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Posted in: Girl who disappeared in Yamanashi in 2019 confirmed dead after bone DNA test See in context

Hopefully this will finally allow the mother and family some closure and the chance to move on in life. Although I read on Japanese news sites the mother believes DNA testing isn't fully conclusive so there's a chance she will still see her daughter again. Unfortunately I don't think the mother will ever accept the reality and move forward w her life.

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Posted in: Hong Kong Tourism Board announces revival plan See in context

Yeah used to love visiting HK, but it's now China. Enjoy the economic benefits of Chinese investment and tourism, you've burned the bridge for the rest of the world.

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Posted in: Disney hasn't found itself in this much trouble since 1941 See in context

Disney is evil. I just had a son and I will do my best to not get sucked into the Disney world. I'm not worried. Never spent a dime on any Disney crap. Feel bad for the hard working salary men in this country whose wives and children drop thousands of their hard earned dollars down the overpriced Disney drain.

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Posted in: U.N.: Obesity levels in Europe at 'epidemic proportions' See in context


Nobody likes to hear that , and every other excuse is made, but that's exactly right.


ive noticed the past few years. Lots of women in their 30 to 50s who are softer than a pillow, having not exercised since school days and enjoy a few too many Mister Donuts

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Posted in: Which fashion item or trend do you wish would disappear forever? See in context

The baggy pants and shirts Japanese women have been wearing the past half decade. Neither cute, sexy, flattering or fashionable.

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Posted in: Train attacker says he targeted Tokyo in hopes of increasing kill count See in context

This is a more twisted depraved cry for help or attention similar to teenage girls slashing arms. He didn't really want to kill people, just hurt them and get noticed. There's no way he could have failed to killed anyone on a packed car w a knife.

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Posted in: Shibuya mayor urges Halloween revelers to stay away See in context

Only a matter of time before they shut this down completely. Japan, no fun country for young folk.

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Posted in: Survey picks Japan’s most attractive prefectures – Familiar spots at top and bottom of rankings See in context

Aichi and specifically Nagoya has to be the least appealing. No significant tourist sights, bad infrastructure for people w/o cars, and the least friendly and cheapest people in all of Japan.

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Posted in: Lack of TV time spoils Tokyo Paralympics' big opportunity See in context

I thought there was more coverage on the internet and in the newspaper for the Paralympics than the actual Olympics. Perhaps I'm biased, but I couldn't care less about the Paralympics. It's the same reason I don't watch high school sports, pro women sports, or learn Japanese from junior high kids.

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Posted in: Auckland tops Economist's most liveable cities ranking; Osaka 2nd, Tokyo 5th See in context

And Tokyo is just a massive soulless spread of concrete, chain shops, high end shopping with less and less history and cultural attractions by the year.

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Posted in: Auckland tops Economist's most liveable cities ranking; Osaka 2nd, Tokyo 5th See in context

I'd say the only thing Tokyo beats Seoul in is weather and that's just barely. Seoul is way more energetic, lively, lots of things for young people (not old people like Japan) , cheaper living costs, better transport, and more friendly locals w a better grasp of English.

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Posted in: U.S. gov't finds no evidence aerial sightings were alien spacecraft: New York Times See in context

So ridiculous this belief in UFOs. So these aliens have the tech to be able to travel millions if not tens of millions of light years completely undetected and then somehow are caught on cockpit camera? And again if they had the tech to get here, they'd surely not be interested in anything we have here on our meager little rock. Either that or they would have mined or gathered whatever they were after long ago. Just step back and ponder how much more advanced any alien species would be...We wouldn't even be able to comprehend much of their existence

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Posted in: Has Shinjuku’s Robot Restaurant closed permanently? See in context

J Tokyo

So only rich people should be allowed to travel? No backpackers allowed. The rich already control everything else, now let's limit travel to the plebeians too.

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Posted in: Chen edges Hanyu at World Team Trophy in Japan See in context

So many housewives going home in tears. Wouldnt want to be their husband under the best conditions, gonna be an extra cold reception coming home from a 10hr shift to pay for the ticket and merch

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 414 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,832 See in context

500 cases out of 130mil people. How many people died? Obon, GW, sakura season, Xmas, etc. Give it up people. This was never an issue for Japan and most Asian nations. So long as you weren't fat or severely compromised medically, this was never more than a flu. I can't wait for.the next great heralding of an outbreak from you overweight pithy Americans. It's not a thing here, give up the ghost and go back.to living your life

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Posted in: Poor diet in pregnancy can lead to child obesity: study See in context

Sandy beach haven

Exactly. Everyone can't seem to realize why America was hit so bad in terms of serious cases and deaths. Lots of obese unhealthy people, many being seniors.

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Posted in: LDP wants more women at meetings, but only if they don't talk: Nikai See in context

Pretty Much how.most Japanese women want it. Keep quiet, dominate their home life while living lives of coffee dates, tennis lessons, English class, bakery visits, and day trips to bitch and moan about their useless husband's. The wool is so fully turned down the men don't even know what love is .

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Posted in: 2 gay men caned 77 times for having sex in Indonesia's Aceh See in context

Another disgraCeful act by Indonesia. I've traveled all over the world and it's the one country I'll never return. Beautiful sights but the people and culture was so off putting I was dying to leave after 2 weeks traveling . It's the 4th biggest country in the world yet it's still miserably poor and has contributed nothing to the greater world . Sharia law is horrible, and holds the country back.

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Posted in: Japan's unmarried, sexual minorities forced to use foreign sperm banks See in context

DatAss, isn't that the case for anyone having children? It's the most inherently selfish thing people can do. The last thing this world needs is more people. You want to reverse climate change and save the earth? Don't have kids.

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Posted in: Aichi governor declares state of emergency after virus spike See in context

Meanwhile still haven't received my Abe ¥ despite applying 2 months ago here in Nagoya during the first spike. Anyone know who to contact/responsible ? City ward, city govt or national?

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Posted in: Husbands happy, wives stressed over parenting during stay-home spell See in context

Tokyo Joe

Same here in Nagoya. Applied over 6 weeks ago and still nothing but sure as hell getting my city tax bills .

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record 293 new COVID-19 cases See in context

And how many deaths? 1 or 2 everyday for weeks. Wear masks, avoid unnecessarily large gatherings, and let people get on with their lives.

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Posted in: Violators, beware: Police finally put some teeth in cycling laws See in context


Exactly. The police only seem to target men, and younger people. Housewives and older people always seem to get a pass here.

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Posted in: Tokyo to pay nightclubs to close as virus cases surge See in context

Meanwhile, still haven't received the 100,000 stimulus in ketchy Nagoya. Sure as hell getting my bills on time though.

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Posted in: Japanese university awards first-ever ninja studies degree See in context

Manwhile the Chinese have developed the first quantum entangled satellite connection. Such soft 'cultured' wastes of time and energy like this is why Japan continues to fall behind Korea, China, Taiwan, etc. The same goes with singing and dancing to 'teach' English.

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Posted in: Japan's izakayas, once a staple of after-work socializing, crippled by pandemic See in context

I enjoy izakayas but come on; with the beers that come quickly, the surcharge cheapo appetizer, and the small dishes that necessitate many dishes, has anyone ever left an izakaya paying less than 30$? Its not cheap like a night market in SE Asia or quick fry in China or Taiwan.

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Posted in: The odd phenomenon of some Japanese husbands making their wives put their socks on for them See in context


Full time?? Gimme a break man. You ever been outside the office or house on a weekday? Once they ship the kids off to school at 4 or 5, they have all the time in the world to shop, meet at cafes, parks, restaurants, department stores, have _____ lessons, take day trips, weekend trips....shall I go on....?

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Posted in: Black Lives Matter rally held in Tokyo See in context

How exactly does this help the cause.?? Most Japanese have no idea or concerns for this, most will never meet a black person, let alone discriminate against them. This is just a bad look for black people and the movement in general. Blocking traffic, creating all kinds of noise and disturbances in general. Imagine if Japanese did the same in Harlem protesting Korean comfort women statutes for example. Would that go over well? Me thinks not. Leave Japan and Japanese people out of this and target areas where this is a problem. Bad optics that won't help the cause in Japanese eyes.

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Posted in: Harry Potter theme park to open in Tokyo in 1st half of 2023 See in context

Yawn. I feel sad that the young/women in this country would rather spend a ton of their (daddy's/ATMs) money on a fantasy land rather than travel abroad and experience a new culture and country. Such insular thinking doesn't bode well for the future of Japan .

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Posted in: ¥10 trillion reserve to combat pandemic branded Abe's 'pocket money' See in context

Still waiting for the 10k stimulus application here in ketchy Nagoya.

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