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Posted in: Baby boy dies in locked car while mother plays pachinko in Akita See in context

It must be devastating for the mother - to realize that her stupidity cost the life of her baby. (Or maybe she's a mother at the end of her tether and pachinko was her only escape - after all, there are so many women in Japan trapped in a loveless marriage and a life of drudgery!)

It takes a village to raise a child. You'd think that Japanese society would value children (especially in light of the current demographic crisis). So why aren't there creche facilities or at least a playpen or a childminder inside the pachinko parlor to keep an eye of the children? There's no reason why babies and small children shouldn't be allowed inside, despite the noise. They'll probably love the lights anyway. And maybe there could be a couple of machines with kids games. There are lots of possible solutions - shopping malls or supermarkets in other countries charge a small fee to look after your kids while you shop, or you simply bring baby along and let him potter around by your feet.

Part of the problem is also pure ignorance. Very few people have actually sat in a parked car with the windows up on a hot day - so we aren't really aware of how uncomfortable or dangerous it can be.

How many children die in this manner each year? How about a public information campaign in the form of TV ads and discussions on the early morning news programs that really drive home the message that a parked car can become a deadly furnace?

Kurisutofu, did you think to release the baby and hold it while either waiting for the mother or going inside to find her? At least you hung around until the mother came back, rather than simply drive off. If you find a baby inside a locked car then, yes, get a policeman immediately to open up the car. Or is that too "embarrassing" for Japanese people (or geijin)?

When it becomes a community concern then lives can be saved. Don't be so quick to judge individuals, no matter how stupid or ignorant. We all do really stupid things occasionally, and hopefully it doesn't cost lives when we do. Often it takes the nonjudgmental help from another person to avert disaster.

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