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Posted in: Edo-Tokyo Museum: One station past Akihabara, and several centuries earlier See in context

It's a great museum with a convenient location! But it's 2 stops from Akihabara on the jr sobu line, akihabara- asakusabashi- ryogoku. Great recommendation on getting a guide, I'll have to get one when my friends come to Tokyo next spring!

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Posted in: An Apple a day See in context

Mine's coming to my house when I get home from work today! No standing and waiting out in the cold for me. I understand why these guys do it though, sometimes Apple gives out freebies to them, or they like the attention in the papers. It's just not my thing.

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Posted in: Keeping the noise out See in context

http://pioneer.jp/accessory/noise_cancelling/se_nc21m.html I think you guys meant the SE-NC21M, except they aren't earbuds, but they are 6200 yen.

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Posted in: BB Placenta See in context

I know what my mom's getting for Mother's Day!!!

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Posted in: TSA has met the enemy — the people See in context

The body scans aren't so bad for me, as long as the photos are immediately deleted, which wasn't happening. The patdowns seem worse. I think the worst part of the security lines is the rudeness. It's possible to be polite and firm. I've heard people get shouted at and belittled by the security staff and immigration officers. One time, an airport staff told me to stand in a line, and a different immigration officer shouted that this line was for pilots and flight attendants "can't you read?" It's so stressful. I hate American airports.

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Posted in: The butterfly in the subway See in context

I also like the tokyo transit system, but I wish they'd offer more discounts to frequent users, suika/pasmo holders, etc.

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Posted in: Finnair starts offering passengers iPads See in context

I think it's a pretty good idea. It sucks to get on a long crowded flight and then find out your screen is not working, or the entire entertainment system gitches up. But if an iPad breaks, they can just pull out a different one. I could see a down side too. I wonder if it would be cheaper for the airlines in the long run? Lighter?

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Posted in: 8 people arrested for use of illegal drugs in open-air live concert in Gunma See in context

This was at the Full Moon Party in Minakami, Gunma. Here's the website: http://www.splift.com/Fullmoon2008.html

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Posted in: Godzilla for YouTube generation See in context

I liked Cloverfield.

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Posted in: The two-wheel revolution See in context

Kasukabe has had a separate lane for cyclists and a separate one for pedestrians on the main street in front of the station for years, and they are separated by a barrier, but everyone ignores it and walks and cycles where they want.

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