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Pride is a strange concept because all I did to earn these privileges or burdens was being born, but I do like what I am and wouldn't want to change.

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Morning folks, wow cant believe our project is featured on Japan Online!

Im proud that so many people have read and are interested about this very special project, all I can say is that I hope at least everybody who has written here or read has a passion in life which mine is to travel around the world and exploring beautiful, exciting places and learning their culture. I must say that during my last travel along with my friends and companion Holo, It was a wonderful experience and that is was easy to travel as her ticket was free and she didnt bother me! ;)

Here is my page about the real purpose of the Project http://fabricerequin.com/post/project-holo/ have a read about it if you have time and want to know more.

Cheers from cloudy london! Fabrice

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