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Posted in: What's behind the weekly magazines' current infatuation with Japan's royals? See in context

Royal this royal that, blah blah blah. Not my cup of tea, lol

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Posted in: Psychiatric exam finds Abe's accused killer mentally fit See in context

What a terribly queer affair! Two years, two! Can you believe it!

Well, he was obviously very disturbed at the time, why else commit such a beastly crime.

Guess he will get a long stretch inside, no death penalty for this one, just one victim and he will have mitigating family circumstances.

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Posted in: AI goes mainstream as 'AI PCs' hit the market See in context


You don’t seem to understand the huge differences between AI and the examples you presented. Those things are generally a pastime. This is a flawed shot cut way of doing things that leads to lazy behaviour and lack of real learning.

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Posted in: AI goes mainstream as 'AI PCs' hit the market See in context

Be careful with this technology. Never let children anywhere near it, can possibly stifle their development and cause addiction.

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Posted in: Stressed out: How to measure dangerous heat See in context

It’s was bleeding hot lunchtime round here today. We went out in our bikes for lunch, bit of a surprise really.

Well, when we came back I put the air con on 21C, make us nice and cool. I’d recommend everyone to put it on, better safe than sorry. If you’re worried about the bills, just cut down on luxuries.

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Posted in: Husband dead, wife in critical condition after being found beaten at home in Tokyo See in context

Oh no, not again. Why ant people learn to be civil instead of resorting the violence? When I read about these days events it make me so sad and very cross at the same time.

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Posted in: Mister Donut becomes Master Donut with new doughnuts no one has ever seen before See in context

Another sugar filled treat for the ladies. Not the type of cuisine I partake in on would care to either, lol

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Posted in: Death penalty sought for man over murder, robbery of elderly woman, son in 2020 See in context

A horrendous act of evil that would shock Satan himself. Hope justice is served, however I m against the death penalty.

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Posted in: Mayor considering increasing Himeji Castle entry fees for overseas visitors See in context

What a bunch of twisters.

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Posted in: Kishida calls for global efforts to achieve lasting peace in Ukraine See in context


WTF is that supposed to mean? Ukraine has lost the land and is Losing more daily and isn’t getting it back anytime soon.

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Posted in: Kishida calls for global efforts to achieve lasting peace in Ukraine See in context

This is a pointless conference, it’s time for peace and Ukraine which is the weakest and loading ground daily doesn’t hold the cards to dictate on their terms.

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Posted in: 17-year-old boy arrested for assaulting father over smartphone game argument See in context

Demonic creations that control many worldwide. This big was addicted to these awful games and look what has happened, at least it wasn’t pornography addiction which could lead him to commit a serious sexual assault or worse.

Socialising and enjoy people’s company is now linger the norm, doing online is with people who for the main are nit real friends and don’t care about you.

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Posted in: Americans used to unite over tragic events − and now are divided by them See in context

As ever this type of article bring huge divide in people’s opinion. Finger pointing and name calling etc come into play.

Its great proof of how the elites divide and conquer policies are becoming more and more refined and the normal way of how many see the issues.

I wouldn’t be aligned to any political party or any group, they don’t care about you.

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Posted in: How Lee Kalpakis turns the usually upscale scallop into a camping delight See in context

Sounds alright that and nice to see healthier food ideas on here lately. I’m the only one in out place who likes scallops so I’m unlikely to try myself though..

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Posted in: Whole-grain Dijon gives pan-fried chicken cutlets bright, pleasantly sharp flavor See in context

Sounds alright but he’s serving only with cucumber, I’d like mine with chips and a nice side salad.

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Posted in: 89-year-old woman stabbed to death in Gifu; grandson arrested See in context

What kind of demonic creature murders his own gran? What is this world coming to?

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Posted in: Host Germany kicks off Euro 2024 by thrashing Scotland 5-1 See in context

5- 1, 5-1! Can you believe it? Well, I didn’t see the match, I’m away on a trip and was in bed. Seems like the general consensus amongst the Scots is that they are happy just to be there and have a party. Some of them lenjoy the old tipple I’ve heard.

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Posted in: Singapore diplomat fined ¥300,000 for Tokyo bathhouse voyeurism See in context

A wicked man with a dark soul. Luckily he seems to have been able to surpress himself from taking the next step and committing sexual assault.

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Posted in: Beat weight gain after moving to Japan with these Tokyo dietitian approved tips See in context

I find it much easier to keep me weight down here than back home. When I visit U.K. I’m shifted at the portion sizes, lol

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Posted in: 86-year-old woman arrested after threatening police officer with knife at her home See in context

Attempted murder FFS! 86 years old and sounds like she lost the plot. Locking her up at her age in the police station should be a crime.

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Posted in: Everyday Japanese: How to address someone See in context

Fed up with hearing about these daft rules, not everybody does the same as everyone else, lol

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Posted in: The Thai boys' love TV dramas conquering Asia See in context

Time to stop pushing this agenda and not bang on about sexuality anymore, it’s tiresome.

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Posted in: Japan ranks 118th in 2024 gender gap report See in context

They should stop trying to change traditional values for something that is worse. Modern feminism is a negative. Only reason they want women to more is to make more consumers and increase GBP. While most families are not better off than before.

Too many workers means lower salaries, companies can be choosey. Kids are dumped off at nurseries to possibly suffer horrendous abuse rather than be bought up by their mother.

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Posted in: Man arrested over robbery and sexual assault of woman in hotel room See in context

She sounds like a lady of the night, however nothing can condone what the beastly man has done. He is a menace to society and a huge danger to women. These wicked fiends often escalate their crimes to murder, lucky he has been caught isn’t it.

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Posted in: UK PM woos voters with tax cuts and home ownership See in context

The man is totally deluded, I think he may have actually turned insane.

The more he speaks the madder he seems, for now the Tories are doomed to obscurity.

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Posted in: Nursery teacher arrested after slashing 2-year-old boy's neck with knife See in context


Well put. It’s modern society that encourages shipping them out to any Tom Dick or Harry and look what happened to this poor little child.

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Posted in: Laundry in Japan: Detergent, bleach and tips See in context

Bad Haircut

Our washing machine has a built in dryer, very handy indeed for the missus. Mind you the bleeding thing cost me an arm and a leg.

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Posted in: Far-right parties make big gains in European Parliament elections See in context

As expected with the huge influx of immigrants and the constant pushing of the LGBT agenda by the left and the media.

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Posted in: Laundry in Japan: Detergent, bleach and tips See in context

My missus does all the laundry here, no worries this end, lol

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Posted in: Nursery teacher arrested after slashing 2-year-old boy's neck with knife See in context

Another sadistic monster supposedly caring for the most vulnerable members of society. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, these jobs attract dangerous nutters.

So glad my dear sons early years were spent at home with his mum and dad.

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