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Posted in: Myanmar soccer player to apply for refugee status in Japan on Tuesday See in context

coward or idiot or both. how can he not imagine what would happen when he had to go back. so now he leaves his family to persecution.

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Posted in: Ugandan Olympic team member tests positive for coronavirus upon arrival in Japan See in context

man, this story got buried from the headlines quick! and haven't seen anything mentioned on TV!

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Posted in: Tokyo gov't begins COVID-19 vaccinations for Olympic workers, media See in context

shades of WWII? what is troubling to me is that the elected government is running rough shod over the desires of their constituents. if government wanted to go to war and the people said no, would they listen to us?

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Posted in: If the Tokyo Olympics are held, will you watch any of it on TV? See in context

i don't want to give money to IOC. i don't understand why elected japanese politicians think its a good idea to have the olympics when the majority of their constituents don't want to have them.

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Posted in: 42-year-old mayor gets COVID shot ahead of elderly See in context

just remind everybody when elect time comes around.

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Posted in: IOC says negative public opinion no threat to Tokyo Olympics See in context

suga may not have control over the olympics but he does have control over who is allowed to enter japan. just require mandatory 100% vaccination, pcr testing and 2 week lock in, at your own cost of course. that would be enough to ensure no one is bringing COVID into japan. let's start with the IOC reps. if you don't like it, don't come.

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Posted in: American sued in Thailand over negative Tripadvisor review See in context

the owner just proved the reviewer's point. who would want to stay at a hotel that has you thrown in jail for criticizing their bad service.

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Posted in: Post-meal waste at Japanese sushi restaurant sparks controversy online See in context

the rice too big and no taste good at those conveyor belt places.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 marathon move decision 'final', says IOC's Coates See in context

if the moneygrubbing nepotistic IOC want to moves one of the few event that people who live in tokyo can see for free, they should pay for it. otherwise tokyo should boycott the olympics.

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Posted in: Sarcastic Koike says: Let's hold Olympic marathon on Russian-held islands See in context

IOC can have the marathon anywhere they like! so long as tokyo tax money is not paying anything for it! tokyo spent the money to bring the olympics to tokyo for the benefit of tokyo. the IOC knew what summers in tokyo are like when they awarded the games. while the health of the athletes is important they should be prepared for the heat. even in qatar a lot of the athletes finished. doesn't triumphing over adversity make for superior athletes?

now one of the few events that tokyo residents could participate in for free is gone.

i'd rather they not have the olympics in japan at all, than see any money go to the crooked nepotistic IOC!

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Posted in: Trump escalates impeachment fight, barring envoy's testimony See in context

why don't they investigate biden while they're at it? if they want to get this out in the open let's get everything out in the open! drain the swamp!

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Posted in: Suspected arsonist in Kyoto anime studio attack begins rehab See in context

why waste money on rehab? just let him suffer.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after stuffing towel into 90-year-old grandmother’s mouth, killing her See in context

There is no indication the grandmother was bedridden.

its either that, dementia/alzheimer's or both? all speculation but the grandmother was getting up set by her grand daughter giving her a sponge bath which indicates that she couldn't take care of herself and possibly didn't recognize the grand daughter. tragic but understandable, not uncommon for a primary caregiver to snap. the question is whether there is anyplace she could have asked for help before it got to this point.

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Posted in: Over 70% worried about economic outlook after consumption tax hike: survey See in context

japan's debt is so big, the only way out is modern monetary theory. print money to pay off its obligations. might actually work if at the same time they cut taxes to zero. think of all the money that it would free up for consumers and companies to spend. whether it ends up in hyperinflation or not, depends on confidence in the value of the yen. so long as people believe it has value, it has value. interesting times...

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Posted in: Inflation by stealth: How Japan's firms fight the frugal retail psyche See in context

don't see how government says there's no inflation. prices haven't risen cause those sneaky retailers keep cutting the volume so you get less for the same money.

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Posted in: Kansai Electric top executives received ¥320 mil in payoffs from local official See in context

the problem is what law has been broken. anti bribery laws typically forbid payments TO a public official or his family. in this case payment was FROM a public official. whether that was a misuse of public funds or not, is up to public.

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Posted in: Koizumi's 'sexy' words on climate change ring hollow for some in Japan See in context

if he's serious, he should push development of thorium salt reactors.

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Posted in: South Korea calls for ban of 'rising sun' flag at 2020 Olympics See in context

the reason its an issue is the koreans are making it an issue. why didn't they ban it for the seoul olympics, world cup, winter olympics, etc.? why now?

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Posted in: S Korea terminates Japan intelligence deal amid trade dispute See in context

how childish...

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Posted in: Ghosn's wife back in Japan for questioning See in context

she had to come back if the whole premise of his defense is that he did nothing wrong.

but even if he technically did nothing illegal, seems pretty shady...

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Posted in: Faced with destroyed crops, city in Chiba encourages hunting as business See in context

in hawaii they hunt pigs with dogs and a knife. also heard that some people trap them by burying a 55gal steel drum at an angle and throwing in a bunch of rotten bananas/mangos or what have you. once they go in, their hoofs don't have the purchase to back out.

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Posted in: Giuliani says Trump forced N Korean leader Kim to beg for summit See in context

i don't know about "forced" but, having had a bad crop harvest last year and a huge army to feed, its possible that fat boy did the diplomatic equivalent of begging.

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Posted in: Trump, Democrats head toward immigration showdown See in context

dreamers are exactly that. the reality is they are not legally in the US. while i feel for them, its their parents fault, if they want to stay they should go through proper channels.

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Posted in: China orders Muji to destroy catalog over 'problem map' See in context

just don't distribute the catalog in china. i'm sure they'd be very popular in taiwan. i don't see how they can complain in the disputed islands are excluded.

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Posted in: Japan to aim at 'ageless society' with more healthy seniors working See in context

government breaching their contract to pay you the retirement they promised when you entered the work force cause they used your retirement money to pay their salaries and benefits.

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Posted in: Risky stalemate as science battles human fears at Fukushima See in context

tritium? glow in the dark fish anyone?

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Posted in: Las Vegas massacre probe turns to gunman's girlfriend in Philippines See in context

this was a horrible act but i seriously question whether it could have been prevented by more gun control. more people died in france when that truck plowed into the crowd or in mcveigh oklahoma bombing or in 9/11 for that matter. so do we need stricter controls over trucks, planes and fertilizer too? this guy was totally off the radar. if he didn't have access to guns would he have done something else? can you even prevent his access now that we can 3D print/mill them? on the other hand, the founding fathers put in the second amendment for a reason based on their experience. its the hedge against the government itself.

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Posted in: Allowing nuclear weapons in Japan could defuse N Korean threat: policy makers See in context

If NK nuked Japan, do any of you really think the U.S. would nuke NK? I doubt it. When push comes to shove, the only one who can protect you is you.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd pulls plug on campaign to disrupt Japan whale hunt See in context

its not so much about consumption of whale meat. japan will continue whaling as whales eat too many fish!

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Posted in: Japan unlikely to develop nuclear arms: expert See in context

unlikely but they should. can't rely on the U.S. to do what's best for Japan. the Ukraine gave up nukes for the promise of U.S. protection but look what it got them. economic sanctions, oooh, scary...won't work against China.

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