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Everyone wants to claim they are a victim of some historic slight or other. That way people can feel superior and self righteous- even when they themselves were not victimized by anyone but in their imaginations.

So true. But hey, at least Japan doesn't repeatedly ask America for money seventy years later.

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Posted in: New S Korean ambassador eyes political solutions to issues with Japan See in context

She was indicted in charge of libel against the survived comfort women regardless of the truth about the CW.

Sure, "libel".

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What Japan did to Korea is far worse than what Korea is doing to Japan now.

What Japan did happened more than seventy years ago, and has been compensated for multiple times.

Meanwhile, North Korea bombed an island ten years ago and fired multiple missiles over Japan, and South Koreans view Kim Jong Un, a dictator who jailed entire families and executed people in public, in a more favorable light than Abe. Not to mention almost half of South Korea would support North Korea in a war against Japan.


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Posted in: Japan considers various options against S Korea 'comfort women' ruling See in context

South Korea is still harassing Japan for its war crimes, yet they'll threaten to pull out of GSOMIA and put millions of lives at risk of nuclear war. They can't forgive Japan for what happened last century, yet they already forgot the time North Korea killed and burned a South Korean diplomat last year.

They need to get over the past and focus on the present.

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Posted in: S Korea likely to confirm ex-comfort women's win next week See in context

South Korea is still obsessed with Japan's war crimes, yet they're ignoring the time North Korea bombed Yeonpyeong ten years ago or shot and burned a South Korean official last year, and they threatened to pull out of GSOMIA, putting millions of lives at risk of nuclear war. South Korea needs to get over Japan and get their priorities straight.

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Posted in: S Korea to continue efforts to improve ties with Japan, says Moon See in context

The last time Moon said he wanted to improve ties, he was threatening to pull out of GSOMIA. It seems like he cares more about antagonizing Japan than protecting millions of people from nuclear war.

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Posted in: North Korean leader Kim says U.S. is Pyongyang's 'biggest enemy' See in context

Says the man who imprisons entire families and executes people in public.

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Posted in: Japan calls S Korean court ruling on 'comfort women' regrettable, unacceptable See in context

If South Korea wants money, they shouldn't have disbanded the comfort women foundation that Japan itself funded.

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Posted in: Japan-S Korea ties remain frosty 5 years after 'comfort women' deal See in context

It reflects then President Obama's will and grand strategy. Yet Moon breaches Americans and their efforts.

Don't forget about the time Korea lied about consulting the White House before deciding to scrap GSOMIA.

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