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Posted in: Do you think time travel will ever be possible? See in context

Im a bit controversial when it comes to time travel. Firstly, time is an illusion of the earth dimensions and is linked to gravity and the bandwidth of light we see on planet earth.

Secondly, what we see and feel about time is referenced against a present moment when you see it from an interdimesional point of view Physicists do not yet know what time quotient is governed in the upper more refined dimensions. When I say upper, I mean upper in frequency range and bandwidth range and the gravity rules governing that dimension. They do not understand that as the dimensions become higher to the more rarefied states, time quotient becomes reduced and is tendency to be towards the "present moment" So in the most rarefied dimensions, there is no time at all. All is one and one is all and all is in the present moment. So, this may seem alien concepts to quite a few out there, actually they are not alien, they have been around for along long time on a Metaphysical point of view. Physicists who believe that there are multideminsions out there seem to think that they are parallel realities that have similar basic laws as our earthly dimension...wrong absolutely wrong.. They have the technology already to teleport and time travel objects form one time to another, but they cannot use the same technology to teleport or time travel people + "their souls and auric energies and auric bodies" And even having this technology, it will only work providing they have referenced it to the higher astral and mental dimensions. Time here is relative on earth and is reduced to presentness on the higher dimensions. This is the truth and I believe this. And they also have the big bang theory partly figured out wrong too....yes the cosmos is expanding but its also going to implode too into another cycles of expansion. If it came form something it therefore means there was never a sense of timer in the very beginning and all was present moment and the only thing there was, was a consciousness itself to create a movement and then a wave of sound and then it happened that the movement and wave decided to see polarity...and at this point, it was were the big bang. It happens like this countless times before and it will keep happening like this. And also.... I believe there is no extraterrestrial life on other planets as we see it in the 3 D perspective and we will never find other planets with intelligent life as we know it, but what we wil find is barren rock. However, there are planets which host souls and beings on a different frequency and we will no tbe able to see them as they are on a different dimension and yet, we can still se their planet in 3D as a barren rock. These UFO,s are interdimensional craft, they don't travel as we know it, they lower and raise their frequency to lower ot the earthly dimension. This is why they change colour in apparent so called flight patterns . By now you may think ive been smoking pot and im so ignorant and judgmental and I have no right to say such things, but I will tell you my perceptions on reality. time travel includes soul travel, and consciousness travel and physical body travel. If they cannot include the other aspects of the human psyche in these experiments, they will always be a flops and failure when conducting them on humans. But will successful on objects that do not have a consciousness. And another thing is, consciousness changes and alters DNA and not the other way around. The have got that one wrong as well. Human consciousness is a reflection of the cosmos. These phycists are studying cosmogeniss and in this doing so are unconsciously studying their own consciousness. A bit like the cat chasing its own tail. Question is here , what came first, the chicken or the egg? I would say Einstein had a very accurate view on things. Hawkins view on things is very 3D and doesn't take into consideration the higher dimensions so therefore is of the belief that everything is left to chance instead of grand design. Going back to the original topic of time travel, no it wont happen as we see it or envision it to happen, but we can slow down and speed up time as such in reference to the present moment of the higher realities.

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Posted in: One Japanese man tells why he wanted to fight in Syria See in context

This guy is only trying to find answers and experience life at a root level. He is trying to find answers from the root and has therefore gone there to find out for himself. Just as he said it, Japan is a Galapagos society and doesn't offer him the worldliness that he craves for. So what did he do, he went there to find out for him self the real reality, not the overly polarised reality presented on the media which is becoming more and more to represent the same level as communism. He is a great believer that we all die tomorrow and and we will do everything to experience the world in as many ways as possible. Not only that, He also went to do Koran studies and converted to islam apparently so. Do you think he actually converted to Islam? I don't think so. In hinesinght, he didn't although he made it out to his hosts that he had converted. A deep personality like himself will never show what what he really believes in or his views on a fundamental level. He would have done what I did long time ago in the 80's, enter the scientologists organization with a polka face mentality for the sheer purpose of absorbing knowledge and then run and get away from them. I read one of their books at my mechanics waiting room and I gave it a brave punt for knowledge sake. I quickly found out, that I had to rely more on my polka face and deepen my beliefs and convictions inorder to stop me from getting brainwashed. The ordeal was a fight /flight situation were I had to get out of or be absorbed into the negativity of the organization. This guy probably did the same thing. He is ruled by deep issues and therefore what he thinks will get them out of his system is through war. Its quite abberated actually but its all interrelated as well. What he should do is seek Syrian citizenship and fight in a war eternally, He should also denounce his Japanese citizenship as well.

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Posted in: Why Britain is losing its fight against radicalisation See in context

I don't mean to be rude here....but the radicals are simply reacting to crimes done by the alliance of the willing. I am not a muslim, however, these so called Britain, USA and Australia were I go into to the middleast with the idea of playing the police and then creating worse chaos than before they entered. It seems like they take advantage of any situation for the sake of the dollar. The muslims....and the orthodox chrisitian church coexist harmoniously in places of the middle east , however, there are other Christian denominations that the US and Britain and Australia will support fo rtheir agenda ....eg...the catholics in the middle east...they will use them to create a false sense that they are there for to help these people. There is religious and political interests form the west. However, the more experience Russians know the situation a lot better and seems to see into the shit that the US do. The US have done some of the most atrocious warm crimes in history. They are basically war criminals. It seems like alot of racism as well as religious bigotry coming from the west. Why is it that the orthodox church doesn't have hangup with the muslims. Greece and Turkey are rivals but they co exist well. I am trying to push a point across to the anglo sphere that there is alot of bigotry and racism coming from the west,,,,not only to the middleast ....but also to Russia and to countries which the US finds it hard to control... And don't give me this bs that these people live with morals and standards that are 1500 years old. How about you go and look at the Iranians,,,,they are modern there. Going to fight extremism from a moral high ground will not work. And it wont work by taking on a 2 prong approach....how stupid. Unless they confront these people on a really profound level and on the level and square.......the situation will be one of retaliation. Its the west that starts the trouble in the guise of selling weapons and peace missions. I used to have respect to the west, however, over what I have seen. The west make me want to puke now after what I see,,,the racism, the condescending approach and the barbarism.

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