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"isthistheend at 05:39 PM JST - 22nd March Amazing times. Seems like Kenyan runners OWN the men's Marathon. Congrats also to Japan's woman runner for taking that crown!"

Actually, the times are pretty slow by world-class standards, especially on a cool, overcast day...

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northlondon-if you think you will never suffer obesity problems because you ran in high school, you are likely mistaken. I also ran cross country and road races, as well as track, summer track and indoor track (distance events) and have managed to gain quite a bit of weight. If you are still doing the running, then you will may not become obese, otherwise your slim build is a result of genetics, not something you did in high school.

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Blue_Tiger; Very few weapons that are pump action rifles.... If you want pump, consider shotguns...

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Chibaman; English, please. Sarge; so cold?! Japan has incredibly mild winters; speaking as a Canadian, I will take a Kanto winter every time...

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TeruSensei; Ueto Aya; one of my all time favorites!

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I wonder how many times this has been the picture of the day on Japan Today; 5, 10, any guesses?

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Beluga whales, no?

Moderator: The caption has been corrected.

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Matada-what do you mean by pedant? Perhaps pedantic?

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How about people that perform foot hygeine on the train? I have seen several old men, with shoe and sock removed picking away at their toes!

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