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Posted in: Do you think of Japan's World War II kamikaze pilots as brave? How would you compare them with today's suicide bombers? See in context

Interesting topic. No educated muslim believes the 72/47/__ virgin story btw...

Not many people would willingly take their own life, those that do likely feel they have lived through the worst and lost everything they hold dear. Let's look at the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. You're talking about 1, if not the most advanced military in the world - the IDF. They regularly kill women, children and the elderly, and no, this isn't a muslim vs jew issue. The Palestinian identity encompasses the 3 Abrahamic faiths: Jews, Christians and Muslims, many of whom are connected genetically to the ethnic Israeli jews. To take an innocent life is a crime against mankind, true believers of Islam keep this in mind at all times. Dropping bombs (Hiroshima, Nagasaki), drone strikes (Afghanistan etc.), false claims of WMD etc. are the acts of cowards e.g. the US. These methods claim many innocent lives but we call this "collateral damage" and pass it off as a tragedy of war. What gives one the right to call another a terrorist when your hands are equally dirty and bloodied? Who gives Country X the power to snap their fingers and say YZ are terrorists? The word terrorist is thrown around like a party favor after 9/11 and it's ridiculous. Jump back 3/4 of a century and Japan likely viewed the United States as monsters because of those atomic bombs. There is a fine line between heroes and villains. Most of the applauded war heroes murdered enough innocents but we defend them, "they are defending their country/our freedom/our right to eat Cheetos in PJs blah blah."

Tbh, I can't see a difference between a suicide bomber and a soldier. Both end up killing innocents regardless of intentions.

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