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Posted in: Japan to reduce plastic waste from April See in context

Stop wrapping vegetables in plastic. How rediculous is it to see a banana plastic wrapped.

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Posted in: Japan, Thailand to launch new energy initiative for decarbonization See in context

Hagiuda left Japan on Sunday and visited Indonesia and Singapore before arriving in Thailand. He will return to Japan on Friday.

So promoting decarbonisation but using fossil fuels to do it? One rule for them, one rule for the plebs again, who just want to see family before they die.

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Posted in: Japan must co-exist with virus while achieving growth, says minister See in context

Start by abolishing the garbage that goes on at airports when residents try to renter the country.

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Posted in: Japanese resort travel company offering exciting 'revenge' graduation trips See in context

a super-cold fan that simulates splashing cold water on your face,

Why not just shove your head in a bucket and save a lot of time and money?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 2,198 new virus cases; 1,711 in Osaka, 1,644 in Okinawa See in context

All those placebo outdoor worn masks and draconian quarantine procedures, yet omicron is still spreading, amongst Japanese too.

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Posted in: Mizuho online business banking services suffer another glitch See in context

Time for heads to roll.

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Posted in: We're not at a point where we can announce a specific date for resuming the campaign. We're in a situation where we should assume that the spread of the coronavirus will proceed rapidly. The basic premise for resuming the tourism campaign is that the infection situation remains calm. See in context

What about the great many Japanese people involved in the business of getting people to holiday abroad? What support are they getting? What is the government doing to support them? SFA it would seem.

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Posted in: Japan extends entry ban on non-resident foreigners until end of February: Kishida See in context

The process from getting from Narita Airport to the hotel that is 4 minutes away took 8 hours totaling a 30+ hour travel day.

What a joke. I'm sorry you've been made to suffer this garbage. Shouldn't even be there if you're vaccinated.

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Posted in: Quiet reminder See in context

I wish there was a bit of quiet on the trains, instead of endless, pointless, top-volume announcements all the time. People talking, no problem. A machine telling me for the umpteenth time stuff that is obvious to everyone, no thanks.

If there was a mute button for those or a way to cut the speaker cables I'd be interested. Most of the noise does come from the incessant announcements. The guard then just repeats the automated announcements as well.

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan’s French fry rationing extended for about another month See in context

Who cares?

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Posted in: Billionaire space tourist Maezawa eyes Mariana Trench trip next See in context

Let's hope it's one way.

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Posted in: Djokovic's detention becomes political issue in Australia See in context

If you're talking about Djokivic, then Morrison's political diversion has worked. The diversion is to hide the failures of a stale government, a botched vaccination roll out and a PM obsessed with tawdry photo opportunities.

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Posted in: 12,000 sign petition to ease Japan's tight entry rules over Omicron See in context

Of all the trivial articles JT posts, why wasn't this petition written about while it was open for signatures? I certainly would have signed, and so would many friends here who are desperate to visit family, are fully vaccinated and taking regular tests.

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Posted in: Over 500 people taken to hospitals in Tokyo after falling due to snow See in context

including an 84-year-old man who broke his leg after falling when he was riding a bicycle

Stupid old goat won't be doing that again. Idiot drivers were still running red lights and taking no regard to the conditions either

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Posted in: Tiger attacks 3 workers at Tochigi safari park; one loses hand See in context

Puts a new spin on the year of the tiger

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Posted in: Japan reports 1,268 new infections; 225 in Okinawa, 151 in Tokyo See in context

the 14 day is over the top there is no other country quarantining people this long

There should be no quarantine for people who are vaccinated and test negative. We are never getting out of this mess until this changes.

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan upgrades Samurai Mac duo with hot spice, smoked mayo and triple bacon See in context

Gee they're pumping these puff pieces out thick and fast for mcGarbage aren't they? Each one I see makes me want a Whopper with cheese instead.

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Posted in: 2 elderly people die, 4 taken to hospital after choking on mochi in Tokyo See in context

I guess they weren't reading JT's article the other day warning about this. Better luck next time.

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Posted in: Ikea to hike prices by 9% due to supply chain woes See in context

Great! Another reason not to shop there.

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Posted in: How much money should you give children for New Year’s 'otoshidama'? See in context

Zero. Get em off their backsides and go earn their own money. I've met too many useless people who've never earned their own yen until after they've finished University.

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Posted in: Emirates upbeat on growth despite global surge in COVID See in context

All sounds very nice, if only the J govt didn't have rediculous re-entry procedures for vaccinated residents people might start booking flights. Until then, dream on.

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Posted in: Japan faces royal dilemma as ancient monarchy shrinks See in context

Born to rule monarchies are anachronisms. Time to abolish them all.

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Posted in: American businessman promises urgent flights of potatoes to Japan to ease French fry shortage See in context

Yawn. There's plenty of other places to eat salted carbohydrates in this country.

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Posted in: New Year exodus See in context

Ugh, so glad to be able to take holidays when the masses aren't travelling.

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Posted in: Advertisements draw flak in China over Asian stereotypes See in context

A bit rich coming from a country that made blatantly racist TV commercials to sell washing machines a few years ago.

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Posted in: Japan considers bringing forward COVID booster shots for all: Kishida See in context

How about 'considering' that quarantine is scrapped for vaccinated residents? I thought not.

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Posted in: Sake milkshakes return just in time to celebrate New Year See in context

They should be available all year so you can have one just for the sake of it.

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Posted in: Kishida calls on people to drink more milk See in context

Kishida calls on people to drink more milk

Moron. Start by redirecting subsidies away from the inefficient rice farmers to dairy and beef cattle farmers if you're really serious about it.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 40 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 262 See in context

And it has begun! The beginning of the #Road2SOE...

Doubt it, there's no Olympics to save now.

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