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Posted in: Hotel in Seoul refuses to hold party by Japanese embassy for SDF See in context

They should change the design of the flag to something else.

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Posted in: In your experience, which country is the safest to live in? See in context

Japan and Singapore. I'm from Hawaii, but even Hawaii is a little dangerous.

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Posted in: What’s your favorite beer? See in context

Hoegaarden and Budlight Platinum.

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Posted in: Cheaters beware – 30% of Japanese women have checked boyfriend’s cell phone See in context

That's why you password protect your phone! Haha.

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Posted in: LDP member admits making sexist jeers against Tokyo assemblywoman See in context

Wow, I just saw on the news of the guy apologizing to her, but it looked so unapologetic. Looks like he's doing it because of the media rather that actually being sorry. Then as he walks away, he laughs. Reminds me of a high school kid. Definitely not taking it serious. Good luck to the women in Japan because they're definitely gonna need it!

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Posted in: Magnolia Bakery opens very first shop in Japan to huge crowds See in context

The banana pudding is to die for!

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Posted in: Man flees after luring 6-year-old boy into mall toilet See in context

Interesting, how this week's drama "Border" had a similar situation.

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Posted in: Rakuten CAFE to open in Tokyo's Shibuya district See in context

I was riding the bus through Shibuya and saw the big R. Looks pretty interesting!

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Posted in: Justin Bieber says sorry after visiting Yasukuni shrine See in context

I'll be honest, as much as I dislike Beiber, I actually made the same mistake he did. I went to Yasukuni Shrine thinking it was just a beautiful place without knowing anything about it. I was recommended by a half Japanese half Taiwanese friend and since it was nearby and I had nothing else to do, I went. I went with my then girlfriend who is Japanese and took pictures. Didn't do any of the shrine stuff, just took pictures from the front and pictures in the back where the pond was. Oh, I'm ABC btw.

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Posted in: China seizes Mitsui O.S.K. ship over unpaid wartime contract compensation See in context

China is like a bullied kid given a gun. The kid's been bullied all his life by everyone (other countries), and now that he has a gun (economic power), he feels like he can do whatever he wants. I'm not saying China is right, but China is what it is today because of the bullying, so all those involved (and those who didn't do anything while the bullying happened) are responsible.

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Posted in: Jimmy Choo creates Fukushima shoe line See in context

Wow, I knew about Jimmy Choo (designer) and Danny Choo (otaku). But I had no idea they were both related, let alone father and son. Talk about a small world.

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Posted in: 'Shige the train thief' arrested for stealing woman's purse on train See in context

He seems like he's doing it more for the thrill and less for the money. He probably kept those purses as trophies.

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Posted in: Yamaguchi-gumi launches website with song, anti-drugs message See in context

No wonder memberships at an all-time low... they need to hire a better promoter and web designer.

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Posted in: Desire, ice, and fire: 'Game of Thrones' returns for 4th season See in context

Subtitles as in English or Japanese subtitles? I usually watch my Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Arrow, etc., via online streaming for free and the quality is pretty good.

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Posted in: Popcorn line See in context

IMHO, I feel like the Japanese people like to follow the crowd or like they do it just so they don't feel left out. For example, Hawaii. Everyone goes to Hawaii in Japan. If you haven't been to Hawaii yet, they'll be like, "What?!?! You haven't been to Hawaii?!?!?!" and it just disrupts the flow of the conversation. I mean, it's normal if you see a lot of people eating at a restaurant or if there's a super long time, you'll be like: "Oh what's going on? There's so much people. It must be good. Maybe I'll try it!" But I feel like, this factor is like times 10 in Japan. Another example is when I tried a famous restaurant called "Ore no Furenchi." I waited about an hour in line in the cold. Also, it was a "stand up" restaurant, meaning there were no seats. I was very disappointed with the food. Of all the French restaurants I've ever tried, this had be one of the worst. But hey, it's so packed and there's a lot of people and everyone says it's good, so it must be good right? But if I said it wasn't good, I'd be disrupting the flow of conversation by saying that it wasn't good and going against what everyone else is saying.

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