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Mybdear chap, those are total case numbers to which you are referring. Hospitalisations are below 10,000 and have never been above 30,000 during the entire pandemic.

Japan is running as usual, except for tourists and most people are enjoying their lives.

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Steven McCarthy

There are not over 300000 in hospital in Japan suffering with Covid. The government figures show there is less than 10000. The figure you gave is current cases that ‘require treatment’ which in the vast majority means staying at home.

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Regarding the first comment on this, the info presented is incorrect, so don’t panic

The number of over 300,000 is actually case numbers

The current hospitalizations is below 10,000 and those is severe condition is far less

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The death rate was low for previous variants due to higher fitness levels in the population and very low obesity, plus better nutrition than in the West.

Of course the cases are in the tens of millions in Japan.

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Dont matter how low the numbers or how life goes on like before, some will always be thinking Armageddon is around the corner.

I lived my life the usual way through the whole pandemic and had a great time, no regrets.

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Here’s the hospitalisations in Japan since the start of the pandemic. The number of over 300000 presented by Mr McCarthy is the case number not hospitalisations.


As we see, under 10000 and falling since the peak towards the end of February.

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Numbers falling fast as we see Omicron become less and less relevant. Streets are busy, normal people enjoying their lives and maybe soon borders fully open.

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Everton turned up for a change and Chelsea didn’t control the game the way they would have liked. Wonder who will go down now, my dough is on Leeds.

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Double plus exciting end to the season, what a title race.

Great fun watching Palace win, superb last minute goal from Mr Zaha sealed all three points.

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indeed, I am also incredibly concerned. Omicron is the deadliest variant in Japan, the hospitals are overwhelmed.

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Yes, it’s a fact that the vaccines and the boosters provide minimal protection against Omicron. Even less effective at preventing transmisión. Luckily it is so mild or there would be serious issues.

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Well put, the data is out there and simple to read. Omicron is by far the mildest variant. There are tons of Omicron variants, they are of no concern to the scientific community as none are more deadly.

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Have you seen what is happening in China now? No rational person can condone that,

I wear masks on trains etc, not usually outside, not vaccinated ( irrelevant), they don’t stop transmission.

No idea what the 3C lark is and don’t really care.

How do you know you were never asymptomatic and infected someone? You don’t and nor do I.

I certainly haven’t been flying in and out of the country multiple times in close proximity of many others.

I have had my lifestyle interrupted and my business, but I’m not going to whine about it, had huge financial loss, I’ve been sorting that by working hard and maintaining a PMA ( positive mental attitude).

Don’t socialize except with my partner, don’t judge others who have different opinions on Covid. Do what I like, take precautions and live life to the full with no regrets.

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Lockdowns are no an option, look at China. Lockdowns in some countries were to relieve stress on health systems, they are not stretched now

I will go out daily, enjoy my life and support the economy

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Sven Asai

Incorrect and based on pseudoscience, life expectancy has not fallen in Japan.


Higher numbers are irrelevant as compared to last year due to the mildness of Omicron. Life is as normal apart from foreign tourists which many here prefer anyway.

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Japan is double plus safe compared to my home country, especially on the streets. My poor old mum moved away from my hometown Croydon to live at the seaside, the center had one much violence and muggings in the evenings. The train station that used to have a line of black cabs outside, now has a line of hookers.

Thankfully Japan hasn’t become so ghastly. My mum said to me last week “ Steve stay in Japan and never give up on your dreams, remember, he who dares wins”.

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Can’t stand that nosh, lol. Always been an izakaya or two open round this manor even since start of the pandemic.

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A premier league without Everton is like a salad without dressing. How could they end up in this dire situation?

Gonna be very exciting end to the season for everyone, even neutrals like myself, the title race is double plus exciting.

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It’s very nice to see this tailing off despite places being incredibly busy. Wondering how long until tourist can return, possibly by Summer?

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Looking forward to the foreigners being allowed in again so I can see my mates, who will help boost the economy. They Yen is very low at present, great opportunity for the government to do the right thing.

Perhaps before that the government could do another Go To to help boost the economy and help tourists regions. I would partake and help areas that have suffered because of Covid

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Need to stop being so stressed mate. This variant is weak, most vulnerable have been vaccinated or infected already and health authorities know better how to handle cases now.

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Thing is that there are likely to be hundreds of thousands or maybe even millions with Covid right now. Many without symptoms most with mild cold like symptoms.

A few weeks ago there were 5 million with Covid in the UK at the same time, the population is 40% less too. You’d more than likely see those with antibodies to be far in the majority now, maybe over 80%.

Testing is pretty irrelevant now due to the contagiousness and mildness of the current variant. If a new deadlier one appeared, then certainly things may have to change.

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Numbers continue to fall, as do severe cases. For all intents and purposes it’s over now unless a more lethal variant appears.

Enjoy the weather and get plenty of exercise

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Total humanitarian disaster and some want these measure implemented here.

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Ruddy hell, lost. Least we had a go, shame we didn’t take the chances we had.

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Double plus looking forward to the weekend matches. Of course my main interest is in tomorrow’s match, hoping Palace can win.

Shall be watching the first semi shortly with a selection of beers I bought earlier.

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Good low numbers as we see out the end of this Covid business, for now at least. Hoping a new variant doesn’t appear from mutation or lab leak that puts up back a long way or to somewhere worse than before.

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Here’s a link to something from NHK relating to children wearing masks, as far as I know they are not anti everything.


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Unfortunately for the children the bad decisions made by the adults have been a poor choice for them.

Mask wearing retards the social interaction between children and their peers. Children have never really been at any risk from Covid yet we expect them to remote study and mask up. We have many adults who have responded badly to covid, fear mongering and causing stress within the family and friends. A child in an environment of fear is not in a good place, but many have been in that place the last two years. We have a certain chap commenting here daily who wants lockdowns etc, prison for unvaxxed, imagine how his kids fare in that environment.

society has failed them during Covid, those at the least risk.

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Good to see Mr Omi come to his senses and stop the fear mongering about Omicron. It was obvious by late December this variant was very mild and impossible to prevent the spread.

People need to enjoy life, every day of it, not be holed up indoors, especially the children.

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