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Fabman comments

Posted in: LDP leader considers censure motion against Noda over TPP decision See in context

Are you kidding me ? FINALLY some true leadership and they start whipping up public are worried ?. Seriously, Japan relies on 60% of its food from overseas. Average age of the Japanese farmer is now 65 years old... Over the past 5 years Farming families have reduced by 330,000 ( 16% )...... In 10 years the average age of a farmer will be 75 ? Korea already has the jump on Japan with FTA's completed or in progress with big economies.... Stick to your Guns NODA... I think the Public should be worried if you dont drive this..

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Posted in: Sony PlayStation disconnects 77 million user accounts after massive data breach See in context

Silver Lining..... Shutting down the network Kept my Son off the damn thing for a couple of days

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Posted in: Safe strawberries See in context

why is the needle on the dial below zero????

People.... It not turned on......

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Posted in: Julia Gillard See in context

Very Impressive. A politician backing up words with action. Those in the Japanese Diet should follow her example and get up there and experience the devastation first hand. Perhaps then the bureaucracy might make way for some action. Congratulations Australia... You will be seen in a new light by the general population.

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Posted in: The government is considering the introduction of a new tax to finance the huge costs of reconstruction in the Tohoku region following last month's earthquake and tsunami. What are your thoughts on su See in context

Governments dont have a endless supply of cash. Tax increases have a benefit as there is no need to borrow the money. Problem is, in a struggling consumer economy, any blanket tax increase will take cash away from small business and risk further downturn. Why not tax Tobacco. This product costs the economy Billions of Y though higher health costs...Its a double benefit. Encourage people to stop smoking, saving on Health Costs and increasing revenue to support reconstruction.

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Posted in: Small fire extinguished at stricken Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

Its interesting to me.. 7 min ? Gimme a break. Im no alarmist and have been very conscious not to listen to scuttlebutt, but i believe there was an " Order / Law " passed early this week giving the government the right veto the media's reporting about Fukushima. I originally thought Bahhh. But then I asked...... Why didn't a single media agency cover the Nuclear protest on Saturday. 30,000 people attended ? In this instance. No news isn't Good news

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Posted in: U.N. expert: Fukushima not as bad as Chernobyl See in context

Yes, but currents prevent immediate dilution. The ocean currents in Japanese Summer effectively " Lock" currents in a confined area. ( they work Nth and then hit cooler currents heading south then head Nth again so on and so on ) this is why Fishermen are so worried. They know and understand ocean currents .... they know that these currents are smack in the middle of their fishing grounds.....

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Posted in: Japan says dumping radioactive water in ocean doesn't violate law See in context

Seawater samples 7.5million times legal levels on from of reactor 2 ? Come Clean TEPCO. Stop us guessing. Tell us what is going on PLEASE.

Now Im no Math Wiz but 60,000mt = 60million ltrs... right ? thats 24 Olympic Size swimming pools? Can this be right ?

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Posted in: CNN mobilizes its news gathering troops for Japan, Middle East See in context

News Gathering? Give me a break. CNN, BBC's coverage over the past 3 weeks has been a disgrace.... Radioactive plume heads for Tokyo ? Honestly I hope i Bump into one of these CNN / BBC news editors so I can Smack em in the mouth.

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Posted in: Rescue team See in context

Go for it Guy's. Your making your country proud

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