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Fendy comments

Posted in: 'Joker' wins Golden Lion at Venice; Polanski drama is runner-up See in context

Hopefully this joker has a happier future than the last joker.

Heath Ledger overdosed due to the mental stress of playing such a dark character

Well, the idea is to play the character, not to let the character play you!

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Posted in: Office sharing startup WeWork plans to cut valuation to below $20 bil See in context

co-founder Adam Neumann, such as personally investing in real estate before renting it back to WeWork

Ha ha! - like a dodgey ponzi account setup.

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Posted in: Abe urges Putin to fulfill 'historical duty' to sign peace treaty See in context

Putin .... If that was the agreement, then it’s about time to give them back.

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Posted in: Nissan CEO Saikawa admits being paid too much by equity scheme See in context

Saikawa is such an honest guy! He knows it’s wrong, and now he’s willing to pay it back! Now that’s someone we can trust ...

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Posted in: Uneasy rider See in context

A ghost woman passenger in a taxi was a prank shown on Japanese TV some time ago. In Japan, passengers usually sit in the back, not next to the driver. I wonder if this horror taxi theme has any link to the Japanese horror story genre, or is this just a simple money grab?

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Posted in: Man arrested for spraying NHK fee collector with fire extinguisher See in context

I said I was not paying and told them to stop transmitting. When she became very insistent, I asked her to send me a fine in the mail for not paying. That worked - she went away and nothing happened.

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Posted in: Pompeo voiced support for Japan over wartime labor issue: sources See in context

The photo tells us much about the meeting. From left to right: see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

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Posted in: More protests underway in Hong Kong with no end in sight See in context

People don’t like what they see. I don’t blame them! The CCP “laws” are used to impose their ideologies on the general population of China - Big Brother, Police State.

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Posted in: Angry South Koreans accuse Japan of 'economic invasion' See in context

Why are Koreans protesting to Japan about the ban that stops them from being able to sell Japanese imported technology to North Korea so they can use it for military purposes?

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Posted in: 2 lawmakers with serious disabilities attend 1st Diet session See in context

..marking the first time people with severe disabilities have served in the body.

Oh really?

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Posted in: Shirtless man beats male victim with ashtray and steals cash See in context

That’s why it’s good that Japanese society don’t have guns.

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Posted in: Osaka says she hasn't had fun playing since Australian Open See in context

She shouldn’t let her life be controlled by her mood. Kids do that.

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Posted in: Sultans of spin: Japanese breakdancers busting Olympic moves See in context

I can’t wait to see them get airborne doing the worm wriggle!

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Posted in: 2 Japanese get jail time in Australia for trying to smuggle lizards See in context

Correction - $100,000. But anyway, it’s at the cost of our dead wildlife also.

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Posted in: 2 Japanese get jail time in Australia for trying to smuggle lizards See in context

Two months jail is not enough! They could have gotten away with making a million dollars - better risk than drugs!!!

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy who killed classmate sent to family court See in context

It’s an extreme case of underdeveloped emotional intelligence in adolescence. In other words, an inability to control one’s strong emotions and negotiate socially under pressure. Most likely the 14-year old would have gotten what he wanted and would have limited social negotiation practice. He must have been felt pushed to his emotional limits beyond his normal experience and had difficulty understanding how to resolve the situation he was in. That being said, I don’t think being a member of the table tennis team helped him much to overcome these issues.

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Posted in: Medals unveiled, events held across Tokyo to mark one year to go until Olympics See in context

The design of the medals is a bit of a letdown. Looks like a cheap generic swirl and the centerpiece is too small, despite the detail of the logo design which I actually like.

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Posted in: Popular Korean YouTuber boycotts Japan by shredding flight ticket to pieces at airport See in context

He’s not doing it right! Once he has cut up the ticket, cleaned up the floor and requested a refund, he then needs to burn the money he received. :)

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Posted in: Man who dumped wife’s body in sea admits using wedding money to pay off debt See in context

Unbelievable act. He should get the death sentence!

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Posted in: Kardashian kimono shapewear sparks Japan debate See in context

Shes’s also bringing out a new cutlery range. She’s calling it ‘chopsticks’.

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Posted in: The Carlos Ghosn case – the return of Japan Inc See in context

So what exactly did Carlos Ghosn do wrong to cause this inhumane police intervention? What was his conviction?

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Posted in: Outlook uncertain for Japan's whaling industry despite commercial restart See in context

I think that the Japanese whalers want to cull whales consistently because they think the whales are depleting the amount of fish in the sea - i.e. stealing potential revenue. That may be the real reason and purpose of the whaling industry in Japan - the days of killing whales for human consumption is long gone. It is possible that there are kickbacks for quotas - just thinking aloud.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic CEO reminds visitors that cannabis is banned in Japan See in context

Yes, Japan is strict, but ignorance of the law has its rightful punishment.

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Posted in: Singer Ayumi Hamasaki criticized by fans for 'inappropriate' Instagram picture See in context

Actually the photo is very poorly composed - vast open space in the background with the art walls far away lacks removes interest and anything to pickup. That is a total amateur shot. With Ayumi on the left that’s fine but the camera man should be over on the left zooming in and having Ayumi fill up a third to a half of the left of the frame. So with such a poorly composed photo, no wonder everyone’s angry!!! Problem is, they’re taking it out on Ayumi!

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Posted in: Ghosn's wife appeals to Trump for help in U.S. media interview See in context

She should go to the American Consulate in Japan. They are there to provide a minimum level of support to foreign nationals living in other countries. She has very little chance that they will become involved in defending a personal legal case.

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Posted in: Labor minister opposes banning female dress codes with high heels See in context

People are dumb. Just because you don’t agree with something doesn’t mean it needs to be banned. It’s up ri the employer to decide if they want to make it compulsory or not. Then, women can choose if they agree to follow or not.

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Posted in: Pentagon tells White House to stop politicizing military after USS John McCain incident See in context

How stupid the US are - they hide the name of a ship as though it’s an embarrassment. If they gave it that name, they should put up with it, and put up with it with pride.

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Posted in: Robert Pattinson picked as the new Batman: report See in context

He put a weird focus on accentuating his jaw with his weird beard!!!

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Posted in: Nissan to cut CEO's pay for overlooking Ghosn's alleged misconduct See in context

Rotten at the top - all of them including Ghosn. Nevertheless, it’s the blue-collar workers at Nissan who work hard to do a good job on a daily basis to support their families who have managed to produce a decent product -my Nissan Dualis is 9 years old with about 120,000k’s, and it still runs in great condition. If Nissan’s reputation has been damaged, it’s the blame of those at the top that have mismanaged themselves, not the workers who have worked hard in the company - that’s a real pity.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka slams reporters who ask her to speak in Japanese in new Nike ad See in context

this will really annoy viewers ‘cause Japanese people really hate to be shhh’d!

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