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As sad as this case is, it's really not the place of Japanese to demand changes to constitutional rights in the US. There are plenty of problems in Japan that they would be better off focusing on, and American laws are frankly none of their business

I remember this case very well. I totally agree with the above quote because other than remembering this young man the rest of the article was nonsense. Clean your own backyard before worrying about someone else's.

Yeah, America doesn't have any problems at home and has certainly never interfered in the affairs of other nations...

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Rep Peter King of New York called for Assange to be charged under the Espionage Act and asked whether WikiLeaks can be designated a terrorist organization.

If they pull this off no media form will be safe. Next would be all the bloggers (and JT posters) who express contrary opinions, pundits on the opposite side of the political spectrum from those in power, even the New York Times, et al. Also, what would be gained by designating WikiLeaks as a terrorist organisation? Revenge? Vindication [fallacy]?

Personally, I'm all for government secrets being made public. Governments need to be held accountable, but that can't happen when they wield the "Secret" stamp as a means of covering up their misleading and [often] illegal activities. However, I'm also of the opinion that, in cases where classified information was leaked by someone who had agreed to protect such information, the "leaker" should also be held accountable. Not because the information shouldn't have been made public, but because those persons broke their oath/contract (and, in so doing, the law).

To all of the right-wingers out there who are constantly spouting hyper-patriotic drivel, you would do well to review your American history. If it weren't for civil disobedience, there would be no America. If we do away with, or passively allow the erosion of, the freedoms (especially freedom of speech) "guaranteed" by the constitution, you might as well start shopping for a new home in China, North Korea, or Iran.

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...an indignant rebuke from Iran...

Seriously? Last I checked, Iran not only metes out capital punishment, but does so via slow and painful methods such as stoning...

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