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There are countries willing to host the summer games in Asia in 2028, naming China and Korea.

Bach need not worry.

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Ahn is considered to be Asian version of Claus von Stauffenberg, the German army officer who tried to end WW2 by assassinating Adolf Hitler. Ahn likewise tried to stop Imperial Japan's invasion of Asia by assassinating its mastermind, Ito Hirobumi. Accordingly, Ahn is celebrated as a courageous hero who sacrificed himself in an attempt to save the lives of tens of millions of Asians who would fell victim to Imperial Japan in Korea and China.

Not only there are statutes and museums celebrating Ahn across Korea and China, including one at Harbin train station where Ito was assassinated, but a submarine is named after him too.

BTW, the ROK Navy is also planning to name one of its submarines after Lee Bong Chang, the man who threw a bomb at Emperor Hirohito in an attempt to assassinate him.

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