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that would make the mariners dumb not ichiro. you already said teams wouldnt be lining up to sign him the offseason. if seattle isnt willing to give him an extension then might as well go to a playoff contender and play for the last piece on hardware missing from his collection. one last hurrah before riding off into the sunset. sounds smart to me.

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if the mariners were looking to dump him like you say, then how is it dumb? play out the rest of the year on a last place team and not get an extension or play for a first place team and not get an extension. he should choose the former why?

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he didnt get 46million. it was 5yr 20million. 26million posting fee.

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Follow Up Post - Well, it's nice to see that we are getting back to normal. Everyone jumping on the J-Lin bandwagon will be getting off soon cause he's being shut down. New Jersey Nets D-Will made it very clear that Jeremy Lin has a long way to go.

you dont know jack about basketball. well maybe you read the backpages of a newspaper left on a subway seat. shut down? 21,7,9? he almost put up a triple double while trying to incorporate two stars who were recently injured and a new teammate into their offense. he just has no defense.

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Ichiro is a cancer on the team and you can mentioned him in the same category as Milton Bradley.

when was the last time ichiro just packed up his bags and deserted his teammates.

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^wah wah wah i want attention

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Taiwan and China are totally different. Lin was born of Taiwanese parents not China. Ask any Taiwanese and they'd tell you they're not China.

well lin said he was proud to be chinese. i guess he's the exception.

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Look, I''ve played football. When you have a chance to score six points and take the lead late in the 4th quarter, you go for it, and don't worry about other matters like keeping the clock running.

well you havent played pro ball. he was suppose to stop at the 1 yard line. eli told bradshaw that in the huddle and couglin took responsibility for it postgame for not making it clear to bradsahw

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he'll be there even with the darvish signing. it was always their plan to eventually move him into the rotation. ogando is out.

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