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Posted in: 27-yr-old police sergeant arrested for having sex with 14-yr-old girl See in context

Pretending to be a collage student. I am sorry but she gets no sympathy from me. There should be some punishment for misrepresenting your age,like community service or something but if not then she effectively gets away with this stupid action. Which she is still alive, and probably still in perfect health. I think she didn't get paid and told her parents why else would you she go to the sight an represent herself as older.

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Posted in: 'Monga' in our midst See in context

Do we really want to compare the habits of Japanese tourist around the world in the 80's and 90's. Many countries had names for them also I think this story is stupid. I mean then I guess foreigners in this countries could just create a net site focusing on dumb things Japanese tourist have done but why waste the time.

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing woman and disposing of her body in mountains of Ehime See in context

It seems to be a women getting killed kind of week with the Japanese news. Kind of like scarring single women into locking their doors and not going out. Still until you know someone I guess it pays to do that whole couple dating thing.

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Posted in: Obama, Senate Republicans bicker over economic stimulus bill See in context

I am not sure I am for free medical for adults, I would say that I would love to have a more discounted system. Make damn sure one doesn't have to lose the farm for getting sick. If Obama plan works then great but I feel that free health leads to people abusing the system and going in for every little thing when they don't need to.

"If Obama said spending freeze, capital gains tax abolished and corporate tax rates cut to 12.9 percent. I'd be screaming from the rafters in support of him."

I second that fully.

I still think that education is gotten way out of hand as an expense also. You're almost an indentured servant after you get your full education. There are other ways that are more sound than just throwing money into the fire.

Yet you still have to do something or you get Hoovervilles and history remembers that as bad.

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Posted in: 18 people to be prosecuted over insulting messages on comedian's blog See in context

Hopefully at 37 he can handle a some ignorant people ranting. He could also block them from his blog. I don't know if somehow your name gets mixed up with a murderer than you want to make a brief not somewhere that you weren't ther person in question.

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Posted in: U.S. puzzled by Iran's rejection of badminton team See in context

Maybe next year after the Iranians have prepared a bit. Maybe their star player was hurt. Maybe that thought about it and thought any sport with the wor "bad" in it just shouldn't be allowed in. Maybe just maybe people will stop saying America and say the United States after all South America, Central America, and well Canada and Mexico are part of North America too. It's like saying that country what do you call it oh yeah, you know that country Africa! Keep those Bad mittens away!

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Posted in: Osaka tennis coach arrested for indecent behavior with high school girl See in context

Would this be another former student or a student that is there now? It would probably easier to chase the claim of the student that is presently there and then back track to see how long this idiot has been doing this crap. Seriously I went to boarding school there were controls to make sure we didn't end up at some teacher's house or one of the Residents.

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Posted in: Ai Iijima died of pneumonia; no foul play, say police See in context

She died all speculation is just that. I hope she is at rest, may her soul have found peace, joy, and happiness. Lots of people die alone every year its just life it is what it is.

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Posted in: Chinatsu Wakatsuki goes topless for charity See in context

Betting, A few years back I asked my Japanese co-workers about that. They all responsed that the government pays for charity work. It isn't that indivisual don't but it seems that is more of a public act then a private contribution.

Also if you look at a lot of NPO's and NGO's you will find some Japanese working there. Infact a few years back they use to show the trend of how man Japanese woman choice that route.

If Chinatsu takes off her top to raise charity and it actually goes to the cause what's the problem? There really isn't one. One simple stupid act and she makes money for people who need it. I wish more people were willing to take off their tops for charity.

Then again that would be PETA.

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Posted in: Hamas says it's back in control of the Gaza Strip See in context

"In the end they will eat up Israel." This is why Isreal will keep bombing them back to the stone age. Both sides are wrong but high provocative speeches are dumb at this point. You have not won when your hospital have to decide which treatable with todays medicine child to make the cut. While others with problems that in any other stable nation would be a hiccup in the childs life. I am sorry but Hamas did not win in fact it lose big.

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Posted in: Brazilian workers protest layoffs See in context

"Everyone makes their own choices. Working a temporary position in a factory for 20 years is a choice." I applaude the statement, so why is choosing to protest against going to the chopping block bad? Why should they meekly go home? Protest your heart out and if something comes of it then hurray. If not, then at least you didn't go meekly into that darkness. At least your tried to make your voice heard even it falls on deaf ears.

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Posted in: Fujitsu asks 100,000 employees to buy its products See in context

Buy now! The company.

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Posted in: Student arrested after threatening undercover policewoman with box cutter See in context

I so wished at 17 when I was still a student in High School I could be out thill 11:30. But at last my mom would have give me a swift kick to the hinny for bein out so late on Tuesday a school night. Glad they caught him and hope he goes away for a long time.

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Posted in: Junior high school student arrested after bullying incident in Kyushu See in context

Please bullying happens to most people and a fair share of people here probably did something. From popping bras or spreading malicious gossip, excluding someone from your play group kids are mean. Very few I've met are paragons of goodness. Most like adults are just followers. It is up the officials to catch and give the right punishment. Use to be absence from school, a mark on the record, and community or after school service.

To Timorborder, not every boarding school was like yours. The one I went to in my Senior year was more like Wakarimasen's descript, and my friends who come from different boarding schools are close to the same. Lord of the flies even children set up their own little societies with rules and punishments.

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Posted in: What do you think of President Obama's inauguration speech? See in context

Speech are all great and grand but run hallow if no actions come from them. I do not believe that the Presidency would be easy for the next person to take the lead. There are many things that need to be addressed and not so much breathing room for mistakes. The learning curb needs to be fast as the issues are many.

Medicine sometimes taste very bitter, it will be up the President to see if he can easy the bitterness or at least strenghten the will of us who have to take it.

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Posted in: Red star rising: With global capitalism on ropes, communism gains in Japan See in context

There is no utopia, it is an illusion where preditors don't eat prey. True Capitalizm and Communism doesn't exist except for on paper in some peoples minds somewhere. Yes humans are greedy, and innovations come out of someones desire to, dare I say it, capitalize on that want. There will always be a raising chaste, and falling chaste as fluidity in those populations is needed. Still it is harder to become rich, than it is to become poor and that makes sense. Just as when animals begin to over populate an area and eat all their resources nature corrects the problem. So in term does the system, now when we have overreached our greed we are getting a much needed correction, like it or not. Innovations is the key to human success and growth. I system that doesn not properly reward one for making the innovation will fail. Commmunism is two pure an idea to work. So pure that it easily becomes corrupted and loses it's strenght. Capitalizm is flexible enough to endure corruption still the sharp correction is much unliked.

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Posted in: 14-year-old Saitama girl commits suicide after being bullied online See in context

I am sorry I heard what the two girls wrote her and if that is enough for her to kill herself then I am less sympathic. During my school days I got Oreo wrappers, spit in the face, pushed down stairs, and having to fight usually a gang of people, how about giving a little more backbone to kids here. There was no way I was going to end my life for any stupid kids. Maybe, school needs not to be everything in a kids life. For all the crap I got at school my extra-cirricular activities kept me sane. I thank the YMCA and Four H clubs, also AYSO and ll the rest. The only time I bowed out was when a friend of mine took four baseball bats to the head and his attackers the next day told me I was next. I got straight on train to my Mom's work and told her I wouldn't step in that school again no matter what. Not all kids are the same but really a little more iron in the back would be nice.

Still the translator could have mis-translate what the e-mail messages said. Though two news reports said the same thing.

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Posted in: Companies angry over thoughtless students amid economic downturn See in context

It feels like they want the prospective students to be in awe of just getting the interview. "Oh thank you mighty company for even considering my lazy butt for this job." When I see nothing wrong with asking if a company is a fun place to work either. My Japanese friend worked his first year for a cosmetic company, whose overtime expectation was unbelieveable, no pay for it either. In his words, "I felt like my life was two people, one who couldn't believe this company and the other who was too tired to think. Everybody was acting like it was normal, I felt like alien." Had he known this company was like this he wouldn't have wasted his and their time, he would have looked for another company. Which he did after he finished his one year contract. Working aboard isn't for everyone either, but I am sorry for these companies, with that attitude it won't be long until nobody wants to work for them. Nobody wants to be treated like fodder for too long without signs that it will get better, with no lifetime gurantee employment.

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Posted in: What can other leaders learn from Obama? See in context

Unless he can get the economy jump started in his term, lead America in a direction that shows hope and growth for business industry he will be nothing but a paper eagle. People are excited in America about what it says about the country electing it's first non-full angelo american. They are excited about his youth, but those alone do not make a great person much less a president. One will be getting Health insurance under control. The next the credit industry needs some sort of regulation it's left the tracks a long time ago. The next will be sorting out where new investments and innovating growth industries will be. Will see if he can handle the domestic while trying to navigate the international scene. Change even with the best attempt can go wrong it is when that happens will know what type of leader he is. How well can he recover.

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Posted in: Israel declares unilateral Gaza cease-fire See in context

"The history of the region is much more complex than people realize." Amen.I think half the people write here with only looking at the surface crap you see on tv. or read in the news. The region in question is so complex that all sorts of ways have been tried to resolve the conflict. Europe isn't the ones being bombed. War sucks and modern day war has the world watching something that makes it harder to lose face. To be the loser of an armed conflict takes a certain amount of pie eating. I am sorry for the Palestinians but Isreal is a more powerful and organized force. Right or wrong someone eventually has to submit. Who that is going to be I guess depends on how much suffering the sides can take. Isreal only suffers with world opinion The Gaza strip suffering from total destruction. When 80% of your people have to depend on aid to get the necessities lobbing rockets into a beehive is stupid. Maybe the should be focusing on building the area up and gaining more support, aid, and investment. Maybe the should be working on the civilian problems instead of trying to wipe out a society that probably even has nukes. Isreal is to close to be playing this endurance game.

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Posted in: Japanese workers face horror of mass firing era See in context

I don't know losing my job and my home at the same time would probably be mind numbing for me. Still it might be time to button donw th ehatches and start the living in with parents again. Still that is just me losing the job sucks losing your lodging well blue tento or find a relative. Besides he is 40 why would another company hire him when they can get fresh and young. Medium rare or raw which one does the company like to eat.

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Posted in: Israel strikes Gaza in 2nd day of attacks; death toll tops 280 See in context

The Palastinians and Isrealis have been lobbing their crap at each other for a long time. The only difference is one side crap is brand name and the other side is thrift.

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Posted in: Niigata school principal held for assaulting high school boy on train See in context

Really, those end of the year parties are great. I am not sure it would be a good thing to do without. The guy was drunk he should be fined and properly embarassed and made to apologize and on his way. I also think he should have to pay for injuries inflicted.

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