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When we(Turks) bomb the military group(PKK/PYD) which is enemy of Turkey for like 30 years, that makes us evil. Meanwhile,American intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan are not considered as "Evil".

When we shot down a plane which was going to bomb the Turkmens(Syrian Turks) in the area just for Assad wanted it,and that plane was literally violated our own airspace, we are evil again.

And just because we want to keep our sovereignty and protect our own people in Syria,whole World makes stand against us.

And just because i've said these things, I'll be labelled as "Brainwashed" or "Islamist Erdogan supporter." I have only one thing to say. Bring it on.We are still here.And we will be here despite all of your actions and attacks.

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"World's biggest prison." ı just laughed hard to this.

"Armenian Holocaust." Strange, when two sides battle against each other for a certain piece of land, i think it is called as "War." Not Holocaust. Interestingly, no one cares about Turkish deaths,this even puts down the masks of fake social justice warriors. Millions of people in Turkey denies this so called "Holocaust." along with Turkish and Azerbaijan historians. You may call those people as "biased." but speaking without even taking a look to their claims makes you an utter one-sided and narrow-minded person.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan is an Authoritarian leader.But a Totalitarian Dictator ? Of course not...... ... It sounds really ridicilious.

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Hope this will lead to the US base removal

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Another Genocide ? Turkey getting ready to invade Iraq and Syria ? Goal is destroy Kurds ?

First of all, CrazyJoe I think you are an American.Let me tell you this.You, or your country has no authority or call on Turkish sovereign lands.Turkey has no mission to carry of being "Usefull Ally" of United States.So begone with your assertive ideas.

YuriOtani Im living in Turkey.We have no intention to invade Iraq or Syria.We have millions of Kurds living in our lands, also Pro-Kurdish party in our parliament(HDP) has 2 Ministers in cabinet.They have 13 million votes of both Turks and Kurds. I can not literally understand that why we should genocide Kurds ?

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People literally thinks Hirohito was effective on WW2.... Really... Open some books and read history.Emperors are demi-god figure for all Japanese people thats all, Just like in Shogun- Era, Japan is ruled by a Fascist regime in WW2.

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