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Well , the guy looks like a Nigerian or Ghanaian to me. Hope I satisfied all you curious people?

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It is a pity that such a young and beautiful girl chose to kill herself. However, this incident is a hidden pointer to the new scourge of society:depression due to mental illness. To some people, the girl behaved immaturely in committing suicide. However, such a belief system acts as an impediment to the awareness that mental illness is just like any other illness:it can kill the sufferer if not treated,or it can be cured. My advice is that massive information on depression and other forms of mental illness and how to overcome them should be given to the youth in order to prevent or check the rapid rise of suicide in our society.

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And the Arab winter continues...forcing reason and ideals out, and superstition is crowned king (or is it sultan?).

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Pls educate me: prescription drugs mean anti-depression drugs;something Eminem has struggled with since youth. I don't think you can blame him for being addicted. If you suffered from depression, you'll understand the war depth of the struggle and not condemn.

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The rise of the "invincible" Japanese army

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