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Posted in: Joy of Sake returns to Tokyo on Nov 7 See in context

Let's do it, for the sake of it

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Posted in: Real estate redevelopment in an aging society See in context

This country is facing economic collapse.

Capitalism relies on growth. Without growth, everything collapses, and the pace of population decline is such that there will be no growth. We are entering into terra incognita. I can't recall of any modern economy facing such a demographic headwind. Its a live experiment. Historically population declines happen with wars or epidemics, and are associated with huge economic decline.

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Posted in: Japan hangs all 6 remaining Aum death row inmates See in context

The plebeans got their thirst of blood fulfilled

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Posted in: Silver finish See in context

Congrats Team Japan !!! special mention to Mima ITO for her superb performance against LIU Shiwen

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Posted in: Ex-worker at nursing home sentenced to death for killing 3 residents See in context

death sentence is barbaric, whatever the crime is

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Posted in: Crypto exchange Coincheck to refund customers after theft See in context

Coincheck is in business since 2014

There are reports that 90% of the hacked NEM belonged to Coincheck itself, not to customers.

as to why they own so much NEM, it was only 1 year ago, NEM was worth 50x less, so if they had 10M to invest, its already a more possible figure, and if they bought it even before, they could have bought their stack for much less...

So it COULD be true that they really have so much money, just because they bought coins for peanuts 2 years ago or before.... the question is rather why didn't they sell till now ???? and why if they had so much money weren't they able to hire a few guys to improve security... But you see incompetence in the biggest financial companies so why not in a small startup ?

Also if those reports are true, the amount to be reimbursed to customers is much lower than the headline figure for the hack.

Another explanation is a bailout by the government to avoid panic in the crypto market. Because they were responsible for the most crypto friendly regulations and laws in the world as they believe strongly its a business chance for Japan

Yet another possible explanation is that they found out who the hacker is. Its known that the hacker can't spend his stolen coins because they have been "marked" [this is possible with NEM technology, and has been done]. So they have negotiated with the hacker but want to keep the whole thing silent.

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Posted in: Mariah Carey confirms new beau; talks new single, tour See in context

Too many pizzas and too much Coke for Carey

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Posted in: Comedian Pikotaro astonished by viral success of 'PPAP' song See in context

Am I the only one seeing some sexual meaning to this song !

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Posted in: How do you remember all the passwords and user IDs you use in your daily life? See in context

write it down in a real notepad

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Posted in: Actress Ryoko Shinohara smolders in new lingerie ad for Triumph See in context

Photoshop is great

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Posted in: Japan fullback Goromaru out for season with shoulder injury See in context

career over, too bad. he was the best player Japan ever had.

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Posted in: Here’s what Japanese men and women think about cheating See in context

What are the most important criterions for choosing a wife ? That she can make and raise children properly. Obviously you can't do that outside marriage. And that she's sexually perfect for you. Cause this adultery is a cause for divorce.

If shes dumb, has no conversation, no problem you can speak to any other lady without fear. If she can't cook, you can eat someone else's food. That aren't legal causes for divorce.

So it's all about sex in the end...

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Posted in: Japan's negative rates a looming headache for BOJ See in context

It works until it doesnt. Yen crash, hyperinflation and asset confiscation together with capital controls expected in short order

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Posted in: Read my lips: Abenomics is losing its gloss See in context

Japan is doomed

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Posted in: Kiyohara's ex-wife thinking of educating sons in U.S. See in context

she just wants to milk her ex

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Posted in: Can’t afford to buy an island? Rent one for about Y70,000 a day See in context

it will an excellent setting for movies. Soon coming to you.. "tropical bitches of Sarushima" "Moans key business at Sarumashima"

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan reach deal on wartime sex slaves, including Y1 bil aid fund See in context

If Abe manages to settle this issue, it will be quite some achievement, and an unexpected one coming from this guy. I don' t like a lot of what he does, but we will have to give him a big credit for that. Korea and Japan should work together to stabilize China's ambitions and cooperate more on the economic side as well.

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Posted in: Weak data latest bad news for Abenomics See in context

18,000,000 yen in cash ?? No way, more like 1,800,000

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Posted in: Weak data latest bad news for Abenomics See in context

Japan economy is doomed. Abenomics or any plan will not work. Abenomics is just worse than the others. The Japanic has hit the iceberg and is slowly but surely going vertical

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Posted in: Japan's core inflation falls in August due to low oil prices See in context

declining consumer prices is bad ?

do you think it would be soooo good for Japanese people to see their wages stay still (or keeping going down) while the price of everything goes up by 10% or more ?

stupid policy goals in the first place

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Posted in: 3 Americans praised for subduing train gunman in France See in context

THANK YOU mr Marines.

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Posted in: Bitcoin exchange CEO faces new criminal charges See in context

he has to pray he can be extradited back to France

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Posted in: Bitcoin exchange CEO faces new criminal charges See in context

he'll spend a few years in jail and retire with 48 billion yens... but he may have a rough time in... the guys in the same cell will do what it takes to get his bitcoins...

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Posted in: Women in Tokyo cutting through stress and fat with katana exercise class See in context

Mr Noidall please stop your sword-id jokes

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Posted in: U.S. regulators approve first 'female Viagra' See in context

husbands desperately need it for their wives

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Posted in: Japan's economy contracts 0.4% in April-June quarter See in context

abenomics hangover

this country is due for an epic crash.

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Posted in: Abe says history will prove him right over security bills See in context

Abe is right ???

yeah sure, like the fascist Japanese. With Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, they were surely proven right. If thanks to Mr Abe, Japan enters war with (for example) China and/or Russia, Korea or whoever, and Tokyo, Osaka get nuked, he will be surely be proven right, like the likes of his grandfather, once again...

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Posted in: Las Vegas exec bilked Japanese victims in $1.5 bil Ponzi scheme See in context

lets hope the 3 of them spend 324 years in prison

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Posted in: Greece imposes capital controls, banks to remain shut See in context


too late and useless to whine. the money has been lent, and the creditors won't ever see it again... its gone...

coming soon to Japan

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Posted in: Japan reaches Women's World Cup final after England injury time own goal See in context

PK and own goal... but Japan advances to the final...

still what a poor way of winning

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