's 100th season See in context

And yet the ratings are still outstripping nearly everything else on TV, week in week out.

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Posted in: 'Star Wars' being turned into a kabuki play with one Japan’s biggest stars playing Kylo Ren See in context

Cultural appropriation!! wha wha kimono wha!! It can go both ways, you see.

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Posted in: Typhoon makes landfall on Izu Peninsula; one dead, at least 50 injured See in context

Typical overreaction by the news and media. Nothing more than some rain and wind here in Nagoya, yet they decided to cancel our Korea flight yesterday without even waiting to check. Glad everyone got all their bread and water yesterday!!

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Posted in: Japan's August household spending rises for 9th month, but wages fall See in context

Picture is Japan in a nutshell. Mom and her mother with single kid out shopping for parachute pants on a Tuesday while the husband is hour 8 into his 14hr shift.

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Posted in: Dwindling of South Korean visitors takes toll on Japan businesses See in context

Nakano, You could literally replace Korean with Japanese word for word and it'd be exactly the same. Except maybe the Japanese wouldn't protest because, meh, shogenai, there's some Pokemon Go to be played.

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Posted in: Dwindling of South Korean visitors takes toll on Japan businesses See in context

Lets drag this out. Going to South Korea for the second time in a Month on a 4 day wkd for about 10k round trip. Way better than boring Nagoya.

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Posted in: Top doctor sounds alarm over heatstroke at Tokyo 2020 Olympics See in context

Collegepark, that's a great inadvertent point. Maybe if Japan observed daylight savings and didn't have absolutely absurd summer sunrises of 445am, then it wouldn't be so oppressive even at 7am. But of course, no need to change things , Just keep on keeping on Japan, and continue to fall behind the rest of the open advanced world.

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Posted in: Japan heat will suit our game, says All Blacks scrum-half See in context

35?? yes, today, tomorrow, and maybe a few more days this week and early next week. Beyond that, it'll be a warm but comfortable high of 28-30 in the day and much cooler at night for the duration of the World Cup. Hardly insufferable heat and humidity. The whinging of mostly British folk and Japanese in Japan in regards to the heat is overblown and lacks perspective. The summer this year was from mid july to early September. 6 weeks, thats it.

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Posted in: AirAsia X to launch flights between Kuala Lumpur and Narita See in context

Nobongna, glad to hear it . Keep flying JAl or Ana at 10x the cost. by the way, how many accidents has AA had with all those old rusty planes?

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Posted in: Do you think laughing loudly during a movie at a theater is rude, bearing in mind that in Japan, for example, the subtitles may not be able to convey the meaning of a joke from English into Japanese? See in context

Not at all a problem here. Do you not hear the high school, uni aged kids purposely laughing way too loud in restaurants, cafes, stations etc? Such an affectation. I'd laugh out loud just to exact revenge in a theater.

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Posted in: Trans debate rages around the world, pitting LGBT+ community against itself See in context


Men and women cant compete against each other in sport because women would get trounced at every professional level not to mention the threat of injury as well. No one would be laughing if a woman were paralyzed or killed while playing rugby, american football, etc.

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Posted in: Hawaii eyes tourism jump from Japan's longer Golden Week See in context

Ridiculous, Japanese love to spend money just to spend money. Found flights from Osaka to Manila and then a beautiful island elsewhere in the Philippines for 52K total for the 10 day holiday. Enjoy the teems of people, overpriced everything, and packaged tourism of Hawaii and Japan during GW!

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Posted in: In Japan, Valentine's Day gives women chance to treat themselves See in context

Just another lame excuse for Japanese ladies to get together in one of the huge packed department stores and buy chocolates and drink coffee and shop on their husbands hard earned dime all the while complaining about him. What a culture.

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Posted in: Fans call out Ariana Grande for misspelled Japanese tattoo See in context

Its Chinese, not Japanese.

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Posted in: Overcompetition, demographics hitting beauty parlor trade hard See in context

@Knik, spot on, but also a clinic of some sort. Regardless, its something not for me.

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Posted in: 20% of emergency calls in 2018 did not require ambulance response: NPA See in context

The whaling of the ambulance siren; Japan's national anthem. I would be happy with less noise pollution if they cut down there cases by 20%.

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Posted in: Birthday boy See in context

When are Japanese women going to move off of those ridiculous looking parachute pants?! It's such a bad look; so unflattering, lazy, and uninspired.

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Posted in: 34-year-old teacher arrested for raping elementary school girl in Chiba See in context

This is potentially a 12 yr old girl we are talking about, so you have to factor that in. Maybe the teacher didnt look upon her favorably, or didnt take to her in class. Can't be so quick to convict. But if there was physical evidence then it shouldn't take more than a day.

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Posted in: Do you think the world is more dangerous today than it was two years ago? See in context

@katsu, how exactly is the world more dangerous? Please look up all the stats, internationally, domestically in almost any country and you'll be proven wrong. All of you are so caught up with the silliness of Trump that you assume everywhere is more dangerous. Islam is a menace on the world, and will last way beyond a Trump and his policies.

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Posted in: Eyeglasses and sunglasses specifically designed for plus-sized women See in context

@oldman, actually being fat is not good. Its akin to smoking, is smoking a sin? Encouraging and rationalizing being fat isnt healthy for anyone.

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Posted in: Why have record rains been so deadly in Japan? See in context

Failed to mention, lots of old folk who are more or less helpless in these situations. I lived in Taiwan for many years and this rain was nothing unusual for the rainy season there, not to mention the ferocious typhoons they face head on every year. Yet despite being mountainous and densely populated just like Japan, there are far fewer deaths or problems when it rains heavily. Not sure why?

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Posted in: Princess Ayako, Moriya express delight at their engagement See in context

They are both quite handsome.

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Posted in: JAL, ANA change 'Taiwan' to 'China Taiwan' on websites See in context

Weak sauce Japan. Caving to the Chinese and their $. Looks like only the US will recognize Taiwan in the future.

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Posted in: 7 unfortunate Tinder dates and a happy ending in Tokyo See in context

@ Andrew. Wow, you must be one handsome devil. Ive lived in Nagoya for quite some time and Ive almost never had anyone come up to me anywhere ever, let alone Japanese women. And im a decent looking guy in my 30's.

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Posted in: Taking a break See in context

I'd venture a crazy guess and say China.

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Posted in: An often-forgotten part of Japanese train etiquette that we should all keep in mind See in context

Absolutely on point gaijin. This country is such an oxymoron. The noise thing is just the tip.of it. I really do think Japanese people can't live without ambient noise of some sort consummately on in the background.

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Posted in: Hate daylight saving time? You may have a point, researchers say See in context

Absolutely should be adopted in Japan. Who needs the sun up at 430am in the summer? As others have noted, your bedroom is a sauna by 5am, making it impossible to sleep without turning on the AC and wasting power and $. Another hour of sunlight at night in the summer makes getting off work, going home, and being able to enjoy your evenings with friends and family worth it. It's ludicrous the sun sets around 645pm at the latest in Japan in summer. Only the ojiisan who have the time to wake at 5am and sleep at 9pm favor and benefit from the current arrangement. If you don't believe me, do yourself a favor and spend a few days on the east coast of America in summer and marvel at sunlight at 9pm.

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Posted in: Do you think North Korea poses a real threat to Japan? See in context

Please. The powers that be know if N Korea does indeed "attack" Japanese/S Korean soil, then Pyongyang will be wiped off the face of the earth in mere minutes. Would you risk instant death just to be a provocative dick? Or would you rather continue to live a lavish lifestyle while conveniently able to ignore the masses of starving people you call countrymen?

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Posted in: Which do you think is Japan's most attractive city? See in context


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