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faulkmore comments

Posted in: Dalai Lama raps China over Tibet issue See in context

i want to be ruled by a compassionate group of thugs whatever that is....

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Posted in: 2 Channel founder says don't blame him for criminals' posts See in context

Currently anyone can put together a news web site with forums within about 1-2 days. Just use Joomla or wordpress. Different forums have different levels of intervention. With every single web site having forums, it's hard to take what's written on them seriously. Legislating them is impossible. Don't bother. Lighten up. 2channels style is like craiglists list. Hands off. Personally prefer that approach.

With every site having a forum, the forum trolls will have lots more oppurtunity to get flamed and then throw a childish hissy fit about it. Hey if there is no monetary penalty why should anyone, especially the courts, care.

It's like dealing with divorce cases. Pity the guy in the middle that gets flak from both sides. Best to just avoid the drama queen's pissing and moaning moments and keep those cases short or not take them at all.

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Posted in: Supreme Court says U.S. Constitution gives Americans right to own guns See in context

The right to bear arms is aimed at giving militias and individuals in those militias the right to own real guns (big meaty nastier the better guns). Everyone is focused on the self-defense vs. murder rate issue which is besides the point.

The "tree": self-defense vs. murder rate the "forest": right to form militias and right to bear arms

Yes, a few trees are going to get wacked. But that is not the point. It's whether the forest is going to be enslaved by one tree. The forest has the right to take out the enslaving tree for the good of the forest.

OK bonus question. When the forest takes out the enslaving tree is that considered murder or killing??

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Posted in: Asian Scavenger Hunt searching for participants See in context

Eating strange foods?? Teams must deal with fatigue?? Dealing with strange cultures??

They forgot to mention getting sick and hospitalized from dehydration caused by...

Sounds like a fantasy holiday...

Thank G'd we are all too busy to undertake such a great oppurtunity.

Good luck whoever is organizing this...

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Posted in: Sony counting on core devices, video content services to win back electronic leadership See in context

Well if Sony business goes down then... what happens. Never said it's already happened...

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Posted in: Sony counting on core devices, video content services to win back electronic leadership See in context

Sony is a hardware company and the cost of oil is going to make that hardware much more expensive to make and ship. Sony is going to get clobbered!! So congratulations goes out to Toshiba for winning the HD DVD war. That is after the dust settles over the corpse of Sony.

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Posted in: Supreme Court says U.S. Constitution gives Americans right to own guns See in context

As for the US, the right to form militias and own real guns is one of the few redeeming features of the UN constitution and bill of rights. This is the only way citizens have to keep the gov't true to the people. The fact that most US citizens don't own guns might explain the current state of affairs in the US.

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Posted in: McCain disavows aide's comment about terrorism See in context

apecNetworks writes:

I am a true believer in "performance". Incompetence should NEVER be rewarded.

If incompetence was never rewarded we wouldn't have governments. Think about it. Thugs are not known for their acedemic achievements and incredibly important contributions to society.

Many gov't jobs are made just to pay people salary and keep them dependent, and unlikely to revolt.

Being a realist, taking in account how gov'ts work, they need to take more incompetence people off the street and assign them desks. Then hopefully there would be less riots in Osaka.

It's not a pretty picture, but it's how things work.

Dave Faulkmore


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Posted in: 25-year-old wife arrested for selling nude photos of herself See in context

Obviously either the j cops want a cut or they want to see all the photos themselves (humiliation) or they are interested in becoming intimate part of yet another sex scandel. j cops need publicity, too!!

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Posted in: Teacher, 38, arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting 11-year-old girl in Ibaraki See in context

I predicted yesterday on JT that a j cop would be caught having had sex with the 16/17 yo from yesterday. So it turns todays story concerns a 11yo and a teacher. There is yet hope for the j cops getting back into the mainstream. Gambare nippon!!

Keep the shock sex stories coming JT....

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Posted in: Hostesses See in context

Japanophile1...Love the rant in support of prostitution.

C'est la vie! The girls are just trying to earn some extra pocket change...

hehehe you crack me up. BTW prostitution is mostly legal in Japan. So maybe your opinion is the mainstream opinion.

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Posted in: Bush says Democrats keep blocking his energy plans See in context

yabits at 12:16 AM JST - 23rd June writes...

The facts are -- according the Department of Energy's Energy Information Administration -- that the US has an estimated 86 billion barrels in reserves, only 14 billion of which lie in the moratorium areas. That's 85% of the reserves held in areas where the oil companies are authorized to explore and drill. What the oil companies are doing is using the fallout of higher prices to get access to 100% of the reserves while they've got an administration that's friendly to their interests.

Leave ANWR alone.

It's amazing so many people from the US, not living in Japan, writing comments On JT. Wouldn't be surprised if Democrats Abroad Japan are sending mail outs asking mainlanders to flood JT with their comments.

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Posted in: Seven & i promotes use of nanaco e-money as gifts See in context

Love how these type of articles leave off half the details. Like the costs involved in this service and how it compares to other money transfer services. Does this service have competitive cost to businesses? Can it be easily integrated with a web site? Is Seven Eleven just wasting our time with a non-starter business that has gone and will go no where? Is this service hard to use. Some testimonials, preferrably from bogs, of people that have used the service and are left with woodies...

Tell the whole story.

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Posted in: 22-yr-old drunken woman held for attacking police box in Chiba See in context

People are too worried about material possessions. Broken glass?! Top news story of the year. Next we'll hear that someone cut their foot on the broken glass. Wouldn't that be an intl scandle!!

Kind Regards, Dave Faulkmore Email me using contact form usguyintokyo.com

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Posted in: Dominica spurns Japan on commercial whaling See in context

Perhaps the Dominicans adopted a whale meat diet and started to get mercury poisoning like many Japanese who eat whale meat. And then thought maybe eating whale meat is not that bright after all.

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Posted in: Police search See in context

There are no twinkies in Japan, so the policemans girth must comes from another source. He might be searching for food by looking for "suspicious" easy targets. Might advice taking a towel with you to wipe off fat or old occifers drool.

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Posted in: Police raid 'blind-date cafe' in Tokyo, taking 31 high school, college girls into custody See in context

Wow, the coverage of sexual topics has so much care and dedication put into it. Ikebukuro revenue comes almost entirely from it's night life. West exit , North Exit, near sunshine, near the parks. Anywhere there is a love hotel in Ikebukuro there is prostitution occurring all the time.

Just watch as girls go into love hotels by themselves.

But without this business Ikebukuro would be a ghost town.

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Posted in: Tokyo court holds second appeals hearing over Blackman's death See in context

I thought the Japanese police just torture the suspect into signing a confession. So the conviction rate in Japan stands at ~97%.

Why hasn't this guy gotten similiar treatment?

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Posted in: Allowing the time to make a hire See in context

When a client say they need to hire for this position yesterday, it raises warning signals. Is this company following Project Management principles or just shooting from the hip. Projects are planned. As part of a project plan is a detailed analysis of staffing needs for the project.

So when you hear, "we need it yesterday", at that point you should ask, "this new hire would be for which project?" And then "Let me see the staffing plan which is part of the Project Plan for that project".

They probably will look at you funny. "Staffing Plan what's that?" or try to talk their way out of fact that they are not planning their projects.

"You have to plan for success otherwise you are setting yourself up for failure"

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Posted in: Supercharge that V8 See in context

I thought this was an article about turbo charging a V8 engine. Was already to rank on the timing of this article. Then to find out it's just about liquid sludge is a total let down.

BTW the vending machine business is getting hit hard by the rising cost of gas and the real estate industry getting murdered. People are going to the convenience stores to buy drinks. So this liquid sludge is a pipe dream. Ain't going to sell.

Suggestion to producer of this product, put more focus on other product lines. Whether the liquid sludge tastes good or not is irrelevent....

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Posted in: What happens when you’re out of work? See in context

Your Japanese employer sounds like he has a lot of time on his hands. Don't worry you'll get through this situation. If you have a desire to call immigration recommend crank calling. Have a little fun at their expense. Bunch of pilfering time wasters...

I agree with capone, but would recommend getting some exercise and drinking more healthy drinks like orange juice. I've given up beer, don't miss the extra trips to the toilet at all. Also recommend cranberry and vodka and screwdrivers. Much better than beer.

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