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Posted in: Russia pounds Ukraine's Donetsk region after seizing Luhansk See in context

Probably because that's not why they came to Donbass.

Total propaganda. Why would Russia come to Donbass to stop the genocide then bomb them. Also the shells are 155mm, supplied by USA and NATO. Russia uses 157mm.

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Posted in: Russia pounds Ukraine's Donetsk region after seizing Luhansk See in context

Ukraine should face reality, its going to lose the Dombas and south. Choosing peace now may allow them to keep Odessa and have a port. Western arms have not made difference nor will they. Why have thousands more die when the result will be the same?

I don't think either side is interested in peace right now. Ukraine gains nothing, as Russia's word means nothing (they will magic up more neo-nazis whenever it suits them to take more land). Russia also gains nothing from peace talks right now, as nobody is ready to drop sanctions.

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Posted in: Hong Kong lawmaker tests positive for COVID after photo with Xi See in context

@Rodney: So is it fluff or propaganda? They are two different things.

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Posted in: Japan examining impact of Russia Sakhalin-2 gas project decree See in context

In that case why did Japan, or the rest of the world for that matter, get involved in Ukraine. I still don't understand why we care about that conflict.

It is good you don't need to make these kinds of decisions then. I think it has to do with making a few sacrifices in the short term to discourage more "special operations" from occurring across the world. Japan has been loud and clear about this since the beginning.

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Posted in: Kishida seeks major upgrade of NATO partnership See in context

@clown world: it seems like not being part of a NATO-like alliance is much more stupid and dangerous. Look at Ukraine. It could be the future of any other country that lacks an alliance (or nukes).

Yeah, more wars for the US and the West and its military industrial complex. This is beyond stupid and dangerous...

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Posted in: U.S. Treasury Secretary Yellen to visit Japan July 12-13 See in context

@Eastman and Rodney: Why do you assume a partnership consists of one party dictating what the other needs to do? It's much more logical that the countries want to work together for their mutual benefit...

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Posted in: Japan to extend additional $100 million in humanitarian aid to Ukraine See in context

@blacklabel: I meant the government is essentially giving 1USD from each of the ~100 million residents of Japan. I don't think it's worth people complaining about how it could have been used here (to buy everyone an onigiri) instead.

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Posted in: Japan to extend additional $100 million in humanitarian aid to Ukraine See in context

Not much empathy here huh? People are dying from thirst and hunger there. It's literally less than 1 USD per person that they're offering to Ukraine!

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Posted in: Russia fails to pay debt but denies default See in context

@gin: Russia wants to annex this land they invaded. Is it ok for other countries to do this?

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Posted in: Shanghai reports zero COVID cases for first time since March See in context

@painkiller: Wait until China eventually has to ditch the zero-covid policy (it cannot go on forever right?). Unfortunately things will get bad then, until they get better.

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Posted in: Japan, Philippines eye space as next area of defense cooperation See in context

@Rodbey: Then what don't they? Hmm, maybe not such a waste of money.

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Posted in: High court rejects paternity harassment allegations by Canadian man See in context

Good on him for trying to change, or at least expose, a bad system (and company). I'm sure he's not naive enough to expect a big payout, but he's still trying to make a stand for what he believes in.

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Posted in: China's mass testing program building a waste mountain See in context

@painkiller: Zero covid is, of course, not a sustainable policy (lockdowns forever?). Even the Chinese government will have to realize this eventually.

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Posted in: Considering climate change, wars, food security, price hikes, the pandemic, migration, racial and political divisions -- what do you think the world be like in 10 years? See in context

I think it will be a better place in general. It is called progress, and it happens despite all the challenges we face.

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Posted in: Japanese airline Zipair ditches 'Z' logo to avoid pro-Russia misunderstanding See in context

It's encouraging that this is the top story of the day. Yay no major crises, I guess.

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Posted in: Turkey says Ukraine grain ships could avoid mines; Russia offers safe passage See in context

Yes, I don't get it what the pro-invasion people are going on about either. Everyone knows Ukraine laid the mines and why, it is not some kind of secret.

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Posted in: Taiwan Strait is an international waterway, Taipei says, in rebuff to China See in context

@William: You are presenting as "fact" the outcome of an event that never happened. It is arrogant.

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Posted in: Parts of Shanghai return to lockdown; Beijing district shuts entertainment venues See in context

@painkiller: So keep locking down forever is the answer?

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Posted in: Saudi Arabia hikes July crude prices surprisingly high for Asia buyers See in context

Short term pain will lead to long term gain (weaning off oil). And vice versa

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Posted in: Inflation is rising faster than wages in many countries due to increases in the cost of raw materials and energy supplies. How can governments correct this imbalance? See in context

@Eastman: I don't think even you believe this (dropping sanctions) is actually in Japan's long-term interest. Of course it could give short-term relief from inflation, but it exposes Japan to way bigger problems in the future.

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Posted in: Russia takes small cities; aims to widen east Ukraine battle See in context

@Rodney: Yes, there are delighted to have their homes and cities destroyed, I mean liberated.

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Posted in: Russian soldier pleads guilty at Ukraine war crimes trial See in context

@elephant: Since when is it not wrong to just shoot a random unarmed person? What if he was a supporter of the glorious special military operation? +1 liberated, I guess.

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Posted in: Russian soldier pleads guilty at Ukraine war crimes trial See in context

@Bronco: Maybe not all committed war crimes? That's what this story is about.

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Posted in: Shanghai reaffirms zero-COVID policy; WHO says it is not sustainable See in context

It's good everyone is telling China to stop this zero covid policy. It means the CCP definitely won't do it even though they know they should. _

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Posted in: Crucial NATO decisions expected in Finland, Sweden this week See in context

@Rodney: The real question is, why do they think this is a lesser risk than not joining NATO?

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Posted in: Never mind New York City: For Mako and Kei, there's no place like home See in context

It must really suck having so many people tell you how to live your life!

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Posted in: Beijing closes 10% of subway stations to stem COVID spread See in context

What is the end game here? Zero covid for all eternity?

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Posted in: China digs in on zero-COVID strategy despite public's frustrations See in context

@Kyo: Do you mean don't believe anything you read inside China or outside China?

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Posted in: Russia's standing in G20 not threatened by Ukraine invasion See in context

@Bronco: that's certainly an optimistic interpretation... Russia was ousted from the Human Rights Council as a result of this vote, meaning the US proposal succeeded. Oh right, Russia "quit" the council right before the vote showed they were expelled.

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Posted in: Fujitsu develops new technology for mapping and analyzing space debris See in context

@Kyo: these incinerators are the envy of most other countries who need to rely on landfills.

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