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Posted in: Travelers crowd trains, airports as Golden Week holiday begins See in context

It's great to see the country getting back to normal. Even better not to be travelling with the masses at this time of year, as it was before 2020.

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Posted in: Kishida to visit Southeast Asia, Europe to discuss Ukraine crisis See in context

No replacement for face to face meetings - tired of people saying 'zoom' and 'wfh'. He is the PM of the third largest economy in the World - and if you think flying from one country to another on a daily basis, it most certainly isn't.

What is objectionable here is the blatant waste of money this trip is. Going to SE Asia to discuss a war still 8000 kms away? Might as well ask a stray cat in the street what it thinks for the value returned. If it's discussing about the Russian cash sloshing around Thailand, forget that too.

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Posted in: Hawaiian Airlines teams with SpaceX for in-flight internet See in context

That free internet will be useful for figuring out what you've forgotten to upload onto mysos. Takes at least 8 hours to figure out.

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Posted in: Ukraine apologizes for juxtaposing photo of late emperor to Hitler in video See in context

Ukraine has zero to apologise for.

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Posted in: 70-year-old man arrested for assaulting woman with milk bottle See in context

Got milk? He has, waiting for him in jail.

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Posted in: Japan's rowdiest baseball fans desperate to end pandemic silence See in context

Why not just shout at the tv while it's switched off? Far less hassle than traipsing out to a stadium to watch people throw a ball around. A lot cheaper too.

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Posted in: Japan to scrap licenses for electric scooters See in context

This is the last thing we need here. It's bad enough with the idiots on bikes.

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Posted in: Train driver posthumously awarded ¥56 in docked wages for 1-minute delay See in context


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Posted in: Yoshinoya beef bowl chain exec dismissed over sexist remarks See in context

Their 'food' tastes disgusting. Extra reason to avoid it like the plague.

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Posted in: Average condo price in Tokyo area sets new high in fiscal 2021 See in context

I'm happy paying my own mortgage and having something to show for it as opposed to pying someone else's debt. Renting is dead money.

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Posted in: Kishida eyes trip to Southeast Asia, Europe during Golden Week See in context

Doesn't he know everything will be pricey and crowded during Golden Week?

He's not paying for it out of his wallet, it's coming out of the taxpayer. So why would he care?

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Posted in: Many countries require passengers from overseas to take PCR tests for the coronavirus upon arrival at airports, even though they have taken one three days before their departure? Do you think PCR tests upon arrival should be abolished? See in context

What's the point of this except to line the pockets of those running the tests. Triple jabbed people especially should be exempted.

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Posted in: 4 arrested for disrupting coronavirus vaccinations in Tokyo See in context

Pure scum.

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Posted in: Gov't welcomes Ukraine evacuees with eye on int'l recognition, election See in context

Japan's unusually welcoming approach to evacuees from Ukraine who have fled Russia's invasion -- a contrast to its traditionally strict refugee policy -- reflects the government's desire to stay in line with public sentiment and show it is contributing as a Western nation, pundits say.

No. My heart goes out to these people, but racism is at play here. They're white refugees. Where's the welcome mat for Afghan, Syrian or Yemeni refugees? A war is a war regardless of who they look like.

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Posted in: Hayashi returns from Poland with 20 Ukrainians See in context

Lots of haters here, you all could sponsor some Ukrainians and take them in! I think it’s a nice gesture by the minister. Always moaning here….

Wrong - Japan does not have the legal framework to allow it, even without covid border restrictions thrown into the mix.

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Posted in: Ukrainian capital to be officially referred to as 'kiiu' in Japanese See in context

Why not キイヴ

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Posted in: Japan to allow up to 10,000 arrivals daily from April 10 See in context

But it still does not apply to foreign tourists.

This is good, though families should not be lumped in with those who have no connections to the country at all

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Posted in: Companies revive in-person ceremonies as new recruits start work See in context

New employees of Panasonic Holdings Corp attend a welcoming ceremony in Osaka on Friday.

The atack of the clones

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Posted in: 6 SDF members face punishment for unauthorized curry-eating See in context

Who gives a toss? A non event. You couldn't pay me to eat Japanese curry so more for him.

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Posted in: Japan to see higher prices for food, daily goods from Friday See in context

Other protectionist tariffs on other imported food products can then be lowered.

+1. It tastes better too, is more versatile and far less carbohydrates than the sticky rice.

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Posted in: Japanese government calling on citizens to drink more milk…again See in context

How about learning how to make a decent tasting cheddar cheese with any milk glut? It wouldn't cost us a fortune to buy, and we could stop eating the rubbery crap that's in most supermarkets.

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Posted in: France tries Chilean accused of murdering Japanese ex-girlfriend See in context

If he'd done it here, he'd hang. As he should do. Time France brought be the guillotine for filth like this.

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Posted in: Kishida says Russian invasion of Ukraine threatens foundation of international order See in context

Russia's invasion of Ukraine threatens to shake the very foundation of international order and could potentially lead the world to "the greatest crisis" since World War II, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said Sunday.

Got his finger on the pulse this guy.

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Posted in: Will Smith, Chris Rock confrontation shocks Oscar audience; 'CODA' wins best picture See in context

For an industry so bereft of original ideas, their self aggrandising stunts are rediculous.

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Posted in: Japan's hardcore train fans accused of going off the rails See in context

"Come over to my place and check out my thousands of photos of trains! It'll be fun!"

Go back to the sport then pal. I have travelled the world as a railway enthusiast. Leave these people to enjoy their hobby.

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Posted in: Record 5,400 cannabis offenders in 2021, police report See in context

There would be far fewer problems associated with alcohol and organisee crime if it were just leagalised. Most US States, all of Canada any many EU member states have legalised or decriminalised amounts for personal use. Japan likes to side with these nations as they look down their noses at the rest of Asia, so why not follow suit on this one?

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Posted in: Scandal at SMBC Nikko widens with vice president's arrest See in context

Say you were drunk, bow and that'll be it.

Corporate crooks like this should rot in jail for life.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 6,430 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 41,038 See in context

Lift all quarantine requirements on residents

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Posted in: Kishida to attend G7 summit in Brussels to discuss Ukraine See in context

A waste of time and our money. He'll just be a nodding dog going along with what the others decide, which could be done by video anyway.

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