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Posted in: Islamic State 'brand' spreading worldwide See in context

I hate to call them "Islamic State".. they are not Islam or Muslim.. They might be America and its allies agenda.

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There are many untold facts here for example:

Shiite insults the 3 Caliph before Ali while Sunni never insults Ali.

Shiite have practise 'taqiyyah' which means fraud/deception in their life while Sunni take it as a wrongdoing / sin.

Some of shiite practices are deviated from Islam and have been created by the Imams. While Sunni practices what have been thought by the prophet only. That is the reason Shiite is not recognised as Muslim by some Sunni scholars.

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Posted in: Police step up presence at Tokyo stations to prevent trouble during 'bonenkai' season See in context

Nothing good about alcohol.

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Posted in: Website provides info on halal food in Japan See in context

So Farhan Sulaiman II is very much on the money

what do u mean taj?

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Posted in: Website provides info on halal food in Japan See in context

Muslim Brother and Sister out there either you are visitor or residents in Japan should be more careful with those restaurant listed in the website because some of the restaurant served non-halal meat and chicken in the menu.

Please ask the restaurant worker to show their halal certificate for ingredients especially meat and chicken.

Plus, it doesn't mean they are vegetarian restaurant, they will not use wine in their cooking. Please be more careful.

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