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Posted in: Japan must be able to deal with anything at Asian Cup: Moriyasu See in context

Japan must be able to deal with anything at Asian Cup

Like losing

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Posted in: Top gov't spokesman allegedly received ¥10 mil in kickbacks: source See in context

Business as usual. He must have annoyed someone to have it leaked to the media though.

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Posted in: Transgender man gets new register with court-approved gender change See in context

The country is going woke!

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Posted in: 'Oppenheimer' to get theatrical release in Japan, after all See in context

That's because Japan feels it needs to monopolize the global A-bomb narrative 

You mean more victim card playing?  

The release is likely to be so poorly publicised, leading to a short run so it can be declared a flop here.

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Posted in: McDonald's eyes speedy ramp-up to 50,000 restaurants worldwide by 2027 See in context

They call them restaurants? Seriously?

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Posted in: Losing control See in context

Nothing ever changes no matter how many of these childish posters they come out with.

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Posted in: Court rules Japan's dual nationality ban constitutional See in context

They can't strip it if they don't know about it. Good rule to remember about this place, out of sight out of mind.

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Posted in: Diet passes bill to legalize cannabis-derived medicines See in context

It's about time!

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Posted in: Publisher cancels plan to translate U.S. book questioning trans surgery See in context

How woke of them.

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Posted in: Japan to introduce electronic arrest warrants, interrogation records See in context

Will hanko still be required to verify a defendants statement for instance? Means the fax machine still has plenty of life here.

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Posted in: Japan gets 'fossil' award again as climate action slammed See in context

NHK will certainly skip this one.

They certainly did. Not one word this evening.

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Posted in: Japan gets 'fossil' award again as climate action slammed See in context

Look forward to seeing them being awarded this again next year, and the next, and the next.

All talk and no action.

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Posted in: What to stream this week: Nicki Minaj's birthday album, Julia Roberts is in trouble and Monk returns See in context

All of this is drivel by the sound of the article. No thanks, I'll watch some classic movies instead.

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Posted in: COP28 lines up new climate pledges - but do they work? See in context

Just a talkfest, generating more carbon emissions that it aims to solve, ironically being hosted in a draconian country that makes all its money from selling the very product that's made the world such a mess.

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Posted in: Port in Tottori striving to save commercial coastal fishing See in context

Sakaiminato isn't exactly the easiest place in Chugoku to get to. With no other jobs except jockeying a combini cash register why would anyone stick around unless they're retired.

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Posted in: Kishida pledges at climate summit to phase out coal-fired power See in context

A pledge from him is meaningless.

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Posted in: Japan's biggest ruling party faction allegedly pooled secret funds, sources say See in context

Slush funds are what right wing parties excel at, jimin being world class at generating them.

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Posted in: New technology installed beneath Detroit street can charge electric vehicles as they drive See in context

Most cities once commonly had electric powered vehicles in the street, trams and/or trolleybuses. Any city that abolished them was stupid. The wiring could be going towards charging cars as well today.

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Posted in: Japan university to disband scandal-hit American football club See in context

The only sport that could make cricket or golf seem too excting.

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Posted in: Singapore, Zurich world's most expensive cities: EiU See in context

Luckily Singapore is also so boring so there's no reason to go.

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Posted in: Crown prince says review of official royal duties required See in context

Agreed. They should all retire.

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Posted in: Rakuten's mobile misadventure: From ambitious plan to millstone See in context

Rakuten, one of the worst companies on planet earth

Couldnt agree more. Do business with them at your own risk.

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Posted in: High-fat flight is first jetliner to make fossil-fuel-free transatlantic crossing from London to NY See in context

"tallow and other waste fats."

Will vegans take these flights?

It'd be too woke for them surely? Guess they'll be travelling by sea.

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Posted in: Kishida pledges to do utmost to tackle negative impact of price hikes See in context

Doing something about the insanely low interest rates that's pounding the Yen into oblivion perhaps? I thought not.

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Posted in: Russia withdraws from 2025 World Expo in Japan See in context

No loss.

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Posted in: Kishida grilled over alleged gifts to IOC for Tokyo's Olympic bid See in context

The IOC should be listed as a criminal organisation.

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Posted in: Azabudai Hills complex opens in Tokyo See in context

A neighbourhood isn't vertical. Just another concrete glass dogbox to make the jimin construction doners happy.

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Posted in: Kinomiya Shrine: Ancient and Insta-worthy See in context

it is particularly popular among Instagrammers. 

Who are a menace to everyone else who just want to enjoy the scenery and what should be a tranquil spot. Narcissists taking photos of themselves

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Posted in: Autumn afternoon See in context

Way too crowded to be pleasant

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Posted in: Police investigate report of someone spreading white powder on street in Hyogo See in context

Probably talcum powder

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