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Posted in: Kishida leaves for one-day trip to COP26 See in context

The carbon footprint is huge with this one.

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Posted in: Lawsuits filed to void Sunday's general election over vote disparity See in context

There's Zero chance of over turning the result.

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Posted in: Japan issues new ¥500 coins for 1st time in 21 years See in context

I'd prefer it if they brought back the ¥500 note.

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Posted in: Japan opposition leaders say election cooperation bearing fruit See in context

Japan opposition leaders say election cooperation bearing fruit

If that fruit is a lemon or a stinker of a durian, sure since they failed to even land a substantial blow against jimin.

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Posted in: Man in Joker costume with knife injures 17 people on Tokyo train; starts fire See in context

The problem isn't solved by more security, it's solved at the root of the issue.

Anyone who's lived in Japan knows that never happens. The knee will jerk, and the innocent suffer the consequences of this nutjobs antics.

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Posted in: Tokyo TV station skips ugly controversy over Mako’s marriage; shows 'Blade' instead See in context

With the grumbling still persisting four years after their getting engaged,

This petulant little article is attempting to fuel outrage, very pathetically. Give it a rest already.

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Posted in: Name of former Princess Mako's husband not on New York bar exam pass list See in context

Who gives a toss?!?

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Posted in: ANA to cut workforce by 9,000 within 5 years See in context

ANA is certainly the better and more innovative airline

Yet they're too mean to give out pre take off champagne in Business Class, unlike many other airlines.

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Posted in: Tokyo's Imperial Hotel unveils new design for main building See in context

The original, rebuilt at Meiji Mura is a graceful building.

The current structure is an eyesore.

The proposed structure is worse than the current structure.

Can you see the pattern?

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Posted in: Kishida vows to strengthen ties with ASEAN See in context

because a single voter cares about that?

Taro sans out there who've missed out on 2 years of business trips and sleazy evenings sure as hell do

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Posted in: Over 70% fully vaccinated in Japan; among top 3 in G7 See in context

So why can't we come and go as we please across the border?

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Posted in: Japanese rice tastier due to global warming, says Aso See in context

He's still a moron isn't he?

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Posted in: FamilyMart releases their popular Famichiki fried chicken as home set with their own store oil See in context

I was violently sick after eating family mart chicken once. Never again.

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Posted in: Princess Mako to only give written answers at marriage press conference See in context

Since no one cares, don't even bother writing the answers. What a tawdry little story.

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Posted in: UK warns of 'gaps' with EU as talks to solve N Ireland Brexit issues resume See in context

Another Brexit freedom.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 17 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 153 See in context

With numbers this low why are fully vaccinated returning residents still being made to self isolate?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 19 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 236 See in context

With numbers this low why are fully vaccinated returning residents still being made to self isolate?

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Posted in: 47 trainee police officers punished for underage drinking, smoking See in context

Who cares?!?

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Posted in: Qantas moves up plans to restart int'l flights as Australia expects tourists soon See in context

That's nice. But we still need to self isolate and pay a fortune for tests despite being vaccinated when residents return from abroad. Notice Japan isn't on the list.

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Posted in: Shinsei Bank rejects SBI's tender offer; set for hostile takeover See in context

Hopefully SBI would reverse some of the stupid decisions shinsei made like disabling keycard access from the international plus system. The only bank to my knowledge that makes its customers access to their funds abroad impossible.

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Posted in: Man arrested for forcing his pet cat to swim See in context

Did you read the article? It was a kitten, not a grown cat.

That's the way, sink your claws in.

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Posted in: Man arrested for forcing his pet cat to swim See in context

What a purrr-fect disaster.

It's not nice, it's definitely something worth having a growl about.

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Posted in: Tokyo area set to end COVID-19 restrictions on eateries See in context

Good. Now do something about the border restrictions on residents.

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Posted in: LDP, opposition clash over economy, COVID in election campaign See in context

An ineffectual drone fest which won't change the result. The sheeple will just vote jimin back in.

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Posted in: Man steals police car after being left alone in back seat See in context

What a donut.

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Posted in: Vaccines, masks? Japan puzzling over sudden virus success See in context

never been in a public toilet at the same time as a native man I guess.

I see these same grubs are back to normal. No hand washing, or even an attempt to pretend. Also I've seen these grubs either 1) Removing their mask to sneeze 2) Fleming up in public 3) Spitting in the street 4) all of the above.

So the numbers we're seeing now sure is a mystery.

It's also a mystery why we still have to self isolate on arrival if returning residents are fully vaccinated.

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Posted in: Variety of frozen food vending machines proving a hit amid pandemic See in context

The only in-person interaction that is required in a supermarket is to hand over payment to the cashier.

Some of them don't even do that, and watch you pay - i.e. the customer doing their job.

Regardless, I only see drink machines in my area of Central Tokyo, none of the kind mentioned in the article.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 66 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 484 See in context

So why do we still have to self isolate when returning to the country. Why aren't the journos asking this question?!?

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Posted in: Nationwide system failure hits NTT Docomo; disruption continues See in context

NTT = No Telephone Today

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Posted in: Peach introduces one-month all-you-can-fly pass for under ¥20,000 See in context

No thanks. I'd rather travel domestically by surface transport.

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