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Posted in: Republicans threaten U.S. gov't shutdown over Obamacare See in context

It's interesting that critics are calling this tactic childish, stupid, or even treasonous. Especially, when the other side(democrats) have threatened to do this as well in order to get their way.

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Posted in: Courage of Flight 93 victims praised at dedication See in context

nearly forgot,

RIP HEROES and passengers of Flight 93. Thank you for having the brains and backbone to do what was needed, unlike Asagao who would of "remained calm" until his fiery death taking out scores more of innocent people.

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Posted in: Courage of Flight 93 victims praised at dedication See in context

Lol @Asagao

I laugh at how bad of a chinese troll you are.

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Posted in: U.S., Chinese basketballers brawl during Biden's China visit See in context

Props to the Georgetown students for having the discipline to walk off the court and not make it worse.

Throwing chairs and water bottles? Just shows how much class China doesn't have.

< http://www.ibtimes.com/articles/200237/20110818/georgetown-china-brawl-georgetown-china-fight-bayi-rockets.htm>

The pic of 4 Chinese "men" stomping on the Georgetown student sums up China in a nutshell.

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Posted in: Does Okinawa need to host any U.S. military bases? See in context

Okinawan islands are 100% Japanese territory, they are not American and never legally were. Japan can maintain and keep strong defence on her own, and not to worry about all the crimes and negative impact of the American bases bring ex assualt on children, murders, robberys of the taxi driver etc. The local Japanese living in okinawan islands want Americans out NOW! Just because most of the foreigners voted to keep Americans bases there means nothing because we Japanese will be the ones to decide, not the foreign resident.

From this post and others, I'm 99% convinced you're just a Nova "Teacher" trolling.

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Posted in: Al-Qaida vows revenge for bin Laden's death See in context


Now America was going after BL for some random crimes he committed somewhere in the world were they?

He admitted to planning 9/11 in October of 2004 IN A VIDEO to his minions. LEARN TO GOOGLE.

Otherwise the US govt is just as likely to go after you next, come into your house in the middle of the night, shoot some of your family, you'll get no trial and be shot straight in the head.

How do you figure? Are you planning to murder thousands of innocent people too? If so, then I don’t really feel bad for you or your rights.

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Posted in: Bin Laden's death prompts questions about legality See in context


WTSherman1864, google it. 100.000 is the most conservative figure you will find.

Wikileaks revealed document, coming from the USA army states that in Iraq only there were 104,924 recorded iraqi deaths, including 92,003[5] (or 66,081[6]) civilian deaths, between 2004 to 2009. Were you not aware of this or what?

Actually you're right. It’s closer to 110,000 but what's your point? Do you think the US military killed 100,000 Iraqi civilians? This last April had about 283 Iraqi deaths. 99% were due to insurgents targeting civilians. The other 1% by the Iraqi Police. GOOGLE IT. Were you not aware of this or what?

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Posted in: 7-year-old boy seriously injured in Oita hit-and-run See in context

It is very common,


and it is not some haphazard system.*

Disagree. It’s a system that relies on faith rather than mechanics to prevent accidents or crime.

You will find crossing guards at busy intersections not just outside the school,

Rarely, not enough to let my 7 year old child (if I had one) walk somewhere alone. I rarely see what you have mentioned away from schools. Don’t get me wrong, they do exist but it’s uncommon to say the least.

If you envision this story in another country such as U.S.A clearly it would seem insane,

Not really. It depends where you live, similar to Japan. It’s just basic reasoning; a 7 year old boy VS pretty much anything is defenseless. Japan’s got her fair share of rapists, pedophiles, and inattentive drivers just like America and it only takes one to ruin your family for life.

but they have been doing it this way in Japan for years and years

They also have been eating whale meat since the dinosaurs. They also say “itadakimasu” before eating a meal and clap twice before praying. What’s your point?

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Posted in: Man reports false fire, hitches ride on fire engine See in context

He was heard going "Whooooooooo" as the fire truck sped down the road at 40KPH.

He would be my hero if he did.

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Posted in: What are some of your favorite examples of the way English is misused in products, advertising and pop culture in Japan? See in context

Today, a guy on the train was wearing a shirt that said "Do you know where you are? Your in Japan now baby. You're going to die!" Nothing really grammatically incorrect or misspelled but honestly, WTF is the significance of that?

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Posted in: 8-year-old girl hangs herself at home in apparent suicide See in context

RIP little one.

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Posted in: U.S. military’s new Okinawa strategy: Manga propaganda See in context

“At a time where opposition to the 47,000 U.S. troops stationed in Okinawa and other parts of Japan has reach a tipping point, it seems the new U.S. strategy may be to simply outwait the more vocal older generations and instead focus on the younger generations who are already largely apathetic to such issues.”

Oh that’s it!!! Here was the planning for it:

4 Star General A: Hey lets brainwash Japan’s youth by creating a cute manga for them that hypnotizes them with purdy Jap anime!

4 Star General B: Ok! That way the 13 to 16 year old kids who read it today will be more accepting of the US forces in Japan 40 years from now.

4 Star General C (who has his Masters in Psychology): But wait don’t teenagers on average change their minds about everything every 2 to 3 days?

4 Star General A: Hmmmm. Your right! WE SHOULD MAKE 4 OF THEM!

“Some gems spewed by U.S. forces’ propaganda office rep, Neil Fisher,”

That’s right Mr.Morran take your anti-US aggression out on the one guy who was probably forced to give you enough of his time so you could vilify him. Here is how that scenario went:

Neil Fisher’s Superior: Hey Neal, we need you to do a quick interview with someone about our new Manga idea.

Neil Fisher: Ok! What magazine or newspaper does he represent?

Neil Fisher’s Superior: None. He is just a Canadian guy who has the chip of all Anti-US Military Chips on his shoulder. Honestly, it wouldn’t matter if you told him our new Manga cured cancer. He would find a way to bad-mouth you and our ideas.

Neil Fisher: Sweet!

Secondly, I beg anyone to answer this seriously. Why would the US military need the acceptance of people in Japan in the future? Hell, they don’t have much acceptance now but OH SNAP, they are still here. If it is so then talk about a waste of money and effort.

Thirdly, I will agree that the idea to communicate to the Japanese through manga is rather cheesy and patronizing by western standards. But through a Japanese view point it makes sense. I urge any of you to observe conbini magazine stands or people on the train reading a manga. The age group of Manga readers in Japan is 5 to 80 years old. It’s ridiculous to think that this manga is specifically targeting the youth of Japan. Now if US military members start posting up outside of Japan’s schools slinging this crap at children then that’s a totally different story. US military members can’t do that outside of American schools so why would they be able to do that here?

The article doesn’t even state how it will be distributed so assuming that it will be handed directly to kids as a piece of propaganda is a moot point.

Fourthly, what other brilliant way does anyone on this forum have for the US military to explain its version of the role they play in Japan? If this is propaganda it’s nothing worse than what NHK or News Zero does. Every time they do a piece on the US role in Japan it’s always the same. Some reporter who finds the youngest lowest ranking individual possible and asking them in broken English questions that are way above his or her pay grade. The result is some US service member who comes off looking like a jacka** and a bunch of infuriated Japanese viewers who feel they got the real deal on the Okinawa situation.

Lastly, I see a trend of people on JT condemning the US military for holding base functions like open base festivals, fireworks displays, or cherry blossom viewing. Why do you condemn it? Have any of you actually attended one? I have been to quite a few. Never have I seen any US service member try to push some US propaganda at these events. As for the Japanese POV, I usually go with a large group of friends who don’t attend out of love for the US but because they just want to have fun and eat some BBQ. So what is wrong with that? Is it because it comes from the US military it must be “evil”? Do you guys envision the planning for it being held in some war room on base with many high ranking officials thinking of ways to trick the Japanese? Sorry to disappoint you but I have applied for the job position on Yokosuka that helps with the planning and organizing of such events. Nowhere in the qualification or skill requirement portion of the application did it state a requirement to be a propaganda master.

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