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I have no interest in this but isnt a women only sexist. The regular feminists here would be bawling if JT reported about a men only event at a store. I find the double standards annoying and queer.

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Mistake 5 with most articles here, is not all foreigners in Japan reside in Tokyo. Japan is not just Tokyo.

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Posted in: Sushi chef kicks woman out of restaurant for asking him to hold the rice; manga author approves See in context

My grandad used to say to my gran that women should be seen and not heard and at times i agree as does this chef it seems.

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It is great to see Leicester doing so well and as a Palace fan, us too. I thought something like this might happen a year or two ago and it is a good thing for football. reminds me a bit of before the premier league when an outsider and unfancied team could do what Leicester have done. The big money boys have had total domination for too long.

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Cleo, well when the bump is showing obviously, if it isn't showing then she is probably ok. I am not giving up my seat for a bird on the off chance she is up the duff, or should i ask them if they are and risk getting my face slapped?

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Posted in: Do you think that a man giving up his seat on a bus or train to a woman, holding a door open for her or holding her chair as she sits down is outmoded? See in context

I dont think it is needed for able bodied women. I will go out the way for a pregnant bird or one with baby or toddler. With elderly or disabled it doesn't matter if male or female.

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Not many countries have 30% women in senior positions, so whats the problem? Its more likely women dont want these jobs in the same numbrs as men. There is a rason why more women are nurses and mor men truck drivers. It coms down to nature and human choices.

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Put yourself or family on frontline then Cameron you fat pillock.

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Heh he, nice one Palace. Glad i stayed up for that. First time we have done the double over the Scousers, onwards and upwards.

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Not really true what you say, Much of it is due to fan base and potential fan base. You have not seen how much owners have pumped into those teams? Why would anyone like me support Palace. Well it is normal to support your local team (born a mile from the ground), rather than a team hundreds or thousands of miles away just because they often win things and it gives bragging rights. Personally it is ok with me if Palace never win any title, would be nice but not going to change how i feel about them. Didn't see me in tears and calling for Warnock's head when it looked like we were doomed this season.

It's like me a Londoner supporting Barcelona or something, would be a ridiculous things to do, and half those glory hunters change teams when the going gets tough. Where are all the worldwide Toon and Blackburn fans now? ROFL!

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Don't worry all you Manure fans, plenty of dough available to try and get some glory next season. I'm in Manchester tomorrow, nearer to Old Trafford than 90% of Utd fans will ever be, ROFL!

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Glad i stayed up to watch that and i made some decent dough with 6-1 bet on Palace.

Come on you Eagles!!!

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Results went well for me as a Palace supporter. Great to be winning games even when we don't play well. Reckon 35 points may be enough for survival this season as the table is so close in the bottom half.

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Wouldn't got to a hipster chippy is someone paid me. Plenty of decent ones in London run for generations in London that locals will know and won't cost an arm and a leg like some poncey place full of bearded silly boys.

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Many great results which make the cup so special, though some of them nobody could have predicted. Glad to see Palace improving every game, maybe we can go on a cup run it is about time.

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Firts sentence of this article says about City's recent emergence as a genuine footballing power, WTF!! IS this writer one of the newbies who thinks English football started with the Premier League?

In the 2th Century they won the FA Cup 4 times the old First Division title twice, the UEFA cup and the League Cup twice, hardly minnows.

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This type of cuisine is not to my taste. Pleased, though to read an article from Okinawa. Maybe more from other parts of Japan in future and less from Tokyo.

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Dunno if pardew can do the job at Palace, heard quite a lot of negative stuff about him. Wonder if Pulis will take up one of these vacancies and carry on his never relegated record.

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I said poor and working class not poor and low paid, there is a difference in what i mean. It has become a game for the middle classes and sadly for some of the big fancy clubs a tourist attraction which helps drive prices up more and create ever further sterile atmospheres. Before i lived premanantly in Japan i used to go to most Palace matches wiith my missus. last we went to were in 2001 which cost about 60 Quid inc a programme each and some crap over priced grub. First match i went to was in 1972, 15 pence for under 16 and OAP's and 30 for adults. You got to remember you are talking about England, it's all dog eat dog now and i can't see that changing soon.

Germany does it all much better, their prices are far fairer and they remain competitive in Europe, The amount brought in by season tickets and through turnstiles is piddling compared to the merchandise sales and TV rights for the Premier league teams anyway.

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Very poor report as ever. No mention of Warnock being sacked, i guess he is not enough of a celeb or manager of a title chasing club.

Very pleased with Palace performance, looks like MIllen has support of the players. Owners seem to favour bringing in Pardew. Still a lot to play for this season, it's not all about Chelski, manchester Blues or OMG's beloved Red Dealers.

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Of course i care what league Palace are in but the league they are in does not effect my support for the team which has remained the same since 1972 when we came 21st in the old division 1. I wouldn't expect a non dedicated supporter to understand this. It is much easier to pick a successful team and bathe in glory than support your local team who never win much.


Lombardo may have been greatest player of CPFC technically, shame we had some right crap in the side at the time, we were half way there to having a good side, bit like now really.

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Come on you Eagles!! Palace forever, don't care how shite we are doing. Born a mile away from Selhurst Park.

Lucabrasi; , Coventry ain't that bad, they'll have their day again.

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Hey guys, i ahve Chelski! A small club bought by a rich guy who do well and suddenly have support from all over the world. Hello, where were these "fans"before!!

Personally i ahve supported Man Utd (Red Dealers) since 2004 since i was introduced to them by my best friend Phillipe in a sports bar in Ohio. Now i have been a long term fan since 03 so i know the pain of success and failure,. This makes teams like Chelsea dn of course Manchester Blue (City) more annoying for real soccerball fans like myself.

We need a ban on foreign buyers and managers so local teams with fans like myself can have success not some guy from Thailand who only discovered Chelsea in 08!!

It's all about money now, how can local clubs like Man Utd succeed in the event when other teams buy the tourny?

Sorry for the rant guys but it makes me angry.

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These matters are surely holding back Japanese women, lucky a foreign warrior journalist was brave enough tow rite non their behalf. I feel so sorry for those women who cannot compete in sumo, although of cousre they woudkl eb godo enough to win and those that want to climb a certain mountain (and is that enforced and the law)?).

The stories about capsule hotels and sushi chefs are cherry picked,

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I avoid things that are bad for me, one of which is eating the stuff that passes for food at McDonalds. their French fries are a terrible thing to eat and should be avioded by all.

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OMG!OMG!OMG! Another awesome win for MY Red Dealers! Brenda Rogers must be soooooooo upset! The result was so awesome for us ,another win, this tourny is awesome. I watched the game with my best buddy Phillippe in a sports bar downing Baby Cham and eating cute bar snacks. Soccerball may well be coming home again this event, back to Sawford, oh yippee! Bet those fake fans of Manchester Blues like the Gallagher pop stars of the Beatles fame are scared stiff of our awesome transformation under Van Gay.

Bring it on, bring it on, i' screamed out loud with my dear Phillippe.I'm so excited and i juts can't hide it.........

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Awesome that Chelsea lost. All those dang experts were saying the wouldn't lose all tournament nyuk nyuk nyuk. Looks like they are collapsing at the main event leaving things much more open and interesting for real soccerball fans like me. Obviously i wish my beloved Red Dealers (Utd) win the tourny but also i hope BIG TIME those plastic teams Chelski and City don't succeed, you dig. I darn well hate those clubs with fans from far flung places who follow them just for bragging rights with their buddies at the sports bar or on a sophisticated night out at Burger king.

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Ron Barnes, you just said on another post that we shoudl treasure life then you call for hanging, how terribly queer!

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Awsome job Van Gay, i am so excited about "our" hat trick of wins in the UK premium league.Love supporting my local club of 4,000 miles away, makes me so proud to know i have never been to the place. Dave Moose almost destroyed my beloved club that i chose to support as they usually win things. This year is looking kinda awesome again and with Chelsea drawing i can see us winning the tournament this event. I despise Chelsea and their dang plastic fans fromall around the world, i kinda hope a real family club like the Red Dealers win this year, hate glory hunters, you dig?

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I would suggest that people do as i did about 4 years ago and no longer have television in the house. After some of the family have recovered from the shock family life is much better. The longer you are away from the goggle box the more you realise how crap and shallow programmes such as this are. Have fun with your family and friends instead and have some exercise rather than slouching on the couch and vegging out.

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