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Posted in: Sticky future: Climate change hits Nepal's honey hunters See in context

Yes. This is important.

Exaggerating only makes it easier for denialists to attack the actual valid warnings about climate change. Life on the planet is not at danger, calling into attention the serious repercussions of the problem can be done without making up false claims.

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Posted in: Factbox: Biden makes a series of verbal gaffes at NATO summit See in context

Biden's starting to hit George W levels of comedy. In the past couple days, he's been the first African American female president, Trump's running mate, and confused Zelensky and Putin.

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Posted in: NATO begins sending F-16 jets in new support for Ukraine See in context

They are fighting, and have been for a couple years now. Doesn't that mean they're willing to fight?

But wait, if they are so willing to fight, then why did Ukraine have to lower the conscription age, why did it have to eliminate most if not all exemptions, why does it need to send military press gangs into the streets, to homes, to the borders to grab men avoiding fighting, why has is implemented a no passport renewal overseas for men 18 to 60 if they don't show up to register of join the military, why did they try and fail to recruit in prisons (after laughing at Wagner for doing it)?


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Posted in: NATO begins sending F-16 jets in new support for Ukraine See in context

You don't think Ukraine can lay some fresh concrete over a damaged runway?

Sounds like a wasted missile.

Well because the F-16 needed special airfields that Ukraine didn't have and those had to be built, and Russia waited until completion to blow them to bits.

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Posted in: Our hope is that future town development will take into account the cycle sharing program, such as travel routes and other information for urban traffic plans. See in context

I can't understand why people would want to rent a bicycle in most Japanese cities (except maybe Kyoto). It's not even cheap. For anything farther than walking distance, a bus or even taxi might be cheaper.

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Posted in: Ohtani breaks out of batting slump, accomplishes rare feat in Dodgers' 5-3 victory over Brewers See in context

Because more people will read a headline that says "Ohtani did something great" than "Random person on the other team got two home runs and Ohtani got a single".

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Posted in: Brazil's Bolsonaro formally accused over Saudi gifts, sources say See in context

I don't think this corresponds to reality.

You've got to laugh. The west, led by USA, tried and temporarily succeeded in getting Lula (a real man of the left unlike US Dems or UK Labour) jailed, and they ended up with this madman. Then they hoped Lula would replace the madman, but Lula was in no mood to play by the western regimes' playbook when he got back in power.

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Posted in: Antarctic faces melting 'tipping point' as oceans warm: study See in context

Lol, ok. Must be some massive volcano to cause melting all around the entire continent of Antarctica.

What are the alarmists going to do about the melting caused by the volcanic activity below the ice? Because that's the main cause of melting.

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Posted in: On Trump, Russia's U.N. envoy says Ukraine war can't end in one day See in context

You're blinding yourself by only considering two options (well, actually one option). The status quo might also continue until Russian people get sick of dying and spending a huge portion of the national budget for the Moscow regime's war... No one knows what the future holds.

Any deal needs a legitimate basis with a proper, sovereign leader, which is currently not the case for Kyiv.

Alternative is unconditional surrender.

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Posted in: World not ready for climate change-fueled wildfires: experts See in context

That's pretty funny! You're probably one of a very select group that believes this.

If you look, you'll find most people criticize governments for not taking these international agreements seriously. "All talk, no action."

> But the politicians and bureaucrats are beholden to Agenda 2030 and the SDGs at any cost, so they ignore commonsense.

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Posted in: Democrats toe the line, close ranks around Biden See in context

I don't think you know what you're talking about. Biden could easily endorse anyone who wants to run as an Independent.

Time to prepare Gavin Newson for the presidential race against MAGA gang..

That will never, ever happen, see there’s this think called the Constitution….

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Posted in: Putin hints Russia to start making previously banned missiles See in context

That's the appropriate response to the musings of a bully and proven liar.

We are talking about a potential renewed arms race and intermediate range nukes being deployed in Europe and the response is "cry me a river". Social media has hollowed out (our already mediocre) collective intelligence.

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Posted in: Number of days over 35 C surges in world's scorching capitals See in context

Apparently climate change deniers think nobody else knows what the urban heat island is. But, it's getting hotter in cities that aren't undergoing increased urbanization too. Don't you think it could be possible that rising temperatures are caused by more than one thing?

Of course, the heat in ever-increasing urbanized areas couldn't possibly be an effect of the significant increase in concrete, asphalt, and other pavements plus the decrease of green (natural) areas in said cities...

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Posted in: Biden's shaky Trump debate alarms Democrats, raises questions for his campaign See in context

Lol, you get all this from a bad debate performance? Or you're just regurgitating it in response to any story?

 As for decision making it is obvious that others behind the scenes have been making the decisions Joe signs off on for quite a while. That's the scary bit, who has really been running things in the White House?

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Posted in: Yen briefly dips past 161 against dollar to 37-year low amid intervention talk See in context

No, it's based on interest rate differences between Japan and other countries. Speculators borrow yen and buy higher yielding currencies/assets. There will be a fast move down if/when the global economy starts to tank (and central banks start cutting interest rates again).

The yen's decline is based on Japanese's rapid economy and fiscal fundamental decline. The delusion that debt doesn't matter because it's domestically is coming home to roost. Sadly, nothing will change until it's too late.

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Posted in: Number of days over 35 C surges in world's scorching capitals See in context

The only ones doubting it are the ones who don't care/don't want to learn more about it for whatever reason. There's honestly no excuse for an adult to doubt this.

What people are doubting is that all these government programs in the West like promoting EVs, windmills, and solar panels have any impact on any climate change.

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Posted in: Japan striker 'King Kazu' Miura plays on at 57 See in context

Good for him. He's probably like a "player coach" to the team.

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Posted in: Trump handed plan to halt U.S. military aid to Kyiv unless it talks peace with Moscow See in context

Putin will negotiate only once the Russian people finally reach a breaking point over his pointless war.

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Posted in: U.S. surgeon general declares gun violence a public health emergency See in context

Although you can't provide any evidence to the contrary.

“guns” are not a public health issue.

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Posted in: Men living alone - widowed, divorced or single – a growing phenomenon in Japan See in context

Quite scary to think about this happening. I've never really lived alone, and imagine it would be extremely difficult to start at a late age (especially in Japan). Much respect to those who have been through this and kept going strong.

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Posted in: Russia promises retaliation against U.S. for Ukraine strike on Crimea See in context

Peace until the next excuse to invade is found. The Moscow regime wants a change of government in Kyiv and won't stop until it happens.

Because that will bring peace. Does that answer the question now?

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Posted in: Russia promises retaliation against U.S. for Ukraine strike on Crimea See in context

I think you forgot about the "neo-nazis" and "satanists". Now your fairy tale is completed.

In all seriousness, countries have to go through a lot of effort to join NATO. The ones who go through it want to join for very good reasons. If NATO had wanted to expand quickly/aggressively, it would have less barriers for entry.

The special military operation, launched 24/2/22, is a full-scale strategic counteroffensive in response to unrelenting NATO expansion and aggression.

Therefore, it is defensive in nature and very much provoked.

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Posted in: Russia promises retaliation against U.S. for Ukraine strike on Crimea See in context

What are you talking about. It's already been reported that a public beach was, unsurprisingly, not the target. The missile was hit by the occupation army's air defense, causing it to explode over this area. It's still obviously a tragedy, but no need to use it to push some nonsense theory of yours.

It's on camera. The cluster munition can be heard deploying.

Let's pretend it just accidentally went to the main crowded beach, at the busiest time of day, on the busiest day of the year...

Just a coincidence and not intentional targeting.

Bakeries, buses, beaches...

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Posted in: Autocracy is 'evil', Taiwan president says after China threatens death for separatism See in context

Important to observe that Taiwan's people elect their own leaders. It's something independent states, or at least democratic ones, do. I think you said Taiwan was a state yesterday. Sounds like you're a bit confused. It's alright!

Important to observe that Taiwan lacks UN recognition and is not an independent country by any legitimate measure.

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Posted in: Boost your immune system with this centuries-old health hack: Vaccines See in context

Lots of anti-scientific scientists here. Yes, it makes much more sense to trust some story you heard happened to someone's friend's friend, and repeat the story until you run out of audience.

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Posted in: Marcos says Philippines won't be intimidated amid China row See in context

This is not important. It's an attempt to distract.

Important to note the Chinese coast guard sailors have appropriate gear - high vis life jackets, head protection etc as opposed to the Philippine contingent with combat overalls, boots, football/hockey style shoulder pads and most irresponsibly, not a PFD in sight. They are a danger to themselves and others.

The Philipine boats in that image have random items scattered everywhere like a messy garage; a complete schemozzle.

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Posted in: Marcos says Philippines won't be intimidated amid China row See in context

Ah, so you agree that Taiwan is an independent state. That's some major progress!

Important to keep in mind this fact: Second Thomas Shoal is claimed by four states - Philippines, Vietnam, China and Taiwan.

The map at the bottom highlights this pertinent fact. And we can see that China's claim is identical to Taiwan's. What a coincidence.

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Posted in: Nigel Farage, leader of Reform UK, criticized for saying West provoked Putin to invade Ukraine See in context

Oh yeah? Well Russia provoked the West into provoking Russia.

Sounds like the argument of a 5-year old.

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Posted in: Leftover rice gets new life in this Nigerian-inspired curried skillet meal See in context


The rice is totally different from Japanese rice. I think this could come out a mess.

I  can see why African "cuisine" is not well known if that is a good example.

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Posted in: EU agree to start membership negotiations next week with Ukraine and Moldova See in context

Thanks for the lol.

They can apply to join the EU.

Putin said they can't join NATO and that's that.

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