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Posted in: Asashoryu's retirement: Did he fall or was he pushed? See in context

Had he not done all those nasty things in the passed the JSA would have no reason to push for his resignation.

Hence, he fell.

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Posted in: Japan, China still at odds over 'Rape of Nanking' See in context


Japan: So China, we raped and murdered thousands of people in your country and would rather not apologise and kind of deny it happened to the extent it did if thats ok?

China: No, we hate you. Also, the general population's hatred of you as a people helps us keep everyone in line.

Japan: So we should or shouldnt apologise?

China: Publicly we will demand an apology, but really, as long as you dont apologise and the government and people have a common hate figure, that works well for us.

Japan: Cool, we can also kind of 'save face' here too, right, by not really apologizing?

China: Yep! Works well for everyone doesnt it. If its ok with you, we will keep bringing this up every couple of years or so.

Japan: ok - should keep some journalists in a job as well, and they can pretty much just copy and paste....


Made my day! Thanks.

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Posted in: Take a break See in context

Actually a pretty cool pic. Nice job.

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Posted in: What do you think is the most recognizable image in the world? See in context

McDowell's Golden Arcs

HA! Once in awhile Sarge you make a funny.

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Posted in: What do you think is the most recognizable image in the world? See in context

I believe I read somewhere that Mickey was more widely known than Jesus Christ.

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Posted in: Swimsuit campaign girl See in context


You'd better take a few rescue lessons for taking drowning people out of the water because she won't be able to float with this obvious fat deficit. But if you wish to take the risk, please go on.

HAHAHAHA! What a cute comment! I can almost picture the rage building up inside you.

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Posted in: Should President Barack Obama have bowed to the emperor while he was in Japan? See in context

We really should have more choices to the poll imo.

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Posted in: Navies of 2 Koreas exchange fire See in context

An American one?

Hehe. Touche

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Posted in: Navies of 2 Koreas exchange fire See in context

The North Korean ship was seriously damaged in the skirmish while the South Korean ship was unscathed

HA! Wonder what tin can NK was using.

wonder what ship SK was using as well for that matter....

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Posted in: What behavior or habits by passengers on planes bother you the most? See in context

realist: Japanese ojiisans from the inaka on their first trip abroad who think that the little damp towels are for taking a bath with. I`ve seen them stand up, strip down to their underwear and clean under their arms with these things. A nauseating sight. Grumpy unsmiling flight attendants, especially on some airlines. If they dont like people and dont like the work why dont they do us all a favour and quit?

I just puked a bit in my mouth.

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Posted in: What do you think of Quentin Tarantino as a filmmaker? See in context

I do enjoy his dialogue sequences.

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Posted in: Matsui hits record-tying 6 RBIs as Yankees win World Series See in context

Yankees WIN!!!!!!!

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Posted in: Quarter Pounder back for seconds See in context

Quarter Pounder Bacon & BBQ, an American-style burger with bacon and barbecue sauce

Actually sounds quite tasty.

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Posted in: Obama says he will not rush Afghanistan decision See in context

The war-monger democrats will not stop until the whole world is conquered and appropriately taxed. Bow-down to the Obama-god and pledge your allegiance -or be crushed. The Obama-god has spoken.


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Posted in: Happy birthday See in context

They are soooo tiny!

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Posted in: U.S. President Barack Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize See in context

Rock on Prez Obama!

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Posted in: N Korea considers return to nuclear talks See in context

You both beat me to it!


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Posted in: Kanye West outburst rains on Swift's MTV parade See in context

What a tool

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Posted in: 18-year-old Japanese woman loses Y8 mil antique violin on Austrian subway See in context

That girl is really smart! Yeah for her!

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Posted in: 'Inglourious Basterds' one of many tricky movie titles See in context

For those that have seen it, I am under the impression that there may be a part 2 to the film.

Can you confirm or reject these suspicions please?

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Posted in: Cockney rhyming slang to be used at London ATMs See in context

Oh goodness this has to be on topic someway or another!


"How are you today? i am looking forward to some nice tea"

Translates to......:

Wotcha. 'a 're ya today? I am lookin' forward ter sum sugar and spice Rosy Lee

Try it out. Its a laugh riot.

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Posted in: Obama administration launches criminal probe into CIA interrogation tactics See in context

Says this in the article adaydream:

One CIA operative interviewed for the report said the program thwarted al-Qaida plots to attack the U.S. Embassy in Pakistan, derail trains, blow up gas stations and cut the suspension line of a bridge.

Believe it or not. I am actually leaning towards believing it.

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Posted in: Canadian PM dines on seal meat See in context

I wonder what seal meat tastes like.

I would be up for trying it once.

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Posted in: Gun-toters, including one with assault weapon, attend Obama protest See in context

They were just carrying thier guns because they thought the Dawn of the Dead zombies were gonna starts doing their zombie thing and a bullet to the brain is the easiest way to take em out.

Upstanding citizens if you ask me.

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Posted in: 8 suspects, including mother, held in rape of 16-yr-old girl in Fukuoka See in context

TheguyNextdoor summed it up best:


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Posted in: Child monks See in context

Lil' shoulin monks on parade!

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Posted in: Older men up in arms over slovenly female behavior See in context


*I was on the train last night and a lady got on who was a) at least 80 years old, and b) visually impaired. Both sets of courtest seats fully-occupied with the spectrum of locals, from effeminate youth to oyaji. All perfectly able to stand. All glanced up, all saw the lady who was entitled to use the seat, all looked down again and busied themselves.

Who ended up giving the seat up? The barbarian on the regular seats, of course.*

This right here is gold.

Rarely do I ride the subway and even rarer that I ride a bus. But I will be damned if I have not gotten up to offer my seat to some old, disabled or preggers woman than most (I am thinking 99.5%) Japanese have whom happen to ride the subway or bus every day.

Japanese pride themselves on being "polite and courteous".

What a friggin joke.

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Posted in: Hachiko and Gere See in context


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Posted in: 140 killed in unrest in China's Xinjiang: Xinhua See in context

Here is the oppurtunity to show China is a real leader of of 21st century by showing the will of defiance! Only swift and brute treating method can bringing law, order,fair and justices in Xinjiang!

Cute dragonczar. Don't you know you are and always will be under the thumb of the USA?

Don't know that yet? Not surprising. You will likely never know. Still you are cute in your beliefs. All hail the China awesomeness! LOL

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Posted in: 140 killed in unrest in China's Xinjiang: Xinhua See in context

HAHAHA dragonczar is so funny!

Oh wait. He is serious?

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