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FentonFalsitt comments

Posted in: 23-yr-old student held for allegedly molesting 4-yr-old girl in Shiga games arcade See in context

Little mention of what this "molestation" consisted of, BTW. A kiss is inappropriate in this country, but hardly qualifies as traumatic. ANY physical contact with someone else's child might be rated inappropriate in this situation.

It also doesn't say that the sister SAW the offence, only that she was able to help identify the perp. Ditto the cameras. Read it again:

Inoue was identified by the victim’s sister’s eye-witness testimony and the store security cameras.

Let's not jump to conclusions.

The thing that really scares me is how many commenters admit to feeling justified (on the skimpy evidence in this report) in taking the law into their own hands and committing violence on the suspect. What happened to due process? Innocent until proven guilty.

Wait till you're on the other side of the accusation...

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Posted in: U.S., Japan discussed action against anti-whalers: WikiLeaks See in context

Moderator: If we could "like" or "dislike" these posts it could save a lot of "bandwidth". Yoroshiku!

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Posted in: Editing for the medical community See in context

@LoveUSA (1)

On the contrary, editing is an essential service that a lot of NES writers could benefit from.

There are numerous companies out there offering this.

(2) Yes, certainly. That's why he uses " editors with specialist knowledge in a wide range of medical fields", or so he says.

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Posted in: Hawk eyes See in context

Another human "art" depending on abuse of wildlife.

Lunchbox is right. Beware of the dark side. The rules on keeping (wild) birds in Japan are likely to be revised soon, but these "cultural" excuses may continue to find loopholes and blind eyes turned.

Not that Japan is the only place, of course.....

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Posted in: Arsonist arrested for burning bikes at Osaka apartment See in context

Hardly surprising when you see where he works:

"research center for burning bikes."


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Posted in: Colorful character See in context


Yep. Time to call PETA!

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Posted in: Kanagawa policeman arrested for drunken driving See in context


"Like the car was driving itself" well, the driver certainly wasn't in control :-D



Sarcasm, I hope.

You can be arrested for just sitting in the driving seat drunk, you don't have to be driving. And IN CASE ANY OF YOU HAVEN'T HEARD, it is also a punishable crime 1) to RIDE in a car with a drunken driver. YES, car passengers are responsible for their driver! 2) to sell drinks to someone you are aware will drive home afterward. A bar-owner was caught for this recently.

Take care!

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Posted in: Japan searches for crew of Taiwan cargo ship See in context

" it shows that the Japanese coast guard is unbiased towards other countries"

Nonsense! It was Taiwan that asked for the help not mainland China. The JCG could hardly pick up survivors and then throw them back in because they're Chinese, could they?

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Posted in: How should airlines handle obese passengers? See in context

Surcharge for weight. Anyone over 50kg pays extra for the fuel costs, same as for extra baggage. (Sorry, Mr Swimmer! Your extra muscle is probably pretty heavy even though you're slim. :-D)

Is this only an American problem? It's never happened to me on London-Tokyo flights, direct or via Asia.

As for Martha, I don't know why she didn't just tell the cabin staff "Look! This lady is sitting in my seat. Either move her or me."

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Posted in: Thousands in Japan, China rally over island claims See in context

Well said "shinjukuboy"! Glad to see I'm not alone.

"NOBODY cares about this except a few lunatics (both Chinese and Japanese) who have nothing and no future. Tomogami is also a lunatic."

But how do we stop these lunatics from taking over? He may be crazy but he's not stupid. He knows how to manipulate people and information.

And we really need to see those videos. The fact that they are being hidden is suspicious itself. Did the J captain exceed his mandate? Has he done something that would embarrass the gov't, weakening their case against China?

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Posted in: Too much katakana contributing to Japan's malaise See in context

Nah, the REAL problem is using katakana when they teach English at school.

It has the same effect as foreigners using Romaji when they learn Japanese. Viz. Instead of learning the new sounds they substitute something from their own sound set.

At least the older loan words in Japanese tended to be written as they were heard: nowadays the tendency is to translate the spelling into Kana. :-(

I think it may be true of loan words from Japanese too.

I'm curious. How do you pronounce "cliché", BTW?

Or "niche"?

Or "Tokyo"? Do you say it with three syllables; "Toe-key-oh" or two; "Talk-yaw"?

Does "Kyoto" really rhyme with "my photo"? I've heard it that way on reputable foreign TV networks.

While a Japanese astronaut gets her name mutilated into "Nay-oh-ko" (Yamazaki) a certain model is always addressed here as "Now-me" (Campbell), but at least it's not "Camp-bell"

Heigh ho! :-D

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Posted in: Listen for rumblings at a Hokkaido lake that never freezes See in context

”The nearly spherical Lake Toya,”


Gotta see that. A massive bubble full of SO? Nah, it would sink. Actually it's nearly hexagonal BTW.

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Posted in: Murdered schoolboy's last act was to save female companion See in context

Maybe she set him up to get rid of him, and just came back for her alibi. If she'd come back WITH someone, or dialed 110, it might be more believable. Not enough data....

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Posted in: Fixing American 'dumbocracy' See in context

I've lost track. Is English evolving or am I getting senile? Somebody update me:

What's the difference between "socialism" and "communism"?

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Posted in: JR Tohoku train departs without passengers, conductor See in context

Here's the best bit:

"16 passengers waiting on the platform and the conductor"

What? Did they mob him? Or serve him? :-D

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Posted in: If a longtime expat starts offering you advice, walk the other way See in context

"back in ’92" Newbie!

Who've you been talking to anyway, Tren? Monolingual barflies?

You probably haven't met any of the sager old hands: they see people like you coming a mile off. :-D

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