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Posted in: Google takes blame for internet disruption across Japan See in context

Google Japan injected bad routing information in BGP by mistake. They caught the mistake in 8 mins but by then the bad routing information was already published throughout the internet. It took over 4 hours for the internet to recover.

Think of it like GPS satellites providing bad information because someone made a bad software update.

its actually worse than that. Imagine if all GPS satellites got all the info for making directions from 4 or 5 computers. And those 5 computers shared info with each other. What would happen if one of those computers suddenly had bad information, then shared it with the other 3 or 4 and then they all shared it will all the GPS satellites who in turn shared it with all of our devices that rely on gps. To make it worse let's say the bad information went out in a way that said it had the highest priority and/or preference. So everyone drops the good info and accepts the bad info at face value then tells every other device that the new bad info is correct and the old good info is bad.

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