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Posted in: Apple to allow iPhones to function as My Number cards See in context

Invasion of privacy much? No thanks, you can shove this rediculous idea.

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Posted in: Richard Dreyfuss comments about women, LGBTQ+ people and diversity lead venue to apologize See in context

Dreyfuss has previously said the academy's diversity efforts “make me want to vomit.”

He's right. You can be respectful and inclusive to others without corporations and institutions shoving it down your throat.

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Posted in: De Niro slams Trump at press event outside courthouse See in context

Good on him. Trump is filth personified.

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Posted in: High-profile opposition figure Renho to run for Tokyo governor See in context

Born to a Taiwanese father and a Japanese mother, she has also faced scrutiny over her former dual nationality status, which is not allowed under Japanese law.

Which is archaic and should be changed.

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Posted in: Biden releasing 1 million barrels of gasoline from northeast reserve in bid to lower prices at pump See in context

So much for climate change. right America? LOL

Yes, the automobile destroyed American cities. Until that addiction is broken, nothing will change.

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Posted in: Japan still wrestling with legacy of graft-stained Olympics See in context

Invite the IOC to town, you're going to get corruption.

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Posted in: Japan's new whaling factory ship sets sail on first hunt See in context

Farewelling a whaling ship like this is gross.

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Posted in: Swarmed with tourists, town blocks off popular Mount Fuji viewing spot See in context

The challenge now for the influencing idiots will be :-

1 - climb the dilapidated screen

2 - take photo sitting on screen with conbini and Fuji in background

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Posted in: Electric spoon See in context

Was it too crowded a field to run this on April Fools Day? Absolutely bonkers.

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Posted in: Saudi crown prince puts off Japan trip due to king's health See in context

Good. A nasty piece of work we can do without thank you.

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Posted in: SoftBank Corp to help call center workers by 'softening' angry customer calls with AI See in context

This will just make them more irate. Another example where Japan treats the symptom not the cause.

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Posted in: Law change lets Japanese police crack down on rule-breaking cyclists See in context

I'll believe it when I see it. They're going to be busy fining the old biddies riding on the pavement without a helmet if they're genuine about enforcing this.

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for indecency on Tokyo Disneyland field trip See in context

Another day, another pervert in Japan.

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Posted in: Japan economy suffers worse-than-expected contraction of 0.5% See in context

All the over tourism and nothing to show for it.

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Posted in: On the ball See in context

They're much cheaper than an office chair, that's why they have them. Japanese employers couldn't give a toss about the welfare of their staff.

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Posted in: Netflix to air live NFL games for first time See in context

Whoop de do!

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Posted in: Visitors to Japan exceed 3 million for 2nd straight month in April See in context

Japan welcomed more than 3 million visitors cash for a second straight month in April, official data showed on Wednesday, setting the stage for a potential record year for overtourism.

Fixed the first paragraph for you.

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Posted in: Three dead in New Caledonia as riots rage after Paris approves voting change See in context

The Herald's article on the subject gets down to it in paragraph 4. Why has this article glossed over it altogether?


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Posted in: Three dead in New Caledonia as riots rage after Paris approves voting change See in context

The French government said the change in voting rules, which lawmakers backed by 351 to 153 in favour, was needed so elections would be democratic in the country's territory.

What are these changes? This article skips right past the detail of these changes and why there is rioting.

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Posted in: Teenager referred to prosecutors for using smart glasses to cheat on university entrance exam See in context

caused a new clear meltdown.

A what?

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Posted in: Teenager referred to prosecutors for using smart glasses to cheat on university entrance exam See in context

The Tokyo resident, who was a senior high school student at the time of the alleged offense, could be charged with "obstructing operations" of the private university by taking images of exam papers and posting them on social media with his smartphone on Feb 16 during the entrance test for the School of Creative Science and Engineering.

Not very smart, a dunce in fact.

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Posted in: Japanese police seek to question Singapore diplomat over voyeurism See in context

The country that lectures the world on morality and behaviour does not need to send us one of their perverts. We've got enough already thank you.

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Posted in: 3 killed in accident involving 7 vehicles on expressway in Saitama See in context

Japanese drivers are atrocious. Japanese truck drivers are deadly.

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Posted in: Woman in her 80s dies en route to hospital after ambulance takes wrong route See in context

The only vehicles on the road entitled to run red lights don't do so. Surprised this doesn't get reported more often.

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Posted in: Japan to introduce online booking for Mount Fuji trail See in context

Each day at least 1,000 places will be kept free for on-the-spot entry.

Why bother with the booking system then?

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Posted in: Do you think there should be permanent host cities for both the summer and winter Olympics? See in context

Or better yet, don't hold them at all.

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Posted in: Japan's military needs more women, but it's still failing on harassment See in context

Why the childish comic book diagram behind the speaker of this is such a serious matter?

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Posted in: Snake on Yamanote line train cause commotion in Tokyo See in context

The big question is, did it have a valid ticket?

No, it just slithered under the gates.

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Posted in: More Japanese workers turning to job resignation services See in context

How gutless would you have to be to not even have the spine to quit a job yourself.

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