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Posted in: How to stay cool in Japan this summer? With a mist-spraying Fanbrella See in context

Why don’t we just stay home ?

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Posted in: Woman arrested for abandoning body of infant See in context

Sad story. @Agent X - Lucky u hommie , for being in “first world” country .

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Posted in: Bangladeshi asylum seeker's handcuffed hospital visit sparks debate See in context

@senseiwhatever....Poor country = desperate people ? Feeling good about yourself being born in not so “poor country” and writing stuff online!?

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Posted in: Kumamoto councilwoman who took baby to work kicked out of conference for using cough drop See in context

@ wallace fred...Don’t judge entire continent on one incident. And getting above ignorance is fun too buddy

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Posted in: The old and enduring mutual dislike between people of Kansai and Kanto See in context

oh but in US they are all Nihonjin...no more difference :)

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Posted in: Allowing nuclear weapons in Japan could defuse N Korean threat: policy makers See in context

@Abey...You seems to be particularly interested in India. Didnt mentioned other 3 countries ? And also didn't mentioned China supplies nuclear tech and material to a country, which was hosting the biggest terrorist of ladt decade atleast. While Singature to NPT is a matter of seprate discussion, please state full facts.

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Posted in: Speeding bullet See in context

Not excited. I would like to see new technology like "Hyperloop" becomes reality.

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Posted in: Inside Trump's Middle East mess See in context

"Trump's attempt to bring peace & stability in ME" . Writer has great sense of humour.

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Posted in: Chiba Univ medical student given 4 years for gang rape See in context

Just 4 years ?

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Posted in: N Korea fires ballistic missile that falls into Japan's EEZ See in context

China has two mad dogs. N. Korea & Pakistan.

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Posted in: WBA suspends judges after disputed N'Dam win over Murata See in context

He's promoter must be same as Andre Ward :)

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Posted in: Lawmaker to quit LDP over infidelity scandal See in context

You guys here probably arguing more than Nakagawa and his wife and other one.

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Posted in: New report gives U.S. airlines better grades across the board See in context

And they are also master at throwing off passenger (Ofcourse, non-white ) off the flight, bcz there crew couldnt get seat.

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Posted in: Parents arrested for abusing 5-year-old son with frying pan, saw See in context

News of crime against childrens, mainly by their own parents or guardian is very frequent in JT. Something is wrong in this society of pretenders.

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Posted in: IT agency cautions businesses about fake e-mail scam See in context

@Gogogo...I haven't come across any bank in japan, where in any PC is accessible by anyone. Secondly, if it is "Stand alone" pc then,it is not connected to org network. Third, just physically open network port doesnt mean it is actually "Open". Fourth, nice profile pic. Fifth, I am sorry but sometimes just can't stand crap.

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Posted in: 2 women found dead, male neighbor injured in Wakayama See in context

Old folks here needs to chill out a bit.

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Posted in: Mother arrested on suspicion of strangling 2-week-old daughter to death See in context

Horrible and disgusting. RIP lil baby.

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Posted in: Japanese woman testifies man attacked her at Niagara Falls See in context

Kudos to koyuki for testifying the scum.

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Posted in: Robert De Niro says Meryl Streep's Globe speech was 'great' See in context

I wish Nunes can show her Mixed Martial Arts to Marryl.

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Posted in: Russia slams U.S.-led action in Syria as ineffective See in context

Oh its ok. At least we will have some Hollywood movies glorifying how the strategy has worked efficiently.

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Posted in: China changes start date of war with Japan to bolster patriotic education See in context

North Korea = Hardcore Brainwashing China = Softer Brainwashing

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Posted in: New U.N. chief urges New Year's resolution: 'Put peace first' See in context

Antonio, You are a funny men !!!

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Posted in: Japan's female hunters take aim at stereotypes See in context

Yes, Its so fun and cool to shoot helpless animal for some idiotic thrill and be called "Hunter". Brave hunters :)

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Posted in: Trump ups U.S. ante on Taiwan, but China has leverage too See in context

Yup Making major war plans...Creating environment of fear and hate. End result - More export of weapons and ammunition. Smart eh..

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Posted in: U.S. approves $7 bil in aircraft sales to Arab allies See in context

Human rights doesn't matter, when it's business.

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Posted in: Separate bedrooms best for a good night's sleep, expert advises See in context

Oh the "Experts" again..!!

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