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Posted in: Vaccines: The best way to persuade parents is the worst for kids See in context

Well Strangerland, I have been around to see scientist and doctors be wrong a bout a lot of things. Helpful medicines, treatment course and few other things. Have blind faith in science is ok for you, but there are enough of those around who have been given meds to find out that it was even more hazardous than then their initial problems. Like I said you are not guaranteed that you are safe hep is one of those great ones that even you could carry without knowing. Stays on an area for a long time your significant can have it without signs. The person you kiss at bar, or a friend you drank a beer after. After all death is going to catch you one day we all die. No one is guaranteed an uncomplicated life or death.

The science behind the matter doesn't disprove anything. We haven't been around for science to disprove anything. Even light which was once thought to be constant isn't constant it can be slowed. If you would like to believe that science is absolute that is also fine with me. I just have been around long enough to see it capitulate a few times.

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Posted in: Vaccines: The best way to persuade parents is the worst for kids See in context

It maybe selfish but who said being a parent is selfless. I am very selfish, my child's smile shines bright for me. The first day he had seizures was right after they gave him a vaccine package. It was one of the worst night of my life it may not have been the vaccines. The Doctors say no but up until that point our child had past all his examinations. So maybe it is a grasps at what is genetic, or pre-destined, but measles aren't as bad as TB and you could be a carrier without even knowing that one. There is no risk free in life. Measles I think are in the very short list of viruses scientist think can be eradicated.

Right now you could have something infectious, I work in daycare there is a huge list of things that many people have an may not be aware of. So Measles are just one more thing to either worry or not.

Say that I do not believe you can totally eradicate viruses like we can animals. Viruses are like cockroaches they adapted. Somewhere, lying around is probably the kin of small pox waiting to expose that it has adapted to over come the vaccine. This is just my opinion, nothing scientifically back. Just, looking at how most viruses are I am surprised that eradication is something truly possible. The sure number of different viral strains of a viruses seems like that would be impossible. However, life is too short a car could hit you, a mugger could kill you, death has thousands of mask. Having lived in a place where bullets cash out life like it was cheap makes me feel living around people no matter what is risky and vaccinated or not life is a precious gamble.

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Posted in: Vaccines: The best way to persuade parents is the worst for kids See in context

I don't believe that any medicine or vaccination is without its side effects. Some medicines cannot not even be used by between ethnic groups. Yet Vaccinations are a hundred percent safe? Have you heard any of these medical ads here in America. Which in a high speed voice whisk over all the possible side effects.

Some one mention rabies and staying away from animals which is funny because the original vaccine was for rabies. Maybe a French Doctor or something.

Humans aren't lemmings we diverge and that is what keeps us alive buy being diverse not like clones. So if some people do and some don't it fine most people will still live and get through something like the measles. Except if the have weak or compromise immune systems.

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Posted in: 3-year-old girl starves to death after mother leaves country See in context

I baby-sat non-stop when I was 13-18 and leaving a child alone with another child for more than a few days is dumb. A 14 year old may not be able to tell all the signs of sickness or know how serious a sickness might be. She obviously had the pressure of knowing what they were doing was not on the up and up. You are asking for a 14 year to balance the pressures of a full adult shame on a lot of you. I would not want to be your kids two weeks with a 3 year old a lot can happen. I had to be license as I got older and did stay over jobs as a kid there is no substitution for Adult supervision teenage supervision and at 14 here is not even close. This falls directly on the Mother's shoulder as it should.

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Posted in: Hashimoto apologizes to parents of student who killed himself See in context

The Principal at a school spends 3 to 5 years at a school. On the other hand this coach was there for about 18 years which is rare. I doubt it was this Principal's decision to keep the guy there. However, there was a ton of mistakes that this Principal did seem to subcome to. I am not for switching teachers and administrators but when one teacher has been at a place for a long time it becomes harder for others to regulate them.

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Posted in: 'Odd Couple,' 'Quincy' actor Jack Klugman dies at 90 See in context

Wow, I used to hear the theme song for The Odd Couple all the time when I was kid. I generally liked the show even though the humor was sometimes over my head back then. Maybe time to revisit. Rest In Peace. and Ranger_Miffy2 they are not sure what killed but a while back he had throat cancer and beat it. He too was disgusted with tabacco after that.

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Posted in: Japanese diplomat agrees to plea deal over wife abuse in U.S. See in context

I agree with Yuri. If you start prosecuting people you maybe right that person may need it. Then when your diplomats are somewhere and being accused of a crime they may not have done where are you. People could start arresting dipolmats to interrogate them but covering it under he broke laws. Diplomatic Immunity is a pain but it is one that is there for good reason. Now when the bastard is brought back to Japan it should be up to his country to punish him.

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Posted in: How to talk to your children about a school shooting See in context

Same thing my Mother told me, 'bad things happen your job is to stay aware look around and stay out of trouble. My job is try to make sure we make it through things like that.'

I still say and will say their are more things to fear than some stupid random shooting. I remember walking home when I was 11 with my little sister who was five years younger, and having bottles thrown at us walking home. I remember having people speed their cars up to try to hit us. I remember a very personal type of violence. I have experience drive-bys and guns in my face but those incidents with guns weren't everyday. Everyday was getting spit on, having things thrown at us and dodging strange adults spouting racist remarks.

This is just sensationalization for photo ops of basically pale people suffering. I grieve with this people, I do, but on a scale of everyday events having this happen isn't normal. It isn't the standard and you would rarely happen upon this type of violence.

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Posted in: Connecticut school shooting revives gun debate See in context

AustPaul, what would make you think the government could do anything about it. People who own guns don't usually trust the government and are probably the least likely to trust a ban. No sitting President unless he was on his second term would be able to even suggest it. Even if he wanted to it would make him hughly unpopular. I don't really care if a gun is more expensive if the tag id. works then the consumer will still pay to have their guns. It's a solution that gives the gun owner more control of what is happening to their guns. Still, you would have all those grandfathered guns with out it. I believe that it is a starting point. I say this as someone who has dealt with gun violence and not just theoratically dealt with it. The police had very slow response time in my neighborhood and we are famous for few things drive through drugs and guns. People who live in those conditions aren't going to trust the government to save them. The government has already failed them.

These random school shootings are still rare. Taking away guns because some idiots or people with mental health have done something wrong is akin to shutting down the internet because you can find kiddie porn on it. A call for more responsibility with guns is in order and tougher sentences for crimes involving guns.

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Posted in: Connecticut school shooting revives gun debate See in context

In general the average American probably has never seen any gun violence except what they watch on the screen. Even these sensational news articles can't change that, I have my own personal grievances with them.

AustPaul, the right to bear arms is there no back pedalling is going to make it go away. Even if you could, do you know how many guns are around in America?

Gun education, Gun Safety class, I would advocate and there were a few things 'Laguna' wrote about that make sense. I come from an area where drive-bys are common, illegal guns are easy to get and school slaughters were happening before they became hot on the news. I have also had two time in my life guns pointed at my person so yes if I thought we could get rid of guns in the U.S. I would be all for it. I have no faith that it can be done so the next best thing is to work out how to live with them. Every one of those rights we have come with big consequences 'TheQuestion' pointed out a few.

I understand the founding fathers were worried about not having enough guns to have functioning militia. They were also very worried about what type of government they would become. I still believe that they believed that we would be responsible with firearms since it was a personal everyday item with them. (On another note, Alexander Hamilton wasn't he taken away in gun violence. Damn dueling thugs!) Having a mature society means that they have to learn to deal with consequences of the laws they have. Chicago tried the whole banned guns across the city, I still came in contact with them as a kid. I still had to learn to navigate around idiots. But, we were taught gun safety what to do when you heard gun fire. Where was the best places to be while it doesn't guarentee you'll survive it helps.

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Posted in: Osaka to reintroduce Saturday classes for elementary schools See in context

There are a lot of things I like about the Japanese Elementary school system. A lot have to do with teachers who put down their time miss out on their own family engagement especially their own kids to work with the kids of their schools. Do I think it is fair becaues some kids are off how was it stated, "

When families can't afford, they let children (aged 7 to 13) alone in their mansions or playing in the streets of Osaka (many rivers, highways, non-protected railways, pure fun). "

I have been teaching in Osaka for 15 years in Elementary schools, Jr. High Schools, High Schools and Jr. Colleges, and I have many dedicated teachers on my watch. Why do they have to screw up their family life because you can't figure out how to run yours on the weekend? How is that fair. Kids aren't learning here because ever few years their is some new fangled fad in Education. In which the teachers are force to use but it is half explained and then badly excuted. The board of Education doesn't want to train in reality, they take Princess schools and then say why can't you do like that? Instead of taking on hard to deal with low grade schools and push to turn them into functioning schools. The Principal is only there for a short time so the school are mainly rudderless with no one steering the ship.

Instead of pushing extra time on kids, how about looking at schools that work forming a training task force and have these people observe and then help struggling teachers to grow. Teaching have a high burn out rate, and for whatever anyone thinks getting your teaching certificate in Osaka is very difficult. For all of you are ready to burn teachers at the steak, they do a hard job that many and most people would not. They dealing with everybody precious "who can't do anything wrong". If it takes a village to raise a kid in Japan at least teachers are the superheroes.

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Posted in: AIJ president was sure he could recoup losses See in context

It sounds like he was messing around with Hedge Funds which can make a lot of profit but you really have to be information savvy. Is it possible he could have made back at even greater returns; sure it is. However, investors should also known that anything that is giving you back high returns involves high risk. If you here someone telling you can make over a certain percentage on your money you should do your own investigating. Sounds like this guy didn't hedge against this high risk. It is a shame because Japanese people need to invest more instead of lettting their money sleep in the bank, why there is very little compounding interest here riddles me. The government has robbed them, the banks are screwing them, it is just hard for many Japanese people to know what to do with their money.

Anyway we would have to see this guys investing track record to know if it really was possible that he could have made the money back. There are plenty of good sound investments to put your money into but if you are close to retirement you want to have a little more safety then most high return investments can offer.

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Posted in: Black political group offers $10,000 for Florida teen's killer See in context

@Kamala Brown-Sparks, I think that is the whole problem. When I was a kid a few of us minority kids got together and tried to do a community up-lift program. We thought if we could work with the police and some of the community leaders we could change the overall attitude around our area. It ended up being the worst mistake that we could have made. After putting together meetings all twelve of us are age ranging from 12 to 16 were harassed by the police and the community. I think part of the reason I moved to Japan a small part but still a part was I was tired of trying to build bridges. Which as a kid I heard so many times, you kids are bridge makers but in short we were the nail in the Japanese proverb. Which as why when I hear about things like Trayvon's death and a time I am having my first child I am not sure if I have the balls to raise my child in America. When I was a kid I would at least it is me and not my little sister, or I would rather go through this so my imaginary child wouldn't. However, now as an adult, a future parent all of the memories of growing up there have now let out their edges.

I pray for Trayvon because I have so often been in the situation that I know that only dumb luck did I survivor. Not to mention the times when it wasn't life threatening like some kids throwing fire crackers out of their car windows and shouting insulting names for blacks, and people in general. How can I put my own kid through it? How can you not set your own fears about the world in which you live one them? I think about what the girl who was talking to Trayvon metion he said. She wanted him to run. I've run and had cars chase me, groups chase me, and dog set on me. I learn it is better to pick of the pace and not run unless it is the last resort. Are these really the lessons I want to teach my children?

I am not going to blame any ethnic group, because I think as a kid when all of kids came together and talked about it we all generally want the same thing. However after all the intimation from the cops and our own communities we were just kids. Has it really changed that much since the 90's?

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Posted in: Black political group offers $10,000 for Florida teen's killer See in context

@Kamala Brown-Sparks, it is good you had the talk with your kids. My mother had the same talk with me and my sister when we were younger. However, there in lies the problem the need for the talk itself. If anyone is wondering about why the response to this killing is overly wrought with emotion, and talk about racism and how America is schizo the talk is the reason.

There in itself is the kunadrum. It is important to give your kids that talk especially if you are black. None of my white friends have had this talk and are surprise when I say I've had it. Yet, the talk has the ablity to makes you distrust the police, and other authorities. America may pat itself on the back and say look how far we've come but I really don't think it is that far. I remember the bottles, knives, and occasional guns that have been aimed at me for just walking to school. This wasn't in the 50,60, or 70's it was in 80's and 90's. I remember one black friend of mine saying damn dangerous to be black. Trayvon in the background of a recoreded call has reminded us of that.

Now that I am older and things like that rarely happen to me this incident brings it all back. The constant checking from security staff in the mall, being pulled over by police while walking home from school, nothing makes you feel as great. Especially the first time a cop pulles you over and says "boy". I am not sure what I would have done in Trayvon's place. I've tried the brave it out method various results, the run method (I was good in track I truely believe this is why) many failed results, the stand-up to your bullies (never seems to be one always a pack), I tried talking, bluffing, and threatening. Until you have been followed by someone you truely may never know how frightening it is, the five billion questions running in your head all about safety, or the adjusting youself to the notion that pain is imminent and you need to brace yourself for it. I wouldn't fault Trayvon if I found out he fought back, on occasions I had my little sister with me that is what I had to do. I don't know if Zimmerman is in the wrong; in my heart however having been followed and harassed in my youth I tend to side with deceased. This could have easily been me in the early 90's.

In one screwed up act Zimmerman has highlighted, right or wrongly, that feeling of helplessness. The cops who let him go now are going to have an image problem that sticks with them. America sustains another black eye around the world. I truelly wish the talk wasn't needed but I am sure I am going to have to tell my kids one day as my mother told me, and my grandmother told my father.

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Posted in: What's wrong with Japanese education? See in context

Here's my opinion on this. Many schools in Japan are failing because the teachers aren't sure where their position is in the school. On the matter of discipline the Right to Learn. Just because all students have the right to learn doesn't mean in my opinion they should stay in class when they are being disruptive. Secondly, no control over distractions. What is with this not being able to take away phones, comic books, or other things students are using when they aren't supposed to. @JapanGal, I agree with you. Students are left too much on their own in which groups get together and pick on some indivisual. One person said just because I am bored doesn't mean I am not... It really only take one kid that other kids follow to do something stupid, Top Dog syndrome. It may even start off innocently enough and end up being something horrible. Having been on the recieving end of bullying I can tell you there are many different ways to start bullying someone but it is much harder to do infront of a teacher. Second, the responsibilities of a teacher here is amazing. Showing up in court, getting calls for police instead of calling the parents, the list could go on of things they have to do. I would also site the long interuptions of school activities that take up a month of teaching time. Should English be taught yes Japan is an Island. If the continue to want to do trade even their neighbors China and South Korea are doing business in English. I didn't have to learn Spanish in school but every job I apply for ask me if I can because that would help my chances. She I spend the money on Spanish classes yes, but what the hell was my mother paying taxes for. Education is supposed to guide the next generation into being ready to start taking over the next position if it isn't doing that it has failed. Cram Schools, quite possibly the worst idea year. If Cram schools were something that were their to help failing students to get on the field I be lest concern. However, Cram schools by many are seen as a necessary step to get students into High School, and College. That is the purpose of School they are making school redundant.

In short how do they fix the school system by examing the schools that are working and bring the derelict schools up to speed. It is not easy and it takes time because education is ever an ever changing beast.

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Posted in: Weinstein protests R rating of 'Bully' documentary See in context

Any dubbing over it, or taking out of it makes this film lose it's impact. Who do they think they are protecting, kids go through this sort of treatment with harsh language, and bad behavior -bullying should be rated R. However protecting your kids to the point of hurting them is also stupid. I've gone through bullying an there isn't anything 'PG' about it. This needs to be rated to hit the targeted area that maybe the root of the problem or experiencing the problem can get an outside glance at what is happening. This is one of those rare occasions were I agree with Weinstein. I think parents would be shock to hear how foul and filthy some of their children's mouths are. Then again the apple has a high percentage of not falling to far from the tree.

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Posted in: Quake researchers warn of Tokyo's 'Big One' See in context

If they were really worried they wouldn't shove every headquarters down that way. If this truely was a big concern wouldn't they have diversified the headquarters. Surely, with the internet, face to face meetings need not be so often. Except no one really listen to these things. They are akin to finding out that your favorite food might be carcinogenic. Way too many warning to ever really be taken seriously. Do use the Listerine.

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Posted in: Fukushima gov't rounding up stray pets from no-go zone See in context

Pets are still our responsibility. Somehow humans think pets are disposible when they wouldn't have been in the situation itself except by our own domestication of them. I am not a pet fan but a while back when I was a kid a dog saved my life. It didn't say hey I don't know that strange kid why should I help him it just saved my life. You are responsible for your pets. Which is another life in which is entrusted in your care. 1 year after is a disgracefully long time to have waited.

@orange, I agree with you on this one. I don't own a pet but I do owe my very life to one -but maybe sometimes pets are better at empathy than some humans.

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Posted in: Osaka votes in favor of enforced singing of Japanese national anthem in public schools See in context

I remember having to sing the American national anthem. However there were a few kids who were Johova witnesses. While the teachers tried to force them to sing these kids were crying; why, because their assembly told them they could only pledge to God anything else would damn their souls. It was hard being happy or patriotic while hearing those kids cry. You can force patriot displays but it's a slippery slope to losses of other valued freedoms.

In reality it is only a song. Which if the teachers don't sing or sing, it still won't effect students' grades. The government tries regulating the teachers left and right, but then let them hang in the wind with disruptive students.

Anyway for the longest time I thought as a kid that the last line was like ( Let three dumb rings!) Sang it that way until fifth when pointed out that it was 'let freedom ring'. The anthem of any nation is just a song most with words, that can be as hallow or meaningful as you let it be.

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Posted in: Monkees singer Davy Jones dies at 66 See in context

Randomly for the last four days I have been singing some of the Monkey's songs. Also been randomly doing the walk, now I am really sadden Davy is gone. How much fun was that show, how many times a group of my friends got together to imitate the walk. Lots of laugh from a band that seem to know how to have fun. Thank you Davy.

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Posted in: One dead, 4 wounded in Ohio school shooting See in context

A lot you are making assumptions that just based on what you think. In the eighties there were plenty of shootings in school. They happened among poor area high schools and were blamed on gang violence, but had anyone looked deeper it would that those shooting all were payback for percieved bullying. What hadn't really happen was upper middle income schools getting this type of violence.

Jforce, I am not sure about your situation but I am tell you from experience sometimes high school feels like the longest hell you could ever take. Having had Oreo wrapper stuffed in my locker and bags, being pushed down stairs, spit on, having to fight almost every day, and other various stupid things I can sympathy for those getting bullied.

However, the whole problem also might be the way the schools are dealing with. When I was a kid even though I never started a fight I was threaten with explusion and if not for my mother handling the school adminstration I would have been, for just protecting myself. A fight where I am from, never involves a one on one experience it is more like the main antagonist and is four other friends beating the crap out of you. When you are getting bullied like that come talk to me again about being an idiot because you couldn't wait.

Again we don't know his full story. However there is a long list of things in American society that need to be fix before I just call someone an idiot for this. It is a tragedy and I wish it had't happen but kids on a whole can do a lot of dumb things and it is very hard just to get up and leave in high school. Imagine continually having to go back into hell for four years.

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Posted in: Crown prince says emperor needs to reduce duties See in context

Kind of sad that family has to constantly say, hey my father is getting old let him have some more rest time. A little common sense would seem to indicate that. I hope the Emperor does get a little more rest time.

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Posted in: Violent videogame boosts vision in some adults See in context

I am going to make an educated guess an say that it is muscle and eye training. They spent basically an hour a day exercising their eyes.

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Posted in: Santorum attacks Obama's radical 'world view' See in context

Nothing wrong with being a Christian, which means to be Christ like. Christ himself makes a lot of really good points about life and how to live. However many people think they should be God. Which is impossible because who can understand the reasoning of any God.

Christ like, if they don't want you message dust your shoes and leave. Deal with your own problems before pointing your finger at others. He was born with it not something his parents did. All good messages from Christ. In no where did you see him say repress people because you are better than them. Christians need to be careful of how they veiw the world. For God might say, I know you not!

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy stabs mother after she confiscates video game See in context

I think about all those time I wanted to -Nope never happen, the ideal of even dreaming about hurting my mother would have sticken me to hell. What kind of monster are these kids. It is a control issue somewhere in this kids head he figures he has the same rights as a fully grown adult. I don't know where he could have gotten that idea from. We don't know what his family life is like other than from this short blurb. However, really maybe some old fashion Mom's can start putting together some course. A lovely phrase used by many a Mom in my neighborhood. I put you into this world and I as sure as hell can take you out of it. The fear of Mom, is the first law of the house. Second only to the fear of dad finding out you disrepected Mom.

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Posted in: Book smart or street smart See in context

Depends on where you live. Book smart isn't going to necessarily help you out of a beating. Street smart allow you to see the graffiti on the wall and know you're in the wrong neighborhood. While Book smart properly used can get you ahead. Shark or Dolphin?

Where I grew up Street smarts always trumped Book Smart. Still I guess you can measure which one is important to you by your comfort zone; if you aren't worried about stray bullets hitting you, then yes, Book Smarts seems like a nice ticket. If you are Street Smart then you already know that you need the Book Smarts so you can leave that area behind.

If this is an academic question for you more than a survival one then you probably know where your answer is.

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Posted in: The Great Sasuke arrested on suspicion of assaulting man on train See in context

Maybe he should have said something first but cell phones on the train are damn annoying. I also think manners for pictures use to be to ask the person if it was alright.

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Posted in: Would-be-robber with air gun disarmed by supermarket staff in Osaka See in context

Police said the supermarket was robbed of 500,000 yen by a knife-wielding man in December and that staff had attended a crime-prevention training course last month.

Ok and what crime-prevention training course tells you to wrestle down the assailant and possible get yourself hurt for just cash? Heroic but damn stupid, somebodies going to get hurt imitating these guys.

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Posted in: Man dies in California after Taser arrest See in context

I am not usually one to trust cops to readily I have seen too many cases of abuse of power. I remember walking home from high school and having a cop us the N-word and then tell me he could arrest me anytime and say I resisted arrest. I am sorry just cause someone has a badge doesn't make them a nice person. It was my freshman year and yes I walked well around the stupid area to get home put an extra 15minutes to do every morning and after school. So if you don't get why people my sometimes resist arrest the I suspect you have had a sheltered life.

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Posted in: 27-yr-old police sergeant arrested for having sex with 14-yr-old girl See in context

Sorry mis-read. If the cop went around lying about his age then he should be creamed. Can his ass and jail time would be best. tkoid2 you don't need manga to have a society that his hooked up with fantasies about high school girls. Plenty of countries do and don't really have half the crap this country has on the shelves of your local mag shop here.

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