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Posted in: N Korea's Kim promises no more nuclear or missile tests See in context

N. Korea will keep its nukes (they have never said they wouldn't). The US will recognize it as a nuclear power. South Korea will make nice with NK and the US. Great leaders Kim and Trump will be given really nice parades.

Alternatively, the US will nuke N Korea, Russia and China will nuke the US. The US will nuke back, and we'll all wish we were in that SpaceX car going to Mars.

Pick yer poison.

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Posted in: Tokyo Disneyland celebrates 35th anniversary See in context

I loathe Disney.

Then don't go there. Problem solved.

Admission price WAY too high.

It's a business. When the price is too high, people will stop attending, and they'll lower the price.

Personally, I think it's fun. It's less crowded than the US Disney Parks, and I thought the the restaurant overlooking the river of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride had a particularly nice atmosphere.

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Posted in: Japanese 'marines' launched, but much work needs to be done See in context

Well, I think having an Amphibious Rapid Deployment Brigade is fine, but really, a logo that looks less like a letter opener would be better.

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Posted in: Female mayor loses fight to speak from sumo ring See in context

Many politicians are unclean regardless of gender.

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Posted in: Tokyo stocks continue to fall on yen's rise, U.S. immigration concern See in context

Having a president push for a lower dollar does have an effect, and when the dollar moves lower, other currencies rise.

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Posted in: Japan working to convert squat toilets to Western-style See in context

If I squat down for a poo on one of these squatter toilets, you will literaly poo on your own pants

You will not, if you learn to use them correctly. Really, this isn't rocket science.

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Posted in: Android welcome See in context

I suppose the Thailand branch would be the Thai Henn na hotel...

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Posted in: Hawaii missile alert mistake feeds doubts about a real emergency See in context

This was a big problem in Hawaii, but it is now fixed. Not all problems require public flogging. Some people have correctly put the focus on other parts of the overall system that are broken. Let's fix those parts as well.

The biggest problem is that we are reducing the number of ambassadors everywhere, and reducing our efforts toward a peaceful world. In any case, since we are busy making friends into enemies, our alarms had better work, and people had better know how to act in an emergency, even if is a false alarm this time.

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Posted in: Trump says U.S. could 'conceivably' return to Paris climate deal See in context

Norwegian water is really, really terrific. They've really got great water. He's really, really off his meds, I think... terrrific.

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Posted in: Moon calls for 'heartfelt' apology from Japan over 'comfort women' See in context

Basically, there is no real solution to this problem. Korea will never be satisfied, will never move on, and nothing more heartfelt will be forthcoming from Japan. This is just a fact, accepted or not.

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Posted in: Trump to Kim: 'My nuclear button is bigger,' as talks dismissed See in context

I never would have thought that a war would be started over one’s button size, but here we are...

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Posted in: U.S. Marine Corps denies object fell from aircraft onto nursery school See in context

So if it didn't fall off an aircraft, it had to be stolen from the air base by nursery school employees. They clearly snuck past all the Marines, snuck into the aircraft, removed the cover, and snuck out again. Sure, that sounds logical....

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Posted in: U.S. committed to defense of Japan over N Korean threat: Pentagon See in context

Doesn't Mattis' daring to mention it mean there's a room to doubt about the integrity of the said treaty?

The treaty is fine, but Mattis doesn't know what will happen if Trump isn't on board... or if Trump is too much on board. It's hard to steer a ship with a captain who doesn't know what a boat is.

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Posted in: Trump calls Kim 'sick puppy;' threatens new sanctions after N Korea fires ICBM See in context

Trump wants to be Kim Jong Un. His people cheer louder and they have bigger parades. The media in NK print what he tells them to print and report what he tells them to report. Life isn’t fair...

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Posted in: Abe, Putin meet on N Korea, disputed islands See in context

Wow, Bill Wright. You can really cut and paste from Wikipedia! Nice job!

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Posted in: Abe, Putin meet on N Korea, disputed islands See in context

Nice picture. Putin's body language suggests either total rejection of whatever is being proposed, or a hard night drinking... not sure which

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Posted in: Trump declares N Korea threat to the civilized world; meets abductees' relatives See in context

The brain wiring is something like, "North Korea bad. Need to bomb." There is no plan, no consideration of abductees, no though of full-scale war, or anything other than what the next ill-considered tweet will be. Really, Trump makes me feel much warmer toward George W., who at least had the ability to empathize and a good sense of humor despite his unfortunate politics.

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Posted in: Trump says U.S., allies prepared to defend freedom See in context

Trump kicked off a 12-day Asian trip and is looking to present a united front with Japan against North Korea...

Yes, the USA and Japan are united against North Korea, and Japan will be the front. Actually, South Korea will be the front, but Japan will be another front.

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Posted in: Trump heads to Japan with N Korea on his mind See in context

The real problem is that Kim has larger, better-attended ceremonies than either Trump or Abe. This cannot be tolerated.

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Posted in: Doctors clash over euthanasia for mentally ill See in context

"But if I want to end my life, all of a sudden, I can't think straight anymore? That's something strange."

Yep, that's strange. You can't think straight. If you could, you would see that you are unnecessarily making others complicit in your death. Euthanasia for the terminally ill I can see, but not this.

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Posted in: Five of the worst areas to live in and around Tokyo See in context

Although the scenic landscape is often featured in movies, according to residents, it’s actually a nightmare to live here on weekends, as the large number of tourists creates huge traffic jams.

Yeah, all that beauty is troublesome when you want to leave. Imagine being stuck in a place with forests, hills, caves, dragons, temples, shrines, Buddhas, and all that danged history. Troublesome....

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Posted in: Abe says Japan fully behind U.S. on pressuring North Korea See in context

The last 25 years of diplomatic solutions has failed.

Granted the problem is difficult, but you think an Asian nuclear war will succeed? Certainly, Trump's threats of a war have succeeded in making the nukes progress a lot faster. Is that a success?

You do know that China and Russia won't be on the side of the USA, don't you?

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Posted in: Trump's North Korea threats leave Asia puzzled See in context

In the process of completely destroying North Korea, Japan and South Korea will take major hits, while China will have a war in its backyard. "Puzzled" is probably not the best depiction of the reaction throughout Asia.

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Posted in: Record rain as typhoon batters southern Japanese islands See in context

Yubaru, from the JMA tropical cyclone page, at the top under track forecasts, you can select a 5 day track forecast from the drop down list.

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Posted in: Record rain as typhoon batters southern Japanese islands See in context

It's best to prepare for a bad storm and be pleasantly surprised if it doesn't turn out that way.

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Posted in: Trump says tax hike on rich possible as he steps up talks with Democrats See in context

No; the problem is that the GOP HAS no tax plan.

They have no plan for much of anything, at least no plan they agree on. Any plan they DO have is basically I list of what they won't do rather than a list of what they will do.

It's understandable. For years they just waited for what Democrats proposed, and then stated that they were opposed to it. They have forgotten how to be constructive. It's a shame, too, because the country has always worked best with cooperation between the parties.

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Posted in: Trump ends 'Dreamer' immigration program; places onus on Congress See in context

Trump's action will put more blame on Congress if they don't do something quickly. That said, they were unable to do anything last time, which is why Obama overstepped his executive power in the first place to let the dreamers stay. It IS the responsibility of Congress and not the executive branch - that is true, but I suspect we'll hear a lot of talk and see not much action when it comes to Congress doing something for these folks. Sessions is using his admittedly correct objection to executive power overuse to hide his true anti-immigrant feelings, which are shared by quite a few Republicans. And really, they would support executive power overuse if the overuse were for something they wanted.

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Posted in: Japan has few options to tackle N Korea's provocations See in context

 I personally know two foreign families who are leaving Tokyo, giving up good jobs, kids' schools, etc., because of this tension

Well, they shouldn't go to Guam, and probably not anywhere on the East Coast of the US because of Irma. Texas is still wet, California has wildfires, and there are floods, quakes, economic problems, and potential targets all over the world. Better to keep a good job and drink more sake. The food in Japan is oishii, and you've gotta be somewhere...

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Posted in: Japan has few options to tackle N Korea's provocations See in context

NK believes that its nuke program is the only thing saving them from invasion so it won't negotiate it away. On the other hand, NK shooting a real exploding missile anywhere would guarantee its own destruction with SK and Japan fairly well messed up as well. As this result would not be useful to anyone, I really hope someone has a better idea.

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Posted in: SDF begin 3 days of live fire drills near Mt Fuji See in context

And afterwards, you can go shopping at Gotemba shopping outlet, and visit the museums at Hakone. See the tour schedule for more information.

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