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Posted in: New Zealand PM pushes flag change after election win See in context

Surely we can come up with something better than what is basically a rugby symbol.

This is a common misconception. See . . . http://www.nzflag.com/silverfern.cfm

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Posted in: Peekaboo See in context

whoever posted the photo and title may well be a Devo fan


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Posted in: Driver turns herself in to police for failing to stop at yellow traffic light See in context

There are far too many traffic lights in Japan. Especially in the countryside where there is very little traffic they still seem to be placed at almost every intersection. I guess this explains why Japanese drivers fare so badly when driving on international roads where traffic lights are only really placed where they are needed. There seems to be no consideration given to other forms of traffic control such as roundabouts.

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Posted in: Australia to build on ties with 'closest friend' Japan See in context

Australia want to be best mates? How about they remove the requirement of Japanese citizens having to get a visa to visit for a holiday. Currently it is much less hassle for Japanese to visit that other Oceania country - NZ - where no visa is required.

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Posted in: App takes you through all the various options at Starbucks See in context

easiest way to order a good coffee is to go somewhere other than starbucks.

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Posted in: M6.4 strikes 115 kms off Iwate; no tsunami warning issued See in context

@whiskeysour usually the little earthquake comes before the big one.

This is just not true. While last years big quake was preceded by a couple of smaller quakes there is evidence to suggest that this is an expected occurrence.

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Posted in: Software piracy costs record $63.4 billion in 2011: study See in context

Record companies and movie studios are making bigger profits than ever so it is a bit rich for them to always cry about lost revenue. They get no sympathy from me!

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Posted in: Akina Minami wins Beauty Eye Award See in context

I think she looks pretty good. Can't understand all the complainers. This type of news is the only reason I visit Japan Today as I get my serious Japan news fix from other sources.

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Posted in: So many choices See in context

that is a fantastic menu board. Love it! Next time I'm in town I'm gonna find this place and eat there.

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Posted in: Hollywood is bombarding us this summer with lots of sequels and remakes, such as "Iron Man 2," "Sex and the City 2," "Toy Story 3," "Shrek 4," and "The Karate Kid," among others. Whatever happened to See in context

Hollywood has never been very creative - it is all about the money and the lowest common denominator. Mos of the creative movies come from sources other than Hollywood

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Posted in: How do you think Japan, which is grouped with Cameroon, the Netherlands and Denmark in the first round of the World Cup, will fare? See in context

maybe third in their group if they are lucky.

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Posted in: Maple taffy summit See in context

what's taffy?

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Posted in: U.S. Congress clears historic health care bill See in context

thank god I live in a country that has national health cover.

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Ms. Yamazaki needs to prod Japan- her own country- into funding and developing it's own high tech space program.

ummmm . . . have you not heard of JAXA - Japan's own high tech space programme? Admittedly they are not manned (womanned) flights.


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Posted in: Greenpeace trial See in context

with the protest mass turnout there is obviously a lot of support to stop whaling in Germany. :-)

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Posted in: Man, 33, who posed as schoolboy, arrested for indecent behavior See in context

I'm not quite sure if this is a tragic story or a humorous story.

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Posted in: Which side do you think looks more in the wrong following Wednesday's clash between Sea Shepherd and Japanese whalers? See in context

ON the TV new in New Zealand they had a couple of Maritime Investigators review all the video footage. They concluded that while the Japanese vessel could have done more to avoid the collision it is clear that the Sea Shepherd accelerates in the last few seconds directly into the path of the Japanese ship.

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Posted in: Japanese whalers clash with Sea Shepherd activists in Antarctic sea See in context

Perhaps, it's right time that they reviewed the international laws and stepped up the regulations.

These laws are debated quite regularly at the IWC and usually are changed very little

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Posted in: Mother of 12-year-old girl arrested for selling daughter for sexual services See in context

what's interesting here in Japan is that this kind of thing makes the news headlines. I really don't believe Japan is any better or worse for this kind of crime than any other country. While you don't usually see these kinds of headlines in western countries it does not mean it isn't happening - scour the court notices in your local paper and you will see child exploitation/abuse crimes on an almost daily basis.

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Posted in: MOS Burger See in context

Yummy! :-)

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Posted in: Embracing the Japanese aesthetic See in context

...but a shame that things like kimono relate so little to how people live in modern japan now. need to build a modern identity for yourself as well...

This seems like a very ignorant comment with little understanding of modern Japan.

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Posted in: What do you think of the quality of Japanese movies? See in context

Japanese movies - some great - some crap. Percentage wise - I woudl say Japan has a definite edge over Hollywood which is about 85% crap.

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