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Exactly. Perfectly rational question asked. I either get down voted or called a name but never get a straight answer as it goes against their beliefs and agenda. I would have much more respect for those who admitted they had overreacted to Covid rather than blindly carrying on the same way.

it’s blatantly obvious that Japan is doing fine, no lockdowns needed, carry on with caution and enjoy life, like I am

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What seems hard to fathom for me is that if the numbers are being secretly hidden and this virus is indeed as deadly as claimed then why aren’t we seeing more deaths and full hospitals?

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Baku Dayo; your last post regarding my comments illustrates the problem with people, far better than I could convey,thanks. We all Perceive things differently, we may think we are doing the right thing when in fact we are not. We need to access all situations and take any steps at the right time.

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Boku Dayo; Everything you do every day is a gamble. You need to be sensible enough to take into account everything to make your own judgements. Name calling people for having choices different than yours is par of a societal problem these days. Rather than understand others rational it’s straight to name calling.

No we can decide to take the risk of catching Covid but living a relatively normal way, not being upset, stressed about it etc. We can decide to bunker down, live in a state of fear and take the risks that mindset creates for one selves and ones families.

Each person makes their own choice, Japan is doing fine this way unlike the West.

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Japan will be ok due to the virus being less harmful to healthy people than alleged. Obesity in the western nations is why the deaths are so high there. With over half a population being obese the deaths by Covid increase by ten fold and huge amount more hospital admissions. People need to be pushed to be more healthy not distance themselves from each other in fear. Also it is possible the vaccine is less effective for obese people.

of course a healthy population is not the only remedy but Japanese are very healthy and have low obesity rates compared to the West. Now look at the fact most of the West has had draconian lockdowns and enforcing social distancing yet have huge death rates. Obesity is a killer, a far worse one than Covid ever will be

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Popped to Namba and Shinsaibashi this afternoon, shopping, cafes and luncheon. Not quite as busy as usual but that could be due to the overcast weather.

My partner and I have taken full consideration of the situation and decided that the risk to our health is negligible if we continue our current way of life. Please don’t live in fear people, if not very old and in good health you have very little to worry about

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Ah, the vaccine! The destroyer of Covid the virus that will decimate mankind as we were told. Combined with wearing 3 masks and living like a hermit It looks like mankind will survive the devastation

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I feel very sad reading some posts where people are in fear. Getting out of shape and feeling depression while feeling they are doing he right thing. You’re making yourself sick with worry and maybe your family members too. This virus is not as likely to damage your health as being very stressed, becoming obese and being depressed.

I blame the media and scaremongers online for putting fear into others and ruining their lives

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Life goes on as normal for most in Japan whilst the fear mongers tell us the apocalypse is just round the corner, like they did from day 1.

im doing what I want and enjoying myself. I don’t deny Covid but don’t believe it is the risk to the nation as many claim.

Those that believe everything scientists say and run around trains opening windows and complaining about people’s mask wearing are just as deluded as Covid deniers. There is no middle ground with these people, reminds me of those dedicated to a political party regardless of their policies

just be careful people but most of all enjoy yourself and don’t stress out about Covid. Stress is the worst thing for weakening the immune system

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Popped to Nishinari this afternoon for a laugh and to check out the situation now with Covid

Noticed about 10% of people were maskless and it was pretty busy. Went to McDonald’s near Tsutenkaku and noticed there we’re no partitions or attempts to make patrons distance from each other. Guess this is partly due to the area where the locals ignore stuff like that anyway.

Certainly no changes to usual behavior of enjoying the weekend which I find very encouraging. No need to live in fear from Covid the risks are extremely low for the majority

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Popped to Namba this afternoon and did some shopping, was slightly quieter than usual. Few people without masks as usual. Had ramen for lunch and screens had been put up today due to Covid fears. After that went to a cafe where no extra precautions had been taken.

i find it best to live life as normal but to take precautions in the current climate.

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Went for lunch in a cafe in Osaka today. Everyone except for a young man did not wear a mask when not eating. So, I don’t see any change in that regard despite requests not to do so. No signs of any less people going about their daily lives. I shall carry on with my usual routines and taking what I consider appropriate measures.

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Don’t believe the hype from the Western media. It is true this can be a deadly virus but no need to panic if not elderly and in good health. Best tho game is to keep healthy and stay positive. Maybe the worst thing to have if catching any disease is stress which reduces the bodies immune system. Daily fear and stress will take its toll on anyone. Just take sensible precautions and enjoy every day of your life

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Fourth wave, fourth ripple more like.

No need to live in fear, it’s all ok

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Took Shinkansen from Osaka to Tokyo today and spent a lovely day in center returning to hotel

Places were not as busy as I expected but train at rush hour was jammed packed, far more than I would see in Osaka.

I didn’t see people social distancing and many without masks.

measures like closing bars early are silly, in Osaka they get more packed than before and the trains are full from 8 to 9, lol

Glad to see many people being sensible and realising Covid is unlikely to effect them. Very grateful we don’t have the mass hysteria like the West where many more have died despite draconian rules and lockdowns

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@expat, life is never risk free and that’s how it has always been and always will be.

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Enforcing lockdown for almost a year and bringing in draconian laws and this is what you create

Their is a scary agenda behind all this, I’m not privy to the reason but it’s certainly not for the benefit if the general public

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I thought April 1st was a few days ago

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It appears that the last few months people have made their own judgement about Covid, well in Osaka anyway.

it’s been life as normal lately and people have been out enjoying themselves.

My partner and I have been out daily enjoying the weather and travelling around a lot.

Tomorrow we will take Shinkansen to Tokyo and sightsee for a few days, Taking advantage of great hotel deals and the lack of foreign tourists.

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Don’t believe the hype guys, look around you and see life goes on and we are not dropping dead like flies

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Went to Tennoji Park for a picnic in the afternoon, wonderful weather.

Plenty of families enjoying the day, it was lovely to see.

Seems to be as busy as usual, less people seemed concerned over Covid which is understandable considering it has hardly effected their daily lives.

life must go in and I fully support those wishing to live their lives to the full.

As long as the virus does not mutate into a far deadly type I cannot foresee people changing their behavior, i for one shall not.

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Splendid news for those with underlying health conditions and the elderly who may be afraid of socializing. The best way to deal with Covid or any disease for the healthy is to remain healthy in body and mind.

Carry on with your life, get plenty of exercise and enjoy yourself. Fear, lack of social contact and lack of exercise increases stress which makes us more vulnerable to viruses and any illness. It lowers the immune system and makes us less mentally and physically able to maintain a healthy balance.

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Spent a lovely afternoon in Osaka with my partner in the Namba area.

Good food and shopping and plenty of people about enjoying themselves.

it seems as busy as usual which Is good news for us that like to support our local businesses.

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Zoroto, yes because all classed as Covid no doubt

check usual years

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Actually guy sim talking about the severe cases hospitalized.

much less than many flu seasons

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These numbers are very low considering the size of the Japanese population

Yet there are people trying to make others feel guilty about getting on without everyday lives. They would prefer everyone to stay indoors and feel isolated from society, it seems almost sadistic to me

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We do not know that this tragic death was caused by the mother at present

lets not jump to conclusions

it may just be a natural death, we should always have an open mind however upsetting the story is

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I very much doubt that I would take the vaccine. I have never had the flu one either.

Research has been done into the vaccines but the timescale prevents us learning if there may be any long term effects. The vaccine is also unlikely to be able to protect against the virus as it mutates.

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Jsapc, of course not.

We spent the whole day together and she wanted to pop to the store next door. Had a lovely day, don’t see why anyone would think otherwise unless they had an agenda or are just being nasty

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