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Posted in: Japanese singer and musician Gackt takes indefinite hiatus due to vocal and neurological disorder See in context

I hear a rumor (and it is only that) that he has relapsing-remitting MS.

Good news: It's not usually fatal and people with MS can have a relatively normal life-span.

Bad news: It's a progressive disease for which there is no cure.

I don't think it's okay to muddy the waters as the official diagnosis was undisclosed to the public and I find that rumor extremely hard to believe.

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Posted in: Ousted ex-Thai PM Yingluck, brother - both fugitives - in Japan to attend event See in context

In Thailand every PM that exits is thrown in prison or runs from the next group who are in power. It’s a pretty hardcore and dangerous game being a politician there.

That's like the worst job in Thailand. ;_;

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Posted in: Balinese man gets 15 years prison for murdering Japanese couple See in context

similar sentences don't occur in Japan?

No. The suspects gets the death penalty over there.

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Posted in: Balinese man gets 15 years prison for murdering Japanese couple See in context

15 years imprisonment...

They had better have a brtual penal sytem in Indonesia.

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Posted in: Y3.7 bil in cash brought to Tokyo police as lost and found in 2017 See in context

I would rather turn it in and wait. Perhaps, someone, somewhere is looking an undisclosed sum of money and needed it for their families.

BUT, if they don't claim it within 90 days, it mine now. :)

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Posted in: Man arrested for allegedly driving sports car at 235 kph on highway See in context

Police suspect that Shirai had repeatedly driven a car exceeding the speed limit on highways and other roads in the capital from 2015 to 2016, and showed provocative actions such as raising his middle finger toward the vehicle speed checking system


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Posted in: Parents of dead woman admit confining her for 15 years See in context

Those people don't deserve to be called Parents". "VILE MONSTERS" is a better "fitting term for them.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after remains of 4 infants found in concrete in buckets at home See in context

Why are degenerates like her able to reproduce and the ones who want kids can't?

She could have given them up for adoption and went about her life and not kill them with concrete.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attempted murder of 11-month-old son See in context

They said she has admitted to trying to kill her baby and quoted her as saying she was tired of child-rearing and wanted to be “free of my responsibility.”

Now that is just awful. 

 I just read a story about a "mother" who deserted her two kids in her apartment because she didn't want to take care of them anymore and they starved to death even though CPS came by to check on them but didn't enter the house except for the police.

That "mother" is serving 30 to life as of right now.

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Posted in: 69-year-old man arrested for stealing melons worth Y60,000 See in context

What-a-melon Head! xD

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Posted in: Homeless woman arrested after living undetected in man's closet for a year See in context

I read this on Yahoo news!! XDDDD; I can't seem to understand why this woman would Hide in the Closet just to live there..Weird... >>;;;

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Posted in: 16-year-old girl hangs herself after message on blog tells her to die See in context

This is much like the Megan Meier Suicide Case. hope they find who did it...

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