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When are Japanese women going to move off of those ridiculous looking parachute pants?! It's such a bad look; so unflattering, lazy, and uninspired.

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This is potentially a 12 yr old girl we are talking about, so you have to factor that in. Maybe the teacher didnt look upon her favorably, or didnt take to her in class. Can't be so quick to convict. But if there was physical evidence then it shouldn't take more than a day.

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@katsu, how exactly is the world more dangerous? Please look up all the stats, internationally, domestically in almost any country and you'll be proven wrong. All of you are so caught up with the silliness of Trump that you assume everywhere is more dangerous. Islam is a menace on the world, and will last way beyond a Trump and his policies.

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@oldman, actually being fat is not good. Its akin to smoking, is smoking a sin? Encouraging and rationalizing being fat isnt healthy for anyone.

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Failed to mention, lots of old folk who are more or less helpless in these situations. I lived in Taiwan for many years and this rain was nothing unusual for the rainy season there, not to mention the ferocious typhoons they face head on every year. Yet despite being mountainous and densely populated just like Japan, there are far fewer deaths or problems when it rains heavily. Not sure why?

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They are both quite handsome.

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Weak sauce Japan. Caving to the Chinese and their $. Looks like only the US will recognize Taiwan in the future.

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@ Andrew. Wow, you must be one handsome devil. Ive lived in Nagoya for quite some time and Ive almost never had anyone come up to me anywhere ever, let alone Japanese women. And im a decent looking guy in my 30's.

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I'd venture a crazy guess and say China.

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Absolutely on point gaijin. This country is such an oxymoron. The noise thing is just the tip.of it. I really do think Japanese people can't live without ambient noise of some sort consummately on in the background.

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Absolutely should be adopted in Japan. Who needs the sun up at 430am in the summer? As others have noted, your bedroom is a sauna by 5am, making it impossible to sleep without turning on the AC and wasting power and $. Another hour of sunlight at night in the summer makes getting off work, going home, and being able to enjoy your evenings with friends and family worth it. It's ludicrous the sun sets around 645pm at the latest in Japan in summer. Only the ojiisan who have the time to wake at 5am and sleep at 9pm favor and benefit from the current arrangement. If you don't believe me, do yourself a favor and spend a few days on the east coast of America in summer and marvel at sunlight at 9pm.

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Please. The powers that be know if N Korea does indeed "attack" Japanese/S Korean soil, then Pyongyang will be wiped off the face of the earth in mere minutes. Would you risk instant death just to be a provocative dick? Or would you rather continue to live a lavish lifestyle while conveniently able to ignore the masses of starving people you call countrymen?

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