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Posted in: In election year, weakening economy may force Abe's hand See in context

He’ll be re-elected even if he doesn’t run because the opposition, and even his own party, have no other competent people available. If there were anyone else, would they want to step into something so difficult in any case?

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Posted in: Naked woman caught running through Shibuya Station See in context

Maybe she was doing her laundry?

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Posted in: Designer babies: Moratorium on genome editing needed, say experts See in context

So, other than fixing health-related issues, and creating strong soldiers, what kind of babies would people like to design?

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Posted in: Trump complains social media sites discriminate against conservatives See in context

Hey Bass, insulting McCain, who is dead and can’t fight back, is hateful and stupid. It is neither a liberal nor a conservative idea. You should oppose such poor behavior even though your hero did it.

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Posted in: Trump complains social media sites discriminate against conservatives See in context

I happily discriminate against hate, fear, and stupidity wherever I find it. I find a lot coming out of Trump’s mouth.

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Posted in: Trump complains social media sites discriminate against conservatives See in context

Trump insults anyone who can’t fight back, but insulting a dead person is low even for Trump. I can only hope ghosts are real, and that they can kick hard.

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Posted in: Are eggs good or bad for you? New research rekindles debate See in context

Those wrote it haven’t noticed the problem yet...

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Posted in: Are eggs good or bad for you? New research rekindles debate See in context

The states in the US with the longest life expectancy are Hawaii and Minnesota. In both places people chow down on eggs. Maybe they would live longer if they didn’t, but it must not have such a huge effect.

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Posted in: Mammoth moves: Frozen cells come to life, but only just See in context

took cell nuclei from a well-preserved mammoth discovered in 2011 in Siberian permafrost and placed them into several dozen mouse egg cells.

No dignity. Are they just trying to embarrass him? Might as well name him Mickey Mammoth while they’re at it.

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Posted in: Canadian man indicted for smuggling record amount of stimulant drugs to Japan See in context

Build a wall. The Canadians will pay for it...?

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Posted in: Teenager ashamed of given name 'Prince' adopts traditional one See in context

Well, Governor Hogg, of Texas, named his daughter Ima.

Prince sounds better than that.

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Posted in: Trump's 'MAGAnomics' gets a thumbs-down from Democrats See in context

Getting what you want and having someone else pay for it ... an interesting idea with a few drawbacks, but a long world history ... if you read history.

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Posted in: U.S. looks to get more cash from allies that host its troops See in context

The Russians and Chinese can do the job cheaper. How would that turn out? Somebody needs to think this through a bit more...

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Posted in: Captain Marvel, a superhero with girl power to spare See in context

I don’t see the point of buying a story about a male superhero and changing his sex, his origin, his character, and/or his time period. The Ancient One in Dr. Strange is female now, Superman kills people, Batman needs a psychiatrist, Flash is a geek... I get it that there should be female superheroes, too, but don’t woman deserve original characters? By all reports, this movie is a dud in any case.

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Posted in: Light gun uses your smartphone to turn real world into huge first-person shooter See in context

Currently, people run into walls and stop at the top of escalators with their phones. Now they’ll be running after and shooting each other? And then chatting? And then getting a nicer outfit? Please tell me there will be facilities to care for these people when they age...

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Posted in: Trump says he would be 'very disappointed' in Kim if reports about N Korea launch site true See in context

The next notch up from, “That’s disappointing” is the dreaded, “That isn’t helpful.” Surely Kim will give in before.things escalate to that level.

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Posted in: Looking through you See in context

I think it uses electromagnetic waves. It doesn’t detect them.

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Posted in: Guaido returns to Venezuela and a new phase in campaign See in context

So many US-based stories can’t seem to manage the accent over the “o” in Guaidó. I wonder why, in a country with so many Spanish speakers? At any rate, There has been surprisingly little violence so far. I hope that continues.

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Posted in: China to raise defense spending by 7.5%, lower than 2018 See in context

A lower increase is not the same as lower spending. There is an economic slowdown, yes, but spending on defense is still going up.

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Posted in: Venezuela's Guaido urges supporters to protest on Monday See in context

So if Maduro kills or imprisons Guaido, what will happen?

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Posted in: Trump urges China to remove tariffs on U.S. agricultural products See in context

I need my potatoes. Let America grate again...

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Posted in: Trump warns conservatives against 'socialist nightmare' in fiery 2-hour speech See in context

Have you seen, “It’s a Wonderful Life?” Trump’s vision of America is the one full of unhappy people who can’t make ends meet, controlled by the rich.

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Posted in: Cohen hearing stokes touchy topic of impeachment See in context

Trump won’t be impeached, I think.. The NY lawsuit, though, might cost him money, and he can only pardon himself for breaking federal laws, not state laws.

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Posted in: How to roast broccoli florets and get them crispy browned See in context

Needs balsamic vinegar and can I use your oven?

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Posted in: N Korea, Trump give conflicting accounts of summit collapse See in context

If only NK had agreed to give him a parade...

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Posted in: 7-Eleven store owners submit request for shorter business hours See in context

Well, it used to be open from 7 to 11.... 6 to 10 might work better, but that doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, and the signs would look dorky.

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Posted in: Fire, fury, love? The mythology behind the Trump-Kim summit See in context

War over! Problem solved! Gosh we accomplished a lot today. I wonder if there will be a parade?

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Posted in: Venezuelan troops open fire near border, killing 2 as aid standoff intensifies See in context

What we're hoping is that the authorities in Venezuela will see this wonderful, peaceful concert ... and that the soldiers will do that right thing," Branson said.

Cabello is man behind the scenes who has helped Venezuela get into this poor position. He is very aggressive. Having a “wonderful, peaceful concert” in front of such a person seems like a tragedy waiting to happen. Pressure is one thing, but sending concert-goers into such a volatile situation seems unwise.

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Posted in: Protests slam Trump's emergency declaration for border wall See in context

“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

This may need some revision...

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Posted in: Interpreter under fire after calling African runners 'chimpanzees' See in context

Top 3 Men

1 Hicham Laqouahi MOR


2 Abdela Godana ETH


3 Yihunilign Adane ETH


Admiring speed rather than dwelling on impolite comparisons would be a good start.

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