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Posted in: Australia to prevent repeat of former leader's power grab See in context

Morrison, who is now an opposition lawmaker, maintains that he gave himself the portfolios of health, finance, treasury, resources and home affairs as an emergency measure made necessary by the coronavirus pandemic.

He should be in jail.

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Posted in: Kishida eyes U.S. trip for talks with Biden in January See in context

Is his wife's birthday coming up and needs to drop into Bloomingdale's? This guy loves his trips doesn't he. They just met at the G20, Apec. Just talk on the phone already.

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Posted in: Tidy fans See in context

Also this kind of attitude that makes Japanese government do less public work, for example providing extra trash can in public spaces while still getting people money through various taxes.

It's all about the look at how clean we are superiority complex of Japanese. Don't forget that.

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Posted in: In U.S., inflation sparks tough Thanksgiving meal sacrifices See in context

Americans could do with smaller portions. So much food waste from their enormous portions.

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Posted in: Yamanashi uses toilet paper messages to help suicidal youth See in context

Not clever. Someone could use the t.p. and think, 'I'm a skid mark on the earth too' and instead of dissuading, encouraging a potential suicide victim.

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Posted in: KFC releases overflowing lobster fillet burger for winter in Japan See in context

Who goes there to eat fish?

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Posted in: Peach to resume Osaka-Hong Kong flights from Jan 20 See in context

Hong Kongers welcome. Mainlanders are not. CCP keep going for zero covid please so your nasty tourists stay away.

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Posted in: Paris reveals mascots for 2024 Olympics, Paralympics See in context

Totally a waist of time.

Try again, waste of time

Childish. Have a snuggle bear for all of them that might last.

No it's all about money with sponsor tie ups and toys sold at burger joints.

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Posted in: Japan has stopped printing its current yen bills; Mt Fuji only element to be retained in new set See in context

Please bring back the ¥500 note. Having to break a note and have a wad of change for small purchases is very annoying.

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Posted in: Nearly 60% in Japan unaware of relaxed COVID-19 mask guidelines: survey See in context

I've been out of the country for nearly two weeks, having not worn a mask since getting off the plane. I don't intend to wear a mask on returning unless asked to. I've had 4 jabs, it's enough already.

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Posted in: Pro shogi player loses game for not wearing face mask See in context

In the end, at six minutes past midnight on the 124th move, Sato has handed down a loss by foul for violating the mask rules.

What is wrong with you people?

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Posted in: Full service returns to British Airways' Club World See in context

British Airways and full service is an oxymoron.

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Posted in: Tokyo police to issue ‘red tickets’ to cyclists violating traffic laws See in context

Why not dish out meaningful fines instead of this stupid gimmick?

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Posted in: U.S. uses farmers markets to foster ties at bases in Japan See in context

U.S. Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel looks at vegetables at the farmers market at Camp Hansen,

He looks as baffled as I am seeing all that excessive plastic where it's completely unnecessary.

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Posted in: Tourists return to Japan, and Mario Karts return to Tokyo roads with them See in context

They're a pest.

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Posted in: Police drive 'gyoza king' murder suspect 500 km to avoid yakuza public transport attack See in context

Why waste all the manpower and tax dollars to transport this criminal? Just stick him in a locked car and let his old yakuza friends come and kill him.

It's likely to happen anyway. He won't live to sing like a canary - the yaks have police connections and likely active police officers.

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Posted in: Tokyo's Shibuya on high alert for return of Halloween crowds See in context

Tokyo's Shibuya on high alert for return of Halloween crowds

The fun police on high alert to ruin people's evening of fun after 3 miserable years

Headline fixed, you're welcome.

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Posted in: Japan sees sharp rise in drunken driving cases linked to e-scooters See in context

Japan revised its traffic law in April, scrapping the need for a license to ride e-scooters with a maximum speed of 20 kilometers per hour as well as the requirement for users to wear helmets.

I've never seen anyone wearing a helmet using these things.

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Posted in: Japan's wine tipplers see glass half empty as weak yen pushes prices higher See in context

Major drinks companies Kirin Holdings Co and Suntory Holdings raised prices on their Beaujolais bottles by 40% or more this year, and reduced the variety of offerings.

Drat. I'll have to stick with the cheaper Chilean wines which surprisingly taste better than that slop.

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Posted in: Husband of former princess Mako passes New York bar exam on 3rd attempt See in context

The man who married a former Japanese princess has passed the New York bar exam on his third attempt.

Why is this news?

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Posted in: Japan, Australia to boost defense cooperation amid China's rise See in context

2 cute koala bears

Koalas aren't bears.

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Posted in: Universal Studios Japan issues reminder about showing too much skin inside the park See in context

Some people really need to get a life if this triviality bothers them.

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Posted in: Droves of Japanese heading overseas to get high on pot See in context

Good on em

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Posted in: Shibuya New Year’s Eve countdown event canceled for 3rd straight year See in context

They continue to keep Japanese people living in fear.

Fear makes control easier.

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Posted in: 79-year-old man arrested for selling 290 porn DVDs in Osaka’s Airin district See in context

Gotta have a reason to get out of bed every day.

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Posted in: Two top Japanese universities drop in British magazine's world ranking See in context

In its World University Rankings 2023, the University of Tokyo fell from 35th place the year before to 39th, while Kyoto University slumped from 61st to 68th.

Slump? Give me a break. 4 or 7 places is hardly a catastrophe given the number of universities in the world.

If you're looking for a scapegoat, try the protracted and discriminatory border closures which meant students couldn't get into the country to attend them.

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Posted in: Toyota begins making cars in Myanmar after delay due to coup See in context

Just as the junta threw 3 Japanese into jail


Perhaps this disgusting collaborative organisation will use them as slave labour.

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